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The checkouters.

Posted by Pepper on April 24, 2011

I check women out. There, I said it. When I said that to my cousin, he gasped in shock and asked me if I was sure I was straight. I am. As straight as straight can get. So does that mean I can’t notice and admire something that is pretty? And I am always complaining about the shortage of good looking guys to ogle at. But talk about pretty girls, I see them everywhere.

A few other friends have raised eye brows when they’ve found out that Mint and I check girls out together. If we’re out somewhere, and I happen to notice a hot girl, I tell Mint to look in that direction discreetly and tell me what he thinks. And it is the same with him. If he thinks some girl is pretty or hot, he asks me to see the girl he is checking out. Sometimes I think a girl is pretty, and he disagrees. Sometimes he thinks she is, and I say nah. And some other times, we think the girl has a pretty face but a bad body, or a hot body with average features. So yes, we basically check girls out together. Do you think we are weird?

A friend insists saying, every man has a ‘roving eye’. Those were her exact words. She said every single guy when he sees a girl, is guaranteed to do a mental strip. I am sorry, I disagree. I know a lot of sick men exist and they might be doing that, but let’s think twice before we say ‘every guy…’. Give the poor guys some credit. Not all of them want to go to bed with every girl they lay their eyes on. A lot of them just notice the girl, and think ‘whoa, she’s pretty’, without really stripping her mentally. And what is so wrong about that? I mean, some of these girls have taken all that effort to look pretty just for that second glance from you. It is only fair that you give it to them.

The same cousin was also surprised that I had no problem with Mint checking out other girls. And the fact that I actually joined him in this activity. I think it is normal. If something is eye catching, it does grab your attention. It is natural. I don’t exactly know the definition of ‘checking out’ here. But for us, this is usually about glancing at the said girl, discussing her features amongst ourselves, and then forgetting about it and moving on with whatever it is that we’re doing at that point. Why would I have a problem if he noticed some girl? Because in all honesty, I noticed her too. In fact, a lot of times I am the one who notices first and then I make him notice her. So what? Big deal.

Sometime ago, a friend’s FB status said ‘A girl wants everything from the same guy, but a guy wants the same thing from every girl’. It had a million ‘Likes’. Everybody agreed. Except me. While I might agree with the first part, I do not believe the second part is true for all guys. But then people told me I was getting too defensive of the male species. Probably I was. And I will be defensive if I think you are being so unfair.

Oh well, whatever.

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