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Wedding mania

Posted by Pepper on March 2, 2011

And it is March. This month, last year we took the big plunge and acquired the official license to harass each other. Yes, we got married. This blog didn’t even get a whiff of the events – the biggest events of my life. The mayhem took a while to do die down. And when it did, I didn’t have the enthusiasm to write about it. So I thought it was time I blow away the dust and chronicle the mania. I am going to divide these posts based on the three big events that were a part of our wedding. And more than providing details of the happenings, I am going to talk about the bloopers, what went on behind the scenes, and other stuff that people normally wouldn’t know.

Warning – Long post ahead. People with low tolerance to unnecessary details are advised to skip.

The Cocktail party

This was the first big event we were gearing up for. Considering it was the only party we were having in Bombay, we decided to make this a large scale affair and wanted something that would equal a reception. In all my stupidity zest, I had decided to be on the forefront of all the arrangements. We willingly chose a hotel that would rip us off. Each item on the menu was carefully selected by me. There was a lot I was taking care of. But despite the exhaustion, I was happy. Now let’s get to the bloopers.

– The dance. We were to have a couple of dances performed by my friends. The songs would be a part of the narration that spoke about our story. And then the friends insisted that Mint and I perform as well. If you know me, you’ll know how terrified I am of dancing. But I got pulled into it, helplessly.

– The song that was finally selected was a very cheesy SRK number. If you know Mint, you’ll know that the very mention of SRK is enough to make him barf. I had to not only convince him to do an SRK  number with me, I had to convince him to actually do a slow, love sick SRK number. The things he has agreed to for lou.

– Now that we had the song in place, we had to learn and rehearse the dance. The problem was that Mint and I weren’t together. He was in the US, and was supposed to come to Bombay one night prior to the party. One night! I kept breaking into sweat each time I’d think of how we’d manage to learn and rehearse and perfect the dance in one single night. Beside that, shouldn’t I be getting my beauty sleep that time? That was not to be. We spent the entire night dancing, trying to memorise the steps and get it right. By the time it was morning, I was one cranky, tired and sleep deprived monster.

– The D Day arrived and we walked in to the hotel in the afternoon. We had a couple of rooms booked there for us to get ready in. The party was to start in the evening. It was in the ball room downstairs. The rooms in the hotel were pretty and the bed was inviting. The piled up exhaustion surfaced, I couldn’t hold up any longer and I just slept. People kept nudging me to wake up, the make up artist had arrived. I was told it would take a while to get me ready and I had to start the process. At that point, I wanted everybody to go to hell. I was tired and all I wanted was sleep. The thought of the impending party was so stressful. I think they got the point and let me sleep for an hour, even though it delayed everything a little.

– Once I was up and willing to be glamoured, I walked into the room only to find out there was a different make up artist there. Not the one I had spoken and given detailed instructions to. I wanted my make up to be subtle and natural. The original guy had even given me a trial to assure me of his understanding and his abilities. And now, I was told he was held up and had sent a replacement. What choice did I have but to trust this man? I hesitantly agreed to let him have a go. I put my head back and almost slept (again!) while he sprayed my face with rose water and set to work. When I finally peeked into the mirror after he was done, I thought it was a little too loud for my taste. What could be done? Nothing.

– I finally stepped into my lehenga. And it was HEAVY. There were folds of thick fabric layered inside the skirt and I had to kick the cloth in front of me to be able to walk. And I was supposed to dance in this? And just to rub it in, the sister then asked me to wear my sandals. They were pretty with big heels. Great. Big heels + heavy outfit + nervousness + exhaustion + frightening dance performance = ? I’d have to wait for a while to know what that totaled to.

– The grand entry. I do not understand this whole concept of walking in late, after every guest has arrived. I would have preferred to sneak in quietly when few people were around. But I was asked to wait upstairs and then enter the party quite late. I am sure I was cursed by a lot of people. Anyway,  finally, it was time to walk in. This was one moment I dreaded, and rightfully so. The moment we entered, the DJ played some loud, dramatic music. He played Saawariya. Something I will never, ever forgive him for. And in the next instant, I had cameras, lights, etc shoved into my face. Not to mention the hovering eyes of every guest present there. Now, I am an attention seeking drama queen. I love being the focus. But that is only when it comes to family and close friends. Not 500 random people. At that time, I could hear my own mental cries of ‘Get the paparazzi outta my face!’. Sigh. This is our first click of the evening.

– The evening progressed. We cut the cake. The other dances were done and it was time for us to perform. I woefully stood up. The dance began. I prayed with every step. I fall clumsily when I walk on the ground with flats. Here I was, dancing in heels in front of hundreds of people, with a long, heavy lehenga, and an added duppata to make life more miserable. Falling down or tripping right now would not be pretty. There was a point when I felt my skirt slip down a little, and I had thoughts of a terrifying wardrobe malfunction happening there. But thankfully, we pulled along without any major pitfalls. Here are some glimpses of our dance.

– The food. I was hungry. But I couldn’t eat, because the would be bride and groom, with their families are supposed to eat in the end. Very unfair. While I was moving around, socialising and talking to people, somebody came up to me and told me the tiramisu was over. It was over? I panicked. I was aghast. How can I possibly not eat something like that at my own party? I promptly left everything and walked up to the buffet area to find out. Fortunately, the person who told me that was just fooling around. The tiramisu was safe. Phew.

– When the evening drew to an end and I finally sat down to eat, I was disappointed with the food. I mean, it was just-about-okay. Considering the obscene amount we paid per plate, I expected it to way better than what it was. Beside that, the hotel had arranged for a sample buffet for us before the event, and I was quite satisfied with the quality and the taste at that time. So when the actually food at the party didn’t turn out to be as great as I expected it to be, I felt rather cheated.

There’s a lot more I can write about, but the folks at WordPress would probably sue me for abusing my right to write and churning out such dreadfully long posts. Until the next event..

49 Responses to “Wedding mania”

  1. bikram said

    Wow took you year to cone with this thank god your planning of the event did not take this long else all preparation would have taken a long time.
    The pictures come. Out very nice I am sur you had lots of fun.. Had you invited me I could have done some bhangra shangra for sure ahun ahun ahun ahun twist twist alo that.he hhe

    Now next post lets hear about the food and let me see what all I missed ti eat since you did not invite :-/ he he
    god bless you both look great and wow mint had to dance to srk oh man ….. And all that rehearsal thats why bhangra is best no rehearsals required throw ur arms and hands around its done:-)

  2. R's Mom said

    am so waiting in anticipation for the next…I loved your lengha and guess you must know by now that I am so jealous of your figure :):) but seriously…you both have loads of guts to pull it off in a night…awesome awesome awesome 🙂

  3. Ashwathy said

    Hahah I sooooo understand the sleep deprivation bit. Just underwent a similar process for my engagement in Jan. And now shall be undergoing it in June for my wedding 🙂
    Poor Mint….he agreed to do the dance with you for ‘luuuurve’! 😀

    OMG! The DJ played Saawaria when you walked in???? SAAWARIA??? I would have beaten him up if that was the case!!! 🙄 😛

    Hmm had u not tried on the lehenda beforehand? This was one thing I was very particular about. I had tried on the lehengas well before the engagement so that there would be no last minute surprises. It was heavy, but definitely movable in.

    I think the sore point of a reception party is how the bride and groom have to grin and bear the dumb photographs while the guests are helping themselves to all the yummy food. Pure torture I tell ya!!

    Waiting for the next part! 🙂 And no, I really dont think WP wud mind 😉

    • Pepper said

      I didn’t have the energy to kill the DJ that day..I am still hunting for him..

      I had tried on the lehenga of course, cos I needed the alterations to be done. But I didn’t try it on with heels, and I didn’t think of the dance at that time. It seemed heavy, I walked a few steps, survived it and packed it off. When I wore it on the big day, it felt like it weighed more, and the sandals made it worse, and the thought of dancing in it terrifying 😦

      Oh, this was just the beginning, we had the actual reception coming up. Imagine the torture! 😛

  4. Chatterbox said

    Heartiest congratulations to both of you on your wedding anniversary 😛
    I absolutely loved that gorgeous combination of pink and blue in your dress 😀 😀 😀
    Weddings are so much fun, eagerly waiting for the upcoming part 😛

    • Pepper said

      Thanks CB. Though we have some time to go for our weddin anniv.
      That dress weighed and cost a ton, and I endured it all. So I feel really happy when people tell me think like it 😀

  5. S said

    You look stunning.. though I cant see ur face 🙂
    waiting for the next event..

    What SRK number was it, btw? 😛

  6. Saritha said

    Beautiful colour combination blue and pink.

    Happy anniversary and mine too in march…..

  7. Pretty pretty lehenga!!! and marriages phew are oh so stressful. God job actually being involved in the preps. I left it all to the able hands of my mom 🙂

  8. Jzt4me said

    Ok…Now that was cool…Dont worry WordPress would think 100 times before suing u…If blogpost could tolerate me for this long, why not wordpress for a much shorted post…lol..

    I am firstie to ur post..and just finished ur wedding dreads…lol…loved it…and Congratulations…and sad tht u couldnt enjoy the food as much as u wished for…atleast better than me, who couldnt eat well the most delicious food on my wedding day…due time constraints…and I suppose the only reason why they let me atleast sit in front of the food was to just capture the couple eating food…grrrr…and the next day, when people were praising the food quality, describing each desserts and stuff…I was like aagghhhhh…uhmm…

    • Pepper said

      Oh, you couldn’t enjoy the delicious food at your own wedding due to time constraints? That’s funny 😀 I would get very, very mad in that case..

      • Jzt4me said

        Oh yes, I couldnt…bcoz…the Marriage Muhurtham was at 12.30 and we were supposed to leave for my hubby’s house before 0300pm…inbetween 2 set of dress change, some rituals, guests, photographs…and Lunch…naturally, they rushed us thru…thanks to the Videographer, who had to capture us as having lunch, so we atleast got to sit in front of the delicious lunch…uhmmm..WIsh I could taste that Payasam…

        • Pepper said

          Oh God, it sounds so rushed. Just reading about it made me feel tired. I am sure you’re glad its all over and done with 😀 Never mind the missed lunch. You can make up for it in other people’s weddings.

  9. Jzt4me said

    Oops, missed telling…ur Lehenga is gorgeous…

  10. super like!

    and your clothes are super gorgeous, pepper! waiting for part 2.

  11. Tanishka said

    Ohh that dress is sooo pretty and you juda I love it… I want you to mail me the pics now…

    Ohhh how I hate this concept of making the would be bride n groom wait till the end for food… I have already decided I would eat enough before entering the hotel on my wedding day 😀

    Why didn’t you post a pic of cake as well… 😛

    Those cameras are so irritating… I anyway don’t like to be in pics… I always tell my mom, you get to choose the guy but I would elope with him… I’m not up for all the drama 😀 😀

    • Pepper said

      Yep, I had eaten a little before entering the place too. But there is so much happening at that time, it’s not always easy to get some time to eat 😀 ..
      I forgot to put up a pic of the cake! Not that it was very great..
      Haha, I love your idea of eloping with the guy your mom chooses 😀
      Will mail the pics 🙂 .. Remind me on gmail if I forget..

  12. ajay said

    Encounter with the paparazzi! 😀 Nice post. 🙂 You call this post long! What about my dreadfully long stories then? 😀

    • Pepper said

      They seem shorter to me than this post 😐 .. And you know I have come to realise that people actually object to the length of your post .. so I am a bit cautious 😀

  13. WOW! Pepper, what a treat this was!

    Your narration is so entertaining , almost feels like we are watching every scene from it 🙂

    That lehenga on you is gorgeously delightful. Bring on more posts..fast 😀

    Oh, BTW, Wish you both awesome people a very happy Wedding Anniversary ( advanced wishes) !!

  14. Comfy said

    You did not plan in advance as far is food is concerned? Ask Rev, she has it all planned so that she gets to eat everything on time during her wedding 😀 😀

    You look amazing..and oh your Lehnga..beautiful. Since the dance went without a hitch, I bet it was worth it now when you look back 🙂

    Congratulations on one year and many many many more of wonderful years together to the PepperMint family 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I know Revs has all her plans in place where her wedding is concerned. Let us find her a guy soon, so that we can enjoy the festivities 😀

      Thanks so much 🙂

  15. neha said

    Congrats on the one year. S and I completed our one year this Jan, and I can so very identify with the sleeping bit. I was sleeping couple of hours before the reception, and all through the makeup ritual and a little bit ‘during’ the reception too. 😀
    My hubby is a Bengali, and thankfully, they dont have dancing in their weddings. With my kind of hand-leg coordination, I would have died of embarrassment if someone made me dance in front of so many people. 😀

    • Pepper said

      Oh you guys completed a year as well! Belated Anniversary wishes to both of you!
      I think anybody who has been married can identify with the sleep deprivation bit 😀
      They do not have dances in South Indian weddings either. They are full of quiet rituals. But I am a north Indian and we added the dances to mix in a little bit of our flavour. And I managed to live through the embarrassment of dancing in front of all those people 😀

  16. smartassbride said

    please excuse my moron-ness for missing this in the last comment : A very happy anniversary to you and Mint! may you two always complement each other!

  17. Seena said

    Hi Pepper, you look so gorgeous and your lengha is looking great. Now you are making all of jealous with your beautiful figure. You both look great in the dance snaps..The way you write is beautiful..I am one of your new readers, I went through few posts , will come back and read the rest..

  18. Your posts don’t show up in the readomatic, dunno why 😦 and I have to say this: your lehnga is just lovely 😀

  19. gorgeous lehanga and ahem what a gorgeous figure you have especially in that last KHNH-srk-leaning-with-Brooklyn Bridge-in-the background type pose :mrgreen:

    SAWARIYA song??? of all the songs in this world he had to play that?? what was he expecting? someone to drop a dupatta?? 😈 👿

  20. Swaram said

    U look fab in that outfit!

  21. […] let me go ahead and reminiscence. A flash back episode made me revisit the wedding madness. The cocktail party, the reception, the wedding ceremony, all brought back some fun […]

  22. WoW!! You have an amazing figure…..I envy you for that! And, trust me people with slim figures are so damn lucky….everything fits them beautifully 🙂 Loved the post! By the way, I too got married in 2010…..love that year! 😀

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