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My lottery?

Posted by Pepper on March 16, 2011

I was 18, or probably 19 when we moved into a new house. The moment we finished shifting all our stuff, I decided to set my room up. Okay fine, our room. The sister and I have always shared a bedroom. What is the point in having a room that lacks a personality? So I was on the look out for some interesting posters to put up on the walls, a soft board for us to pin up our pictures and notes, other miscellaneous art work to keep around, etc. I finally landed at this store, where I saw the kind of stuff that interested me. Amongst all the things, I saw some posters that I knew I had to buy. That being the peak of my teenage vanity and all that..

This was one of them. The picture is very unclear because something was wrong with the camera settings at that time. That explains the pixelated pink haze.  Anyway, I put this up right across the bed. So I could see it at all times.

I would laugh, and with a swollen head tell my family to wait and watch. One day I will win the lottery and move out of that place. So better value me while you have me. The sister would roll her eyes. My mom, being as dramatic as I am, would play along, and tell me she is aware of all my evil intentions and knows that I will run the moment I see my lottery. My dad would ignore me and would only worry about the ugly tape marks the posters would leave on the walls.

Years passed and I moved out of home. This poster was completely forgotten about. Until this trip of mine to India. While we were sitting in my room, my cousin asked me the question, ‘So, have you won the lottery?’. His question instantly reminded me of the days I’d fool around telling everybody to wait and watch. I thought about it for a few seconds. I no longer lived in that house. I have moved out. I now live in dollarland. Had I won my lottery? Then I asked him what he thought. He said he thinks I did won the lottery. I instantly decided to put this up on my blog. I then went on to ask the sister, my parents, friends, and every Tom, Dick and Harry. They all said the same thing. Everybody felt I had won the lottery.

So what is this jackpot victory of mine that everybody is talking about? What the hell is my ‘lottery’?  Or should I say ‘who’  is? When I asked them, they all smiled and said I know it already.

Err.. I think I know. But I want to pretend I don’t.

I want to believe HE won the lottery. Not me.

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