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My body. Not your business.

Posted by Pepper on February 23, 2011

Some time ago, I saw a spate of posts in the blogosphere that spoke about the insensitivity with which ‘fatness’ was conceived by people in general. Let me talk from the other side of the fence.  I’ve always been thin. As a child, I was skinny, and at the receiving end of many ruthless comments. Opinions rose from concern, but they were harsh and nobody made an attempt to mask their disgust. I actually believed that people were more sensitive to those who were fat or plump. Nasty views would stay unvoiced, because, ‘what if he or she feels bad?’. Whereas nobody bothered to be discreet around me. When I think of my childhood, I still hear the ‘Oh God, you are so thin!’ remarks that followed me everywhere I went. These remarks would be replete with frowns. I eventually learnt to ignore them.

As I entered adolescence, my body filled up a little. i was still considered thin. People refused to believe that my appetite had nothing to do with my weight. I realised, that my body was everybody’s business. My thinness would be the first thing to be spoken about when anybody would lay their eyes on me. I would get sick of it, but grin and bear it all the same.

Time went by, and suddenly things turned around. Thin was now in! People spoke about size zero and all that jazz. All of a sudden, a lot of people had some new found respect for me. I was told I had a ‘a good body’ and a ‘great figure’. And now, people focused on my height, or lack of. I stopped growing vertically after the 8th grade. I am short. Just a little above 5’2″ in case you are wondering. People loved rubbing it in.

Why is this world such a strange place? There are two kinds of people. They are either thin or fat, tall or short, fair or dark, or tilting towards one of those. But the trend right now is to be thin, fair and tall. Why? Maybe twenty years from now, it will be more trendy to be hefty and fat. Will I be scoffed at again because I am thin?  Or there might be some era where being short would be more respectable than being tall. Will I be envied at that time? How does it make sense to align my body as per social trends?

Everybody continues to have an opinion. The opinions are quite diverse, depending on your age group and mentality.  The aunties frown in disgust and concern and tell me I need to ‘put on’, because I don’t have ‘child bearing hips’. A lot of the young crowd eyes me with envy because they think I have a great body and all that. People in their late twenties and early thirties always refer to my kind as ‘those stick insect figures’ and then wonder how much we starve to retain that state, other middle aged folks worry about people like me being a problem and then worry more about where the society is headed. My friends oscillate between calling me thin and telling me I have ‘a great figure’

Honestly, I don’t care.

Besides, being tiny and petite has its own advantages I say. For example, you can always arrange for a make shift bed when you need a nap and every corner of the house is unimaginably messy, and the carpets need a rigorous round of vacuuming.

Sometimes a siesta is more enjoyed when you lie curled up in a foetal position.











62 Responses to “My body. Not your business.”

  1. Umm.I completely agree with you. On all points! 🙂
    I am slim and of average height, and whenever I read blogposts about being fat, I wonder if I’d be able to counter them with a good, solid post. You just did that! 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Thanks! I still don’t feel like I’ve conveyed all that I wanted to, successfully. But anyway..
      I always felt the need to defend my side each time I read posts about being fat too. What I really wanted to say is that people will always have a problem with you. And that isn’t applicable only if you’re fat. It’s as bad for people who’re thin 🙂

  2. R's Mom said

    I am honest and I am really really JEALOUS!!! IS that you in the pic?? WOW!!! no there is nothing wrong in being thin…as long as you are healthy, can kick ass and live your life your way..dont bother too much…I have a cousin K who is stick thin and had to undergo the same taunts blah blah blah when she was young…now she is the mother of a 6 month old without having ‘child bearing hips’ and back to her thin hot figure self while I am still struggling to lose weight 😉 so dont worry on that…and hello 5 feet 2 inches is NOT short…I am the same height and probably weight 3 times of what you do..dare you say that I am short 😉 hugs yaa..dont worry about all this..enjoy the smart clothes and hot figure..at least you dont hear the sales man telling you in front of 100 people ‘Madam aap to double XL hai…yeh to aap ko chota hoyega :(‘

    • Pepper said

      I don’t bother about what people say R’s mom 🙂 .. I like myself the way I am. I was only wondering why people have such a problem with your body, whatever shape it is in..

      I know,a lot of clothes are only available in XS sizes, and they fit me perfectly 😀 .. So yay!

  3. Ashwathy said

    Ha ha ha…. as long as u don’t care…why worry? 😉 U cant shut people’s mouths…let them yak away…what difference does it make 😛

  4. DI said

    You are so , er, wait, let me not say thin, ‘TINY’! 😀
    Anyhow, I was always the ‘M’ kind, so good that way, though I hate it when people say, hey you put on weight :S which is quite regular 😦
    All said and done, who cares right 😀

  5. First?

    • Awww look at the snap…u are like a little puppy, hiding in the suitcase!Trust me anyway u finds u too thin is just Jealous…but should u want some fat…please do spend some time discovering a method where i can transfer my fat to u 😀

      • Pepper said

        Arey not first ya 😦

        I tell myself the same thing. Anyone who calls me too thin is just jealous 😛 .. Oh the world would be a happier place if ‘human fat transfers’ were possible 😀

  6. S said

    woaaah !!
    I have been on the other side of the fence.. so could not ’empathise’ but i sure understood your predicament 🙂 But you can fit into a suitcase? How coool is that!! Forget the society 🙂

  7. Swaram said

    Yay to that spirit! People just hv to comment, whether it is fat or thin or whatever 😉 In my case, they tell me I don’t feed the husband well 😛 😛 Honestly, neither of us care 😉

    But sigh! I luvvv ur make-shift bed 😀

  8. bikram said

    The pic says it all is it not. I would love to be thin like that. The problem with me is I cant resist foood.
    But in a suitcase wow saaves on buying a ticket you can go as luggage:-)

    • Pepper said

      Hey.. I can’t resist good and fattening food either. I am just lucky that it doesn’t show 🙂

      Now if only I could clear security check sitting in a suitcase!

  9. You remind me of what my friend complains all the time, she too is ‘thin’.

    I don’t understand the obsession with weight for any desi. Why do conversations always involve how you look every sigle time you meet desis after a while? ‘You have put on’, ‘You have lost weight’, ‘You have maintained your figure despite blah blah’, oh give me a break!

    I was thin too, once upon a time and I have put on now. So now I am neither what you call ‘fat’ nor what you call ‘thin’. Guess what I am tortured with every time I go to India – “You have put on… You look good though, but if you put on any more weight or lose any more, you won’t look good” by every single person I meet. Pray, how can I manage that? Should I put myself in a tight mould? Idiots 🙄

    PS: loved that pic. You are so so cute for even trying that 😀

    • Pepper said

      Oh desis LOVE commenting on your weight. All of us seem to wonder why it is the first thing that is discussed. The whole argument is so stale, but nobody seems to have an answer.

      You’re not thin or fat, just moderate. And still people comment.. Let the idiots be!

  10. i dont believe that you actually got into that bag. Hilarious. And people, they need something to gossip about be it your height, weight or any darn thing, they just cant mind their own business.

  11. You fit into a suitcase? Wow!!! I mean, Wow!!!

    I’ve always been hefty. And its taken me three decades to realise that there is beauty in me too. Its a weird world , really. One has to be PERFECT, otherwise one is taunted?!! How strange.

  12. PNA said

    People! what do we do with them!! Maybe go around with a tape and plaster their lips the moment they start prying! My hands itch to slap, but the social human being I’m groomed into pulls me back!! ahaaaa!! OMG@ the pic 🙂 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I itch to slap too, or at least return the nastiness in my own ways…But then, we’re social human beings and all that. So we gotta learn to live in harmony with other idiots 😀

  13. Saritha said

    Oh my god you slept really in that bag.

    You remind me of my sister who is thin and always used to get unwanted advices from people how to put on weight.

    The picture looks like there is no head…..

  14. Tanishka said

    I’m even shorter peppy…. Just 5… And I know how people love to talk about nothing but my height… Now I have learnt to ignore them and more importantly I think the short height suits me… 😀

  15. Comfy said

    You are going around it the right way. Ignore these people, they don’t matter. Stay happy and stay healthy. Those are the important things. Rest is about genes. I bet you look fab 🙂

  16. Chatterbox said

    Being happy in whoever you are is the key to survive and succeed in an ever-jealous,ever-unhappy & ever-gossiping world….so in my opinion you’ve got the right attitude to face it all 😛 😛
    Wow!being able to comfortably fit in and have a nap in a suitcase is sure cool 😀 😀 😀

  17. FINALLY someone who understands my problem. Grr. Random strangers want to tell me how I can put on weight. I had written about it once (http://chindichitranna.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/the-world-is-unfair-to/) BAH.

  18. Most opinions are made in Black and white – there is no grays in between.

  19. I think you look hot, pepper(despite all the crop you do to your pics 😦 )

    i envy you for being able to fit into that suitcase! I’d need three of them and even then I’d have to shrink myself a bit, i think 😀

    • Pepper said

      SAB, you always have the option of seeing the uncropped version of me 🙂

      From what I’d guess, you definitely wouldn’t need three of those suitcases. That one is pretty big. Shall we try getting you into it? 😀 Unless, you’re too tall.

  20. scorpria said

    Loved this one.
    I always wonder why people feel compelled to comment up on another’s figure. If i’m not tall, well, i don’t care…why would they?? if ‘m thin, well, i dont care…why would they? if i’m fat, stop lecturing me; maybe i wont diet at all.

    I think the ONLY thing that matters is tht one be healthy — and nothing else 😉

    Like, like, super like the pic 😉

    • Pepper said

      I wonder why people feel compelled to comment on another’s figure too. Perhaps because of the way the media has sensationalised our bodies?
      Being healthy is all that matters – True.

      Lol. Thanks! 😀

  21. Mint said

    Now the whole world knows how we save money on flight tickets. Although the goddamn airlines in US have started charging for check-in baggage also these days.

  22. Ram pyaari said

    I totally indentify with your post! I am thin and a little over 5’2 and I have been on the receiving end of many weird comments about how thin I am. Poeple were generally hopeful that I will put on weight once I got married but I proved them all wrong!


  23. ajay said

    People never fail to have an opinion about everyone and everything. Why can’t they mind their own business and how do they find time for all these things?

  24. Titaxy said

    Sigh. Tell me about it. I am criticized for being short…at least when I am with my sisters, because they are both tall, and for some reason people want to ask me why I stopped growing. I was plump as a teenager and that was a big issue everyone would comment on. And then I lost some weight and people turned around to say that I shouldn’t diet and all that is not healthy (I was on no diet, they just assumed). I’ve stopped paying attention to all this. BAH.

  25. Trish said

    Heyy Pepper,First time here and lovedddd your blog!! I will be back again..
    Ohh and cute pic..

  26. binpin said

    People will talk and talk they will..but you can fit in a suitcase at them..so Booya at them:D.I replied to your comment on my blog:)Yeah Im in the same Desi town as you,I’ll shoot you a mail!

  27. Roop Rai said

    LOL!! love the photo!!! HAHAHA classic!

  28. Kuch toh log kahenge..
    Logon ka kaam hai kehna……!! 😀

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