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The big day!

Posted by Pepper on April 14, 2011

My birthday is over. I feel bad it is over so soon. But thank you very much. All those wishes are treasured. For those who wanted to know, here is how my day went.

A day before my birthday, I was down in the dumps. I was throwing up, had a monster headache and felt quite ill. I was also in a cranky, ‘nobody loves me’ mood. The world didn’t seem right. But by evening, my nausea decreased and my state of mind improved. We went out for dinner, and then went to get my cake. I wanted a Gelato cake this time.

Once we got to the store, we were told the kind of cake we wanted had to be custom made. So we placed an order . Like always, it took us hours to decide the exact flavour, the shape, the size, and the design. We finally settled for the usual. And since we had to wait for a day to get our cake, we took home another cake for the mid night cake cutting ritual.

I logged on to Facebook after we got back home, and what do I see? A million birthday wishes posted on my wall. It left me confused. I have never liked the idea of my birthday popping up as a notification on your homepage. I had chosen my options and made sure my birth date was not visible to my friends. So I really do not know how my setting changed by itself. I know a lot, or in fact, most people display their birth date on their profile. But the idea simply does not appeal to me. Especially because most of us have a couple of hundred ‘friends’ on our list. It is as though I am asking them all to wish me. I know my close friends would not need reminders of my birthday, and will wish me anyway. The others just feel obliged to scribble on my wall on that day. And I know a lot of them don’t care a damn and just leave behind a meaningless message. So the whole formal exercise seems senseless to me. But these are just my opinions. I do not judge people who display their  birth date. But it is not something I am comfortable doing.

Anyway, I have no clue how my settings changed. My birthday was displayed and I had a whole load of messages waiting for me from the previous day. Since majority of my friends live in India, my birthday dawned a little sooner for them than it did for me. It took me quite a while to say thank you to everybody individually.

I asked Mint for an extended back massage, and he gave in without a word of protest. Hah! This is why I love birthdays. Otherwise the same guy has to be told to crack my back and apply some Bengay at least 6 times before he does it. The massage put me to sleep. But I was woken up by the boy at mid night. After some wishes, a tiny, delightful cake and a flurry of phone calls, I slept. Only to have missed some more calls.

The next day, on my birthday, I kept getting hit by bouts of crankiness again. Why is my birthday on a weekday? Why is my family away? Why do birthdays exist? But by evening, everything changed. I felt energized and happy. The excitement of my birthday returned. We went out for dinner to a great place and ordered like there was no tomorrow. After which we picked up the cake and came home for a new round of cake cutting.

The Gelato cake was brilliant. If you like ice cream, I highly recommend it. It is a heavenly medley of delicious cake and gooey Gelato ice cream. I wish I had a better pic. I’ll blame it on the stupid camera settings again. Mint tried to flick off a stray flake of icing that had landed  on the chocolate surface, but the cake was so soft and creamy. even the slight touch of his finger left an imprint. Can you see it?

Thank you to all those of you who made my day special. Especially her. She woke up in the middle of the night on a week day to call and wish me. And when I didn’t answer the phone, she left me a voice mail singing the entire Happy Birthday song, in her sweet, sweet voice. I am secretly glad I didn’t answer her call and that she left me a VM. It gives me the chance to replay the message again and again. And her. She surprised me with a call and added a big smile to my face. She even used her magical powers to clear up the sky and stop the rain so that I could go out. You don’t understand? Never mind. And her. She called me to wish me and totally cheered me up at a time when I was sulking. And her. She sent me a wonderful mail with lovely wishes imprinted on a picture from her personal collection. And her. She took the time out to write in and wish me personally. And all of you who wished me in the comment section. Thank you so much!

I can say I had a wonderful day. I was sorry it was over. Today morning I was complaining to Mint and telling him my birthday got over so soon and that I will have to wait for another year now for it to come again. And he replied saying, ‘ Never mind, we’ll have your birthday today also’. I happily agreed of course. I know why I love this boy. So for us, today was also considered to be my birthday. Celebrations were declared. I got royal treatment. I then asked him at the end of the day if we could have  my birthday tomorrow also. That would be the last day, pakka. He said I could of course. Yay! I love my birthdays. While talking to my parents today, I told them it was my birthday today as well. As expected, they thought I am being a nutcase.

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