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I am 24

Posted by Pepper on April 12, 2011

only for a few more hours. After tomorrow, i.e. 13th of April, I will never be able to say that again. So let me repeat it as many times as I can in these few hours. I am 24. I am 24.

From tomorrow, I will have to get used to saying a new number when people ask me my age. 25. I really don’t know how I got to this age. I mean, how? 25? Really? That sounds way too old. I still think this is the post that describes me most appropriately and one of my favourite posts on this blog. Read it. On most days, I need to remind myself of being an adult.

Mint’s school friend who lives in Kansas City was visiting us this weekend. So we were out all the time, taking him around and doing all the touristy stuff. At one time I was lying on the beach, in the sand. Since I didn’t want sand in my hair, I was using my portable pillow to rest my head on –  i.e. Mint’s lap. It was quite magical. The kind of stuff people write about in books – lying down by the sea under the liquid blue sky, hearing the soft waves and all that. Being there made me feel blissfully happy. And then I started telling Mint I had done the very same thing quite recently in Goa. I laid on the sand in the beach, watching the sky and hearing the waves. Just after I started speaking did I realise, that was not ‘recently’. I was 18 then. That makes it 7 years ago. Gulp. 7 years, and I felt like it had just happened. Where did the time go? It’s like, the last I remember I was 18, a crazy teen living an exciting life and now I notice, my official age is 25. I have no clue of how this happened.

Clearly, there has been no mental progress in me after I turned 17 or 18. Until then, I think I did gather some amount of sense along the way. At least I was aware of the passing years and conscious of my age. You know, when we are in school, with every year added to our age, we are promoted to a higher standard (or grade, depending on your location). Every year, you sit in a different classroom. Some of us were even shuffled and spread out in different divisions. There is a gradual increase in the difficulty level of the subjects we study. There are new text books. That is how most people track their age as kids. And I guess that tangible annual progress helped me mentally connect to my real age. I suppose that is how it works with most of us. ‘Age’ and ‘Grade’ are held in close association with each other while we’re kids. After all, when you’re young, people mostly ask you ‘What standard/grade are you in?’, as opposed to ‘How old are you’.

But then, school came to an end. I stopped being aware of the passing years, since there were no ‘standards’ to link back to. A birthday was never about a new age. It was only about celebrations, cakes, friends, gifts, the works. It was that one day in the whole year when everybody put their focus on me. I gleefully awaited my birthday all year. Life was  more or less the same. It went on. Like I said, there was no mental growth. Heck, there hasn’t even been any physical growth. When I compare pictures, I see no difference in the way I look now compared to what I looked at 18. Which is why when I note my age now, I can’t help feeling a little shocked. 25 is here already. At 18, I thought 25 couldn’t possibly come so soon. I had a long way to go.  25 year olds are matured adults. Then how come I’ve reached this number without reaching that state of ‘maturity’. Okay. Never mind. With added time I will probably get there. I’ve always been slow after all.

Birthdays excite me. I know most people shrug it off, with a casual, ‘It is just another day’ remark. But I jump and dance for a week before the date and tell the whole world, ‘My birthdayy is comingggg’. This time, the excitement has been sporadic. Although I’ve moved out of home a couple of years ago, I’ve always ended up being at home with my family during my birthday. This is the first birthday of my life without them around. That makes me feel a little heavy hearted every now and then. And also the first birthday during which I won’t race my grand mom to wish her first. We shared our birthday. But never mind. Such is life. I shall try and hold on to the cheer.

So yes, I complete 25 years tomorrow. I’ve had an exceptionally happy childhood, exciting teens, managed to acquire two BFFs and some good friends, managed to educate myself and obtain my Masters degree, managed to find myself quite an awesome guy, managed to complete more than a year of the so called ‘marital bliss’, managed to see 7 countries, managed to live in 3, managed to learn to cook, managed to learn some useful tricks, like making cute faces that will make my mom do anything for me and most importantly, managed to survive. On the whole, I think I have managed decently.

Do spare a minute to send some good wishes my way. Yes you lurkers too. Silent wishes count as much. I want to pile it on and use it in the coming year. Let me start by wishing myself – hope I have a fun day tomorrow and great year ahead.


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