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And so we met!

Posted by Pepper on April 5, 2011

Yes, I talk about the one and only. I talk about the Queen who reigns the comment sections of blogville. I talk about Sakshi! Her highness agreed to grace me with her presence. How fortunate am I! She even got along her little Prince, all of 6 years old.

As per our plan. we met for lunch very close to where I live. The thing with meeting bloggers is, you never run out of stuff to talk about. We chatted animatedly as we tucked in. About life! We are profound, you see? You think we bitched about you? Nyah! We are beyond all such shallow pursuits. *Cough*

After a fulfilling lunch, we walked back to my place. I knew her majesty would be visiting, which is why that morning I had run around hysterically putting things away in their rightful place, vacuuming the carpet in the living room and doing everything I can to come across as a normal, civilized human being living in a sane house. All this because, I was still on probation to secure an extended friendship. What if she decided I was not worthy of being friends with? All my chances of getting the goodies she cooks would be gone.  I couldn’t do this. Besides. Mint would never forgive me.

To make matters was, she had informed me of her OCD that involved cleanliness and order. I imagined her home! I imagined her wiping off every speck of dust the moment it disembarked. Me? I have no regard for spotless washbasins. Coffee stains on tables do not bother me. Our house, on a daily basis resembles a tornado struck zone, with all the dust and chaos wheeling in the air. But like I said, I had to win her over. And for the sake of good food, I could do anything. Even if it meant a new serious of Mission: Impossible that involved cleaning my home. So I did all I could on that morning. I even ensured there were no finger print stains visible on any surface. I smiled as I finished wiping the side table. Sanitizing my undies was the only thing left to do. Yes! I could fool her into believing I was just like her. We might even become best friends. Yay!

We entered the house and sat back on the couch. The moment we were comfortably seated, I spotted an even film of dust layering our center table. How the hell was it there? Great. I had spent all my time cleaning invisible corners and ignored the most important in your face piece of furniture we would be sitting around. I specialise in focusing on the unimportant and being blind to what counts. Bah! I should give up all pretenses of being a normal person. I cried inwardly as I bid goodbye to all my dreams of those awesome biryanis.

But all that stopped mattering the moment she started narrating her love story. I had been waiting to hear it for a long time and had been after her life to tell me. She finally decided to end the trauma for herself. I heard every little detail, with complete expression. It qualifies as the best love story I’ve ever heard. I am still spellbound. I can’t stop smiling. Wow.

And her little boy. What do I say? I am trying to find out if he really belongs to Sakshi, or was this her attempt to fool me? It is hard to believe she can raise such a gentle, well mannered  and sensible child. He patiently waited as we spoke. At one point, he found Mint’s PS3 to entertain himself and let us carry on with our conversations. The little guy amazes me.

And oh, she also got me Pepper (corns) and Mint (chocolates). Can it get any sweeter?

Sakshi, meeting you was so much fun! I enjoyed every minute. Please overlook the dust and tell me if I made the cut.

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