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Somethings never change.

Posted by Pepper on February 21, 2011

I had written this post in 2007. And as I read it, I realised that most of what I’ve written in this post has remained unchanged. Apart from the situation of course. I am no longer a college student living with my parents in my beloved city – Bombay. But my personality, shortcomings and idiosyncrasies have not changed in the least bit. Over to the twenty year old girl.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Discussion :- Why I am a defected piece of nature.

I have come across too many problems with my brain, and have realised, that unfortunately, my brain isn’t as developed as other homo sapiens. I think I have average intelligence and my IQ level is decent. I have a good grasping power and pick things up faster than others. I also have the memory of an elephant and remember word to word conversations that happened years ago. With complete details of the location, the colour of your clothes, etc. I enjoy surprising people with my memory. But this isn’t about that. This is about regions of my brain that remained undeveloped.

God gifted us humans with a tiny navigator in the head. It is placed in that component of the brain that deals with directions. He forgot to add that in mine and that constitutes my brain’s biggest disability. It is not an easy handicap to live with. That is one of the reasons I don’t enjoy driving too much. Its not fun asking for directions at every turn. Am better off in an auto. Oh yea, when the auto drivers ask me what route to take, and when both the options seem like far off alien lands, what do I do? I don’t flaunt my ignorance. I have one standard reply, “jahan se traffic kam milega wahan se lena”. When it comes to directions, all I understand is left and right. Nobody is more bemused than me when I see the myriad turns on the roads. Even if I have visited a place forty thousand times in my life, I still have an amazing capability of getting lost when I am going there all by myself.

An extra segment present in the brain.
There are two segments present in my brain, where there is need for only one. People always have a perspective. I generally have two. I always have two view points. I see both the sides well and can justify each side. In any situation. Because of this there is a constant inward monologue playing itself in my head. The colours of confusion in my life originate from here.

The tiny bulb present in my brain gets switched off when I sleep. Either I talk nonsense if you wake me when when am fast asleep, or the things you say to me don’t register. This problem is more recent and I am just hoping that once the levels of stress abate, I shall be freed of this ridiculous malady. A while ago, V’s mom called me when I was fast asleep. I answered the phone in my semi conscious state and I could just hear a human voice talking to me on the other side. And thats all I remember. Later on she told me I answered the phone with a normal “hello”, followed by three softer “hellos”. Each one softer than the previous one. She said she actually noticed my pitch fall with every hello. Few weeks back, my mom tells me I got up with a jerk at 6am and asked her to tell Preeti I am not coming to college. Who Preeti is continues to remain a mystery for all of us.

That has been my life long ailment. Today morning I had to leave home and I needed my laptop. I was already late. I reach the gate and realise, the laptop is sitting on the shoe rack, where I had put it for a minute while I wore my shoes. I run back and ring the bell ten times till I remember nobody is home and spend another five minutes hunting for the keys in my bag. Once I open the door, I realise all the lights and fans in every room are on, cos I left in a big rush. Pat myself on the shoulder for getting back and saving my dad from economical problems and the country from ecological problems. Switch off every light and leave. Only to reach the gate and realise I have forgotten my laptop again!!!!!

I think I should just stop trying to live a normal life.


31 Responses to “Somethings never change.”

  1. S said

    hilarious.. especially the “Preeti” part 😛
    U are one quirky femlae! *hugs*

  2. Oh you’re just as normal as any of us. I guess we are all retarded in our own unique way 🙂 But then, what fun is life if everything’s perfect huh? Long live imperfections 🙂

  3. Btw, yday, in the freezing cold, I’d forgotten to wear my jacket and scarf. I dressed the kid up, and walked out confidently, and then RAN back inside when I realised my insides were freezing!!!

  4. If you have an elephantine memory, I have a memory that is worst than the Charles cabbage’s first computer. Imagine the first computer with a corrupt memory card, thats mine.

    With the extra segment in your brain, you could have become a successful lawyer :d

    Heehee I thought am the worst when it comes to absentmindedness but you beat me here 😉

    • Pepper said

      Lol. I like the sound of your memory 😛
      I know, I wish I had thought of that career option earlier. Too late now 😦
      Yep, I am the queen of absentmindedness!

  5. bikram said

    :-D. Believe me same here

  6. Swaram said


    • Swaram said

      ROFL, U made this one such an LOL post 😉
      Loved ur idea of telling the auto driver to take the less-traffic route 😛 😛

      So, did u finally take the laptop 😉

    • Swaram said

      Err did I really come first or lost time in reading the whole post and then claiming my position 🙄

      • Pepper said

        Not First Swar 😦

        Telling auto drivers to take the less traffic route is the only way I can get away without them knowing I am clueless 😛
        Yes, I got the laptop after a few frenzied trips! 😐

  7. ajay said

    4 years down the line. It made for a good read. I am there with you on absentmindedness. Similar things have happened with me many a times. Do you know a cure for this? 😀

  8. Ashwathy said

    If it’s any consolation…. apart from the directions bit….I’m with you on all of the other points…. I’m as bad!! 😀 😀 So misery loves company!!

  9. Tanishka said

    Suddenly you sound like you are my twin sis…. I can beat everyone in absentmindedness…
    And taking decisions… We are similar on that too… 😀 😀
    “jahan se kam traffic mille” Now this is a perfect answer…. I know what to say the next time to the arrogant auto walla 😀 😀

  10. Comfy said

    You were 20 in 2007?? Just for that, I don’t want to comment on your blog any more. Paah, all you kids. 😐

    Oh and wait for absentmindedness once you have a kid. It is amazing work of nature, I tell you. Makes you not remember one little thing at the right tiime.

    • Pepper said

      Okay, since this post was written in August, I must’ve been 21. Does that make it better?

      I can’t imagine having a kid until I get over my absentmindedness.. 😐

  11. Ram pyaari said

    totally identify with having the ability to see things from two perspectives. I do the same which irks me as I can then not really blame anyone…because i can see and understand their side of the story as well!

  12. R's Mom said

    Errr…did you know me from 2007?? you seem to describe me in perfection 🙂 …Directions..better ask hubby..I can make him lose his way 😉
    Sleep and absent mindedness…well they are my best friends..need I say more 🙂

  13. DI said

    Interesting! If I look into what I wrote 5 years ago, I wont go beyond commenting on the excessive use of exclamation marks, and the lack of punctuation 😦
    But this is a good thing na? That you haven’t changed a bit?

    • Pepper said

      Lol. You know DI,I cringe at the excessive use of exclamation marks too. See my last para? I actually thought of editing it and setting it straight with just one mark of exclamation, but then I let it be. Better to leave the past untouched no?

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