A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint

And so we met!

Posted by Pepper on April 5, 2011

Yes, I talk about the one and only. I talk about the Queen who reigns the comment sections of blogville. I talk about Sakshi! Her highness agreed to grace me with her presence. How fortunate am I! She even got along her little Prince, all of 6 years old.

As per our plan. we met for lunch very close to where I live. The thing with meeting bloggers is, you never run out of stuff to talk about. We chatted animatedly as we tucked in. About life! We are profound, you see? You think we bitched about you? Nyah! We are beyond all such shallow pursuits. *Cough*

After a fulfilling lunch, we walked back to my place. I knew her majesty would be visiting, which is why that morning I had run around hysterically putting things away in their rightful place, vacuuming the carpet in the living room and doing everything I can to come across as a normal, civilized human being living in a sane house. All this because, I was still on probation to secure an extended friendship. What if she decided I was not worthy of being friends with? All my chances of getting the goodies she cooks would be gone.  I couldn’t do this. Besides. Mint would never forgive me.

To make matters was, she had informed me of her OCD that involved cleanliness and order. I imagined her home! I imagined her wiping off every speck of dust the moment it disembarked. Me? I have no regard for spotless washbasins. Coffee stains on tables do not bother me. Our house, on a daily basis resembles a tornado struck zone, with all the dust and chaos wheeling in the air. But like I said, I had to win her over. And for the sake of good food, I could do anything. Even if it meant a new serious of Mission: Impossible that involved cleaning my home. So I did all I could on that morning. I even ensured there were no finger print stains visible on any surface. I smiled as I finished wiping the side table. Sanitizing my undies was the only thing left to do. Yes! I could fool her into believing I was just like her. We might even become best friends. Yay!

We entered the house and sat back on the couch. The moment we were comfortably seated, I spotted an even film of dust layering our center table. How the hell was it there? Great. I had spent all my time cleaning invisible corners and ignored the most important in your face piece of furniture we would be sitting around. I specialise in focusing on the unimportant and being blind to what counts. Bah! I should give up all pretenses of being a normal person. I cried inwardly as I bid goodbye to all my dreams of those awesome biryanis.

But all that stopped mattering the moment she started narrating her love story. I had been waiting to hear it for a long time and had been after her life to tell me. She finally decided to end the trauma for herself. I heard every little detail, with complete expression. It qualifies as the best love story I’ve ever heard. I am still spellbound. I can’t stop smiling. Wow.

And her little boy. What do I say? I am trying to find out if he really belongs to Sakshi, or was this her attempt to fool me? It is hard to believe she can raise such a gentle, well mannered  and sensible child. He patiently waited as we spoke. At one point, he found Mint’s PS3 to entertain himself and let us carry on with our conversations. The little guy amazes me.

And oh, she also got me Pepper (corns) and Mint (chocolates). Can it get any sweeter?

Sakshi, meeting you was so much fun! I enjoyed every minute. Please overlook the dust and tell me if I made the cut.


66 Responses to “And so we met!”

  1. Pepper, I would feel so much at home if I were to visit you ever 😀
    It feels so good to know somebody who admits openly about being not obsessed with cleanliness. 😀

    I run around exactly like you described if I know people are visiting me. Only 2 of my friends have the permission to enter my house any time they want. One of them got married recently. I told him that this privilege is not available even for his wife. 😛

    Oh you are welcome home too 😀
    I’ll clear out a nice corner for you and make you yummy food 😀

  2. bikram said

    Wow lucky people. Now I would love to meet everyone. Now we know how sakshi is he he he.

    Good anyone coming to uk please do drop by I promise to clean my house pakka promise.

  3. Seena said

    Pepper, you made me laugh loud with this post. I am trying to imagine your facial expression when you found the dust on the center table 🙂

  4. Pepper corns and Mint chocolate..now nothing can beat that I say! 😀

    Seems like you girls ( and the little boy) had a great time.

    Now the bars are set too high and am too scared to meet you * gulp *

  5. revsjoiedevivre said

    Hmpf! I’m not jealous at all. Not even a tiny bit.

    @Sakshi: I dont hate you at all! 😦

    • Pepper said

      You’re not jealous? Really? 😦 Okay, so what do I do to make you jealous enough for you book your tickets and get here?

      • smartassbride said

        I’m not jealous too 😦

        PS : Every post you write is so fresh! You *should* think about writing full time.

        • Pepper said

          SAB, your comment has sent me up there, somewhere in the clouds. I am still floating. Sigh. I never really believe my writing is good enough, but since the compliment comes from YOU, I am honoured!

    • Revs if you promise me to show all the castles in Ireland, I might really catch a plane and come down there so that I can get a break from my Kitchen :mrgreen:

      • revsjoiedevivre said

        Darling, I’ll take you around all the castles and the lovely coves and beaches. And Ireland also has some of the world’s best walking routes. Scenic beauties they are, so we can go for a walk after eating the awesome food I cook(even if I say so myself). You can just put your feet up and relax. Good enough deal? Coming? 😉

      • Pepper said

        Saks, you notice how hard Revs is trying to lure you? Ireland is nice and all, but don’t fall for it. SHE is the one who should make a trip to the US. You want a break from the kitchen na.. that’s fine. You would get one even if she came here! *Runs away*

  6. R's Mom said

    Oh then you will love coming to my house..its dirtiness everywhere (except the kitchen and the bathrooms..me a bit finicky about that :)) what fun meeting blogger friends na 🙂 and the pepper corns and mint chocolate was so cute 🙂

  7. R's Mom said

    Award for you on my blog 🙂

  8. binpin said

    I gotta make that meeting happen with you! I dont qualify as a blogger (considering the rarity of my posts);) .But look at this way you dont have to worry about the specks of dust when I come over:D

  9. UmaS said

    Oh !!! U two met ???? WOW !!! That would be awesome !!! I love girl bloggers meet….and the fact that u can just continue talking, as if u left it at the blog…its so much fun. 🙂

    That little prince is my bday partner….so u see, he’ll naturally be gentle and greatly disciplined…. 🙂 🙂 U thot all these were due to Saks ????? :mrgreen:

    I want to see pics…..plzzzzzzzz……

    • Pepper said

      Yes, yes we met!! And it was so much fun!
      Oh, now I get it. The prince takes after you! I knew Saks was not capable of giving him such a perfect upbringing 😛
      We didn’t take any pics at all 😦 But never mind, we’ll meet again, just for the pics!

    • Haa so Ums does that mean he will naturally learn to make yummy Molagai Podi like you?? I so badly want someone to make and feed me idli, dosa and molagai podi 😥

      • Pepper said

        Me too!! I am crazy, crazy, crazy about the idli and Molaga Podi combo. Ums, if you’re good at making that, I am coming to your place, RIGHT NOW.

        • UmaS said

          Pepper, actually I was called Idly amma…after my post on how to make idlis and milagai podi…. 😉 ha ha ha….so, u are all the more welcome home. 🙂

          Saks, of course, the Prince will be brilliant in whatever he does….a Virgo is a perfectionist. 🙂 🙂

        • Pepper said

          Ah yes! I had read that post of yours. Besides which, Sags told me that about you when we met. 😀 Good. It’s settled then. I will land up at your place when I am in your city.

  10. Chatterbox said

    Wow! that must have been awesome fun 😛 😛
    As far running around to get out every speck of dust, I too have this cleanliness OCD 😡 though with time and circumstances I have slowed down a lot 😀 😀

  11. Scorpria said

    You are THE person whom I should visit, and who should visit me. We both’d be completely relaxed and at home before, during and after the visit 😉 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • Pepper said

      Haha! Great! 😀 It’s awesome to know people who are as lax as me 😀 We should hang out together in our respective homes .. It’ll make us feel more ‘normal’ 😀

  12. Ummm…ok now i am all jealous coz the bloggy i met 2 times (mind it) has left Mumbai! Sigh Sigh…Pepper corns and mint chocos are so cool!!

    And yeah please do DNA on the little boy…Sane ppl belonging to Yakshi…ummm ummm

  13. Pahhh this is what I get for taking my precious Commenting Time Off to meet you? You have made me look like some Sanitary Inspector 😥

    err about the so called well behaved Boy…ummm…it’s all due to the brains of his mom. Did you notice how I made him stuff himself at the restaurant? err that’s the reason he was not bothered much about running around your place and of course yapping away. You should meet him when he is less content with his food 🙄 :mrgreen:

    There was DUST on your table????? 😯 jeez I think I am slowly becoming normal in that case, coz I didn’t notice anything amiss in your home except the bed……. :mrgreen: 👿 😈

    It was so much fun meeting you and I am sure we are gonna have more fun and make all these gals J once I shift to a new home permanently 😛 😉

    PS: Only if you had said the sentence “the Queen who reigns the comment sections” way before we planned to meet, I assure you would need not go to such an extent of Maid-ness to win over me :mrgreen:
    PPS: Cut tho kya…you have made your way straight into my heart and of course the little boy nodded his approval the moment he stepped into the place you picked for us to eat out at 🙄 Besides, he thinks anyone who owns a PS3 is worthy of being befriended coz I still refuse to get him one 😐

    • Pepper said

      Ayyo.. No babe! I haven’t made you look like some inspector 😦 .. I have only exposed my true self and made myself seem like the mess dweller that I am.

      Don’t you dare take away credit from that boy of yours! He is such a well behaved child. Don’t say he was only because you stuffed him. I won’t tolerate such injustice 😐

      I *know* you noticed the dust on the table when you bent down to look at the coasters. Izz okay. Admit it. Umm..err.. what was wrong with the bed? (Except that the sheets weren’t straightened)..What else? I told you I fail to even notice 😛

      Phew. Thank God I made it. Shift to your new home fast! And thank God the boy approves. I knew the PS3 would help me some day 😛

  14. Comfy said

    Oh two of the bloggers of my small small list of bloggers I want to meet (I have to say that so that Rev will not kill me).

    You cleaning frenzy reminds me of Mom coming to visit while I was in the hostel. I cleaned and cleaned my 7×7 room for 2 days. Mom steps inside looks at some corner or some window where is the one and I mean ONE speck of dust and goes how can you live in such a mess. 😐 Why did I even bother? Someone tell me please.

    Sakshi promised to come visit me soon, and I can’t wait. But then I have the Buzz factor on my side no. 😀

    I yam holding you to that visit Yakshi. Now let me start making a list of thing I want her to get.. hmmm what does with Comfy..anyone?

    • Haa just let Buzz welcome me and I swear I will not even notice if you are wearing ironed clothes or not 😉

      Btw am more than excited for our meet which will be pretty soon 😛

      Ps: Do I see Nuts and Sags go 😳

    • Pepper said

      Comfy: You used to clean up when your Mom came to visit? Wah! What a nice daughter. I rejoice when I hear my mom will be visiting, because I know she’ll come and start cleaning up instantly 😀
      You’re Comfy, ask her to gift you a bed or a couch 😛

      Saks: You are planning a trip to Comfy’s world? You will get to see Buzz??? Now I am JEALOUS.

      • Comfy said

        @Yakshi: Y yan yot yait. Yome yoon.

        @Pepper: You don’t know my Maa. She will scold and scold and scold. I rather cleanup than live through that. 😳

        PS: You yan yome yith Yakshi yoo. 😀

  15. ajay said

    Two bloggers can never run out of stuff to talk about. That’s so true. 😀 I am glad that that badge came in use for your post. That unique one-time award was MY idea. 😀

  16. nags said

    awww.. but must say, she is damn sweet!

  17. Pixie said

    Wow! So nice that you 2 met!! 😀

    Awww!! Mint Chocolates and Pepper corns! 🙂 🙂
    How sweet of Saks!! 😛 :mrgreen:
    So, when Saks visits me – I have to clean house?!! That too in a country where I will not get a maid!?! *Horror!*
    See the things we do for extended friendship!!! :mrgreen:

    • Pepper said

      Okay, I need to do some damage control or else Saks will kill me. You probably don’t need to clean your house. It’s not like she comes and inspects corners 😛
      Ah, I see you are going to be stepping into this country where we all have to double up as maids. Sigh. Welcome to America.

  18. Ashwathy said

    Truly cute post!

    ROFL @ And her little boy. What do I say? I am trying to find out if he really belongs to Sakshi, or was this her attempt to fool me? It is hard to believe she can raise such a gentle, well mannered and sensible child. hyuk hyuk :mrgreen: 😆

    A meeting with sugar (chocolates/mint) and spice (peppercorns)! Nice! 😀 I like, i like!

  19. Tanishka said

    You’ve got to visit my place peppy and I’ am sur you’d feel at home… 😛
    Wow… you met sakshi… That must have been super fun… 🙂

  20. Deboshree said

    Ooh that seems like a lovely tete-a-tete you guys had! 😀
    It’s good to heard about the cleanliness OCD, oh OCD in general. I am glad I have company. 😀
    And oh, a well mannered kid is such a treat to the soul. I wish I had any such luck with people who come visiting me. 😦 Kudos to the Mom. 🙂

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