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Confusions and considerations

Posted by Pepper on April 18, 2011

So I’ve been playing with this thought for a while now. But every time the confusion takes over and makes it look very hazy. I thought I should just write about it and hope it will clear my head.

I’ve been thinking of locking my blog and going private. I don’t know why. It is just one of the things I feel like doing without reason. If I do go private, I’ll invite a handful of readers. I think I keep getting these kicks every now and then. I suddenly decided to put a lock on my previous blog one day. Did that, and moved to this url which nobody knew about. I wrote in isolation for a while. It had its own charm. If you dig into the archives, you’ll see zero comments on each post. And then at one point I decided to stop being a lurker on my favourite blogs. And as a result, people discovered my blog too. They came, read and left comments. The comments give me such a high. I loved every bit of it.

But since a while, I’ve been getting the same thoughts. I like the idea of a private blog. It is much safer too. And I know my posts have a high chance of coming across as too ‘cranky’ in the coming few days. I know I won’t be fun to read. So I might as well go private?

On the other hand, I have totally grown to love my comments, my lurkers and my stats. Some blogger once told me, ‘I don’t even look at my stats’. I was really amazed. I wish I could be like her. But I can’t pretend to be like that when I am not. I have to be honest on my blog, even if it means being vain and shallow. I love my growing stats. Every time I reach a new milestone,  I am beyond thrilled. I actually jump around like an idiot. So would it be worth it to deprive myself of this joy? I know how much I love and value these comments and how excited the increasing statistics make me. Besides, I’ve discussed this thought of going private with a few of you bloggers, and almost all of you seemed against it.

So, I am left confused. I still haven’t made up my mind. If I do go private, I might do it suddenly and will invite readers. Or I might go private only for a brief period and then come back. However I may not. Or I might start a new blog elsewhere. Or I might just ditch all these ideas and stay here. As usual, I cannot decide. And until I do, i will not act upon my impulse. I am going to give myself some more time to think over it. Because I like to believe, people would miss me if I vanish. And that the whole world loves to follow, ‘The adventures of PepperMint’. Sounds like a nice title, no? If only that were true.

Anyway, we shall get back to regular programming, or, err..blogging now. At least until a decision is made.


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