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A little bit of fame..

Posted by Pepper on April 7, 2011

comes my way, with an award! The lovely R’s Mom has passed on this award to me.

Thank you so much R’s Mom! My thoughts are usually very random and diverse. My mind always jumps from one subject to another. A lot of times I wonder if my inward versatility reflects on my blog. So an award like this obviously pleases me very much. Thank you once again!

There, now that I am done with my thank you speech, we will move on to the more interesting part. This award comes with a tag. You have to list out 7 random facts about yourself. This tag is such an old one and has done the rounds of the blog world at least three times. Something similar went on on Facebook a while ago too. But despite the fact that it is so overdone, I love it. It is always so much fun to know these random facts about people around you.

So here we go. Since I am narcissistic and sadistic, I changed the number from 7 to 10. At first I was blank. But once I started, I found it hard to stop. I am so full of myself, I can just go on. I copied a few points from my old blog, but never mind. Presenting 10 random facts about me:

1) I am terrible at swallowing pills. Even the smallest pill makes me gag and want to throw up. When I am sick, the sight of big tablets and capsules makes me cry.

2) I like to name inanimate objects. My iPod is called ‘Cupid’, for no reason. Or maybe because it was gifted to me by Mint in a very special way on Valentines Day some years ago. My old car in Bombay was called ‘Long John Silver’.

3) I randomly think of things that happened years ago and laugh uncontrollably. If this happens while I am walking on the road alone, I hold my cell phone against my ear and laugh. So that I can laugh with dignity at least.

4) As a child, I used to be really scared of stepping into the shower. The water and the spray from the faucet on top would invariably enter my eyes, making me shriek. For the first 10 years of my life, I only used the tap and bucket to bathe.

5) If we’re in a restaurant, I like making a mess in my plate while waiting for the food to arrive. I play around with the salt and pepper bottles, mix the two ingredients, add ketchup, vinegar and any other thing I find on the table. And then I force ask you to eat the interesting concoction I have composed. Mint is the only one who eats it calmly without questioning me too much.

6) Every time I am nervous, I find myself touching the metallic surface of my ring. The contact with the smooth metal on the backside of my ring usually helps me calm my nerves.

7) I have a sharp scar on my right knee that I got because of a bad fall I had while playing cricket with the colony boys at the age of 10.

8 ) I *have* to slap my sister’s ass if I see it. If her butt is in my line of vision, an automated response from my senses makes me lift my hand and whack her ass. It is beyond my control now. She has screamed, cried and kicked to no avail. She now makes sure she does not expose her butt when I am around. She will sit in one place, and even sleep on her back. Needless to say, she was the one who celebrated the most when I moved out of home.

9) Blood fascinates me. I love going for a blood test, to watch them extract it out of your body. I love the colour. The flow. I think it is beautiful. If I ever get a cut, I deliberately press the affected area and make sure I ooze out as much as possible.

10) Only if I really love you or am close to you will I unleash the true lunatic within me. This means I will subject you to an insane amount of ridiculous questions. And then find novel ways to bug and harass you until you answer me. One of my most common questions is, ‘Will you drink cow pee if that is the only way you could save me from dying?’.

So yes, I said it. Most people know I am a nutcase, but very few people know the extent of my lunacy. But then I already admitted it. My parents and sister look for ways to run when they see the insanity taking over. Considering all this, I really wonder how I have such a remarkably sane husband. Oh well..

Anyway, it is now time to pass on this award and tag. I pass it on to Revs. Because I do believe she has a versatile blog. Talking about feminism in one post and then sibling lou in the next. And also because I know she has a ready list of the random facts. Let me paste the rules here:

1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell 10 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award.

And with that, I shall say take your leave. Have a good weekend folks!


53 Responses to “A little bit of fame..”

  1. R's Mom said

    Awesome list…and you do deserve the award darling..and I am terrible at swallowing pills..and thank you for the fact that you mentioned that after 10 years you started going into the shower..there is hope for R..and only 7.5 years of wait for me to have her start doing that..!

  2. scorpria said

    Completely with (and like) you on 1,3,7 and 10!! Unbelievable 😉

    Congrats on the award 🙂

    • Pepper said

      You are like me on 10??? YAYY! I thought with that kind of revelation I would lose all my friends, but here people are telling me they have similar traits! I should show this to my family. 😀

      • scorpria said

        Oh of course, totally! If you ask any of my friends, close relatives, dad, mom, bro, S or pumbaa, they’d tell you they dont know someone more lunatic that me 😀 Pumbaa, i swear, if he could talk, he’d have loads to tell ya 😀

        • Pepper said

          Haha! Like I said, we should hang out together. And we’ll create new records for lunacy. I wish Pumbaa could talk. Would be so much fun to hear all your tales 😀

  3. Ashwathy said

    I’m with you on (1) and (3)!! 😀 😀 Glad to know I’m not the only one!! I just pretend to be reading sms instead 😛 🙄

    And I must say, Mint is one helluva guy for putting up with you and loving you as you are!!! 😀 😀 Surprising that you have a sane husband (your words, not mine :P) .. guess this is why they say opposites attract! :mrgreen:

    • Pepper said

      I wonder how Mint puts up with me too. But then I think I know. He simply ignores me when I get my bouts of madness and laugh hysterically. He’ll just let me be and carry on with his work with no expression, and that makes me laugh more. 😀

  4. Ditto on 2 and 6 🙂 We must someday discuss the names we came up with 😉

    I am scared of you now… Blood fascinates you!

  5. Bikram said

    Congrats on the award …. and good points .. scars I got hundreds it seems, i am accident prone and bad men prone too i fall every time and got stabbed ..

    blood fascinates you oh my …. I am scared now ..

    and point 10 I am complete opposite I trsut all at drop of a hat no wonder i get msyelf in a mess ..

    and I like Long john silver 🙂 he heheh

    congrats again

    • Pepper said

      Point 10 has nothing to do with trust Bikram. I might trust you fully and do anything for you, but only a select few are fortunate enough to be exposed to my mad streaks 😛

  6. UmaS said

    I loved reading the list of random err insane facts…. 😆 Pepper, the last one is just too much….really !!!
    Blood fascinates u – 😯 U dont have vampire traces na ????? 😉

    Love the way u name inanimate things… 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I know.. I was very hesitant about putting up the last one 😀 But then I decided to expose myself fully. Vampire traces? I need to check! 😛 I will get back to you..Lol

  7. charu said

    Came here while doing random blog-hopping.U write well.BTW, wanted i really wanted to say is “Blood fascinates you??? Thats creepy”

  8. Sands said

    You like blood work but hate swallowing pills? That is funny 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Why? 😀 I don’t intentionally hurt myself or go through any kind of pain just to see blood. I only said I find the color and the smooth flow of blood beautiful if I happen to see it. But swallowing pills is nauseating to say the least. But anyway, I do know I am kinda funny, or.. emm.. ‘mental’.

  9. You definitely deserve the award Pepper! Congratulations 🙂

    And that list is hilarious! Thoda ‘loose’ ho yaar tum to. Good hai! 😉
    Equally interesting and unique.

    Concoction at the table before the food arrives – Mint also deserves a special custom Award for the ability to gulp it down 😀

    “Red liquid flow” was your blog name na? I wondered why..now I know 🙂

    [Soo waiting to read Revs list now]

    • Pepper said

      Lol. I really like the way you call me thoda ‘loose’. Sirf thoda? 😛
      Oh Mint will readily gulp down anything that is edible. Really. I’ve experimented.
      You’re smart. You picked up the ‘Red Liquid Flow’ connection. 😀

  10. Comfy said

    I have been known to make a spicy cocktail with water, salt, sugar and what else I can find if the wait gets too much in a restaurant. Never tried asking anyone to eat it though. hmm maybe I should try that out next. 😀

    Your poor poor sister 🙂

    Congratulations on the award. 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I am curious to know the reactions around you when you ask them to ingest your cocktail. Do let me know 😀
      I pity my sis too, yet I can’t stop targeting her. Thanks. 😀

  11. Seena said

    I am so glad that R’s mom gave you the Award, you deserve it, no doubt. I love the way you write on different topics, we would have never thought a post could have made.

    List is interesting, I do have a scare on my leg, my sister threw knife on me, you can imagine I was a villain in her life 🙂

  12. revsjoiedevivre said

    *gives a Miss.Universe winning reaction* *bawls* Thank you baby! I’m honoured. So this is why you asked me to say 7 random things about me the other day? 😀 Do you want me to put up the same points or different ones?

    Blood fascination – Ah! soul sistah! But then, i’ve always been good with meds as well. Even when I was a kid. And I’m glad that I got asked that cow pee question. Which means you really love me and are close to me, no? *smug*

    • Pepper said

      You’re welcome. I originally asked you for your list to see if I could steal some of your points :P.. But didn’t think any were applicable. So came up with my own then. I loved the ones you mentioned. But of course, if you want to change them and write other stuff, I’ll only be happy to know more random facts about you!

      And yeah! You’ve been asked that question. Now you know I truly love you 😀

      • you two are mental cases wonly.

        • Pepper said

          Looks like that. But then its like this cool club people are dying to join right? No? Okay.

          • Pepper, I was thinking about this cow pee post when I was taking my bath today(I take your blog very seriously,see?) and it struck me that I have once erm, tasted cow pee. when my parents constructed our house and they did the grihapravesham, the priest sprayed some cow pee with mango leaves. some of it fell on me and I tasted it thinking that it’s something edible 😐

            okay, you have the answer. If I were to drink cow pee to save you, I would. I have experience and all 😐

            • Pepper said

              Rotfl.. You’ve tasted cow pee! You did not mention your reaction. Did you puke?

              You know I just realised you are so much better than some of my friends. They’d rather have me dead. And my sister only asks me to shut up when I ask her this question. So my heartfelt thank you to you 😀

          • revsjoiedevivre said

            Pssk Pssk. I told you in less than a second after you asked me the question, that I’d drink it for you even without experience. How come that hasn’t been mentioned? *looks hurt*

            • Pepper said

              Yes baby, you said you’d drink it for me. And in fact, I asked you a much *worse* question. I actually did not have the courage to mention the question in its original form here. People would abandon my blog 😀 . But you still agreed to have even the *Censored* composition for me. Much credit to you!
              I didn’t mention it cos I wasn’t sure you’d like it to be known 😛 But then the world should know you love me too!

  13. ajay said

    Wow! #3 is such a cool idea. Now I can laugh with sanity too. 😀

  14. Oregano said

    you forgot to mention that you squeeze it and suck the blood also 😛 left it out for a reason?

  15. An old timer who shut her blog said

    What? You like blood? Hope you don’t drool too… 😛
    @ point 9, really? Cows pee?? realllllllllly??!! hahahahhaha
    I’m glad I’m not subjected to any such thing by anyone I know 😀

    • Pepper said

      See, I make you guys realise how fortunate you are. Won’t you value your friends more now, since now of them subject you to such stuff? 😛 (It is a lot better than pitying my family and friends you see)

      So why did this Old Timer shut her blog?

  16. Pixie said

    Congrats on the award! 🙂
    Of course you deserve it!! {{hugs}}

    Err.. you squeeze blood out of wounds?!! *shudder*
    I liked your Car’s name! I used to call my bicycle Betsy back in school! 😛

    • Pepper said

      Thank you Pix 🙂
      Okay, people need to get over this bloody fact now! Lol. Your bicyle was Betsy? Cute! Mine was called ‘Mongoose’ because that is what it said on the bar. So uncreative of me.

  17. Tanishka said

    Congratulations for the award… 🙂
    Same pinch on 5, 6 and 10… 😀
    Enjoyed reading the list… 🙂

  18. […] say that when he won the Oscar? Lookeeet people, even I won an award!! The very biased and kind, Pepper passed on ‘The Versatile Blogger’ badge and a tag to […]

  19. S said

    Wow.. whattey list ! 🙂
    and you love bloood? I have a special connection with you now! 😛 M creepy like that too 😀 and as a kid I wanted to become ‘that person who does post-mortem’ 😀 Dexter Morgan was a soul connection!

  20. Mahes said

    Nice list and congrats on the award and No, even after reading #9 I am not scared of you 🙂
    #8 – LOL! I love squeezing my little girl’s butt, can relate to it.

  21. Deboshree said

    Congrats on the award Pepper! 😀
    Those facts were really inte-resting and don’t worry, you aren’t alone in the lunatic world. 😀

  22. […] This one comes with the “Write 7 things about yourself” tag. Since I have done this several times, I will just link bank to one of the old posts. Go here to know some crazy facts about me. […]

  23. Jack Point said

    “9) Blood fascinates me. I love going for a blood test, to watch them extract it out of your body. I love the colour. The flow. I think it is beautiful. If I ever get a cut, I deliberately press the affected area and make sure I ooze out as much as possible.”

    And you don’t like the vampire poster in your room? How strange 😉

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