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The checkouters.

Posted by Pepper on April 24, 2011

I check women out. There, I said it. When I said that to my cousin, he gasped in shock and asked me if I was sure I was straight. I am. As straight as straight can get. So does that mean I can’t notice and admire something that is pretty? And I am always complaining about the shortage of good looking guys to ogle at. But talk about pretty girls, I see them everywhere.

A few other friends have raised eye brows when they’ve found out that Mint and I check girls out together. If we’re out somewhere, and I happen to notice a hot girl, I tell Mint to look in that direction discreetly and tell me what he thinks. And it is the same with him. If he thinks some girl is pretty or hot, he asks me to see the girl he is checking out. Sometimes I think a girl is pretty, and he disagrees. Sometimes he thinks she is, and I say nah. And some other times, we think the girl has a pretty face but a bad body, or a hot body with average features. So yes, we basically check girls out together. Do you think we are weird?

A friend insists saying, every man has a ‘roving eye’. Those were her exact words. She said every single guy when he sees a girl, is guaranteed to do a mental strip. I am sorry, I disagree. I know a lot of sick men exist and they might be doing that, but let’s think twice before we say ‘every guy…’. Give the poor guys some credit. Not all of them want to go to bed with every girl they lay their eyes on. A lot of them just notice the girl, and think ‘whoa, she’s pretty’, without really stripping her mentally. And what is so wrong about that? I mean, some of these girls have taken all that effort to look pretty just for that second glance from you. It is only fair that you give it to them.

The same cousin was also surprised that I had no problem with Mint checking out other girls. And the fact that I actually joined him in this activity. I think it is normal. If something is eye catching, it does grab your attention. It is natural. I don’t exactly know the definition of ‘checking out’ here. But for us, this is usually about glancing at the said girl, discussing her features amongst ourselves, and then forgetting about it and moving on with whatever it is that we’re doing at that point. Why would I have a problem if he noticed some girl? Because in all honesty, I noticed her too. In fact, a lot of times I am the one who notices first and then I make him notice her. So what? Big deal.

Sometime ago, a friend’s FB status said ‘A girl wants everything from the same guy, but a guy wants the same thing from every girl’. It had a million ‘Likes’. Everybody agreed. Except me. While I might agree with the first part, I do not believe the second part is true for all guys. But then people told me I was getting too defensive of the male species. Probably I was. And I will be defensive if I think you are being so unfair.

Oh well, whatever.


51 Responses to “The checkouters.”

  1. UmaS said

    ha ha ha…loved the title. 🙂 And looks like this is a story from my life. 😉 Oh yeah, even me and my man do this – from time to time – when we are bored standing in a queue or during travel….it happens.

  2. Wow ! You know what…my husband and I check out girls too ! 🙂 And sometimes if there’s a good looking guy, him too, though that is much less often than spotting a good looking girl. I don’t find it weird at all ! It is as simple as you put it – we look at them, appreciate, get back to whatever we were doing before ! Don’t worry about what others think of this. If it works for the two of you, that’s all that matters.

    • Pepper said

      We always check out good looking guys too. Including him, but they are so rare, that most of the times we only end up looking at the girls 😀 I don’t really care about what others think, just surprised that they think the way they do, for something that is so normal for me 🙂

  3. Ashwathy said

    I totally agree with every word you’ve said here. There I said it! Yes, EVERY WORD 🙂
    Why??? Because I share a similar relationship with my fiance! 😛 :mrgreen:

    He and I both check out girls. In fact I’ve always checked out goodlooking humans – be it whichever they fall into. I am pretty unapologetic about it. And yes I am perfectly straight.

    Go ahead and enjoy being different. Atleast we’re sure that our partners are happy they are not stuck with nagging, cribbing women who start whining the moment they turn their heads in the direction of any goodlooking chick that walks by 😛 🙄 😀

    • Pepper said

      Of course you should be unapologetic. What is wrong in what we do? 😀 It’s normal. I suppose everybody does it, but not everybody talks about it. And as for me, I never understood those women who crib and nag when their partners just look in the direction of another woman.

  4. Me too. I love checking women out. In fact, i think i check women out more than the Tall One. A funny incident when me and my friend S went out with our respective spouses. S & I were checking out women to such an extent that the men with us, had to beg us to stop. They were that embarassed. But what to do…there is so much more to check out in women, their looks, bodies, clothes, bags, shoes!!!

  5. Bikram said

    Welk dont know about checking out girls by you, but I di believe that the status message is not right girls too have a roving eye for sure my ex proved it pretty nicely when I and her parents came to know of two men she had on the side;-)

    Regarding you and mint checking girls well I see you have A lovely relation and great understanding thats what it is so goood.

    Its a myth that girls want just one man and blah bah …..

    I wont have any problem meeting upmint he he he

    • Pepper said

      Mmmm.. I think most girls do want just one man.. So I won’t call that a myth. But I will still say, not all girls want just one man. Just like, not all guys want multiple girls.

  6. Scorpria said

    I agree with you.
    In fact, we also do that. But well, it’s not just girls, we check out guys too 😀 If I notice a guy and think he’s good looking, I ask for S’s opinion. Most times, we agree; but at times, we disagree too.

    I think beauty must be appreciated — irrespective of gender or species 😉

    And I particularly agree that not all men do a mental stripping! Just coz someone think you look good does not mean he/she immediately imagines how good you’d be in bed, or whatever!

    • Pepper said

      Well said. Beauty must be appreciated – irrespective of gender and species 😀 Just that, beauty does not seem to be uniformly spread. I really tend to encounter good looking girls a lot more than good looking guys, which is sad. Glad you don’t believe in that crap that says every guy does a mental strip. Its such bull!

  7. Ditto here! We also check out girls and guys alike. And because there aren’t a lot of presentable looking guys, I yell at AB that why do men have to dress so badly and look like they were hit by something all the time 😛

    And that roving eye concept- sick. Neither do all men want to sleep with every hot girl they see nor do some women do not get that thought.

    Beauty is there to be appreciated. It feels equally good to be complimented about your looks by a woman on the road or a man selling you coffee.

    • Pepper said

      Seriously, why do men have to dress so badly? And not just dressing, most of them aren’t even ‘hot looking’.
      Your last line is so true!

  8. Nikita said

    Dont change the privacy settings of your blog, I am definately gonna miss it. Though I am not naturally a lurker but somehow for your blog i dont know what to write.. words dont come out that easily.. there is nothing to be commented upon most of the times. You bring a complete picture out, put your points/thoughts/experiences so honestly that at the end it is like only reading you,trying to know the person you are, the world you and mint have created far away from home, the place this side of the world you call home, enjoying your moments and thinking over sometimes again and again at some deep thought you have mentioned just too casually….

    and for this blog, i dont think at all there is anything weird about it, I do it too, and I wouldnt mind a bit if my man choses to do it with me or otherwise. Its as healthy as you check out any other stuff you come across – cute kids, cars, scenic places, beautiful houses etc…

    • Pepper said

      Thanks Nikita! I know other people who don’t comment on my blog because they tell me they don’t know what to say either 🙂 I love comments, but..sigh, I suppose I have that effect on people. I silence them.
      Thanks for all that you’ve said. It brought a smile to my face. I dropped the idea of going private for now 🙂

      And yes, you’re right. Admiring all that is just healthy, nothing else.

  9. ajay said

    You are super cool. 😀 Kudos to you for your unprejudiced views. People should think before generalizing and forming such universal laws.

  10. Sands said

    You are not alone there. The OH & I are just like you and the Mint. I agree with what you have to say here totally 🙂

  11. Bhavani said

    Yep I dont mind pointing a good looking / nicely dressed guy/girl to hubby. Good looks are meant to be admired right:) And he does the same for sure.

  12. Phew! Thanks for typing out this post Pepper. Am so relieved am not alone.

    I not only suggest ‘check outs’ to H but also point out (ahem), the exact feature to look at 😀 He shows some to me at times too.

    When it comes to him though, no help whatsoever in helping me with hot men 😛 Kinda doesn’t want me telling him “He’s droolicious!” about someone else too.


    Pepper, I think, people in a relationship very strong on faith and honestly can do it. Else cannot. 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I point out the exact feature to be checked out too 😀
      Lol! He doesn’t want you telling him “He’s droolicious’ about someone else?! But he needn’t worry. There hardly are any doolicious guys around.

      Agree with your last line 🙂

  13. Comfy said

    I think it is very natural. I mean I check out a hot guy who passes by as much as a beautiful gal. I don’t think there is nothing wrong in that. D and I used to do it a lot, pointing out beautiful people to each other. Don’t know when it stopped. I guess around the time a little bundle took all our energy and attention and focused it on her. Now who has the time for any of that? 😀

  14. R and I do checkout girls and boys. When I find girls in pretty dress,shoe, bags etc I show them to R and he too gives his opinion. We do discuss abt people we come across in our life. Also we tease each other with a good looking guy/girl from our work. Its fun rt. “A girl wants everything from the same guy, but a guy wants the same thing from every girl”, I think it has no meaning, there are good and bad people in both genders.

  15. binpin said

    Sigh..bought back a flood of memories..We used to do the checking out all the while and burst into peals of laughter:)

  16. R's Mom said

    Of course every girl/woman check out girls and who ever says that they dont are basically lying 🙂 and by the way thats one of the reason you get married, so that you can check girls together! Both of us love doing that

  17. I don’t think that’s weird at all! If anything, I think it’s super-cool that you are so frank about it! 8)
    And I completely agree with you on your stand on the FB status. It’s unfair to judge a whole species on the basis of what is mostly an opinion formed by watching too many American TV shows! 🙂

  18. Have you seen the new Sprite Ad? If not, go watch it, that will explain most part of your post and my comment..!!

    If you aren’t able to guess which one, I will get you the link! 😛

  19. Used to do that … feels like ages ago 🙂 Now both are busy checking other parents and comparing if we are managing our naughty kids better than them 🙂

  20. Hain? Why didn’t you write this post before our meet up? 😥 I would have dressed up decently and put on perfume and all that extra accessories to look good na? 🙄 You could have checked me up and down to your heart’s content 😉

  21. Revelations! Revelations!!! I just realised I check out other girls too 🙂 I think it is all about appreciating beauty in whatever form it comes. And I think guys also find it interesting and easy on the mind, that their wives can appreciate another woman without feeling possessive, envious or jealous.

  22. Deboshree said

    Initially I thought this had to do with hotels and people who have strange check-in/out timings. I have to grant you that title was amazing. 😀

    I couldn’t agree more about that ‘incorrect’ FB status part. I disagree with that generalizing men theory as well. Every individual is different and all men certainly do NOT perform an obnoxious mental strip. And oh, I don’t think there’s anything weird about checking women out either. We do that too and I make him notice colours and what’s going/not going with some chick. It has made him shop for me better if nothing else. 😀

    • Pepper said

      Okay like I said, I think all of us do that to an extent. Then I wonder why so many other women believe all that crap about men 😀 That FB status really pissed me off.

  23. Kartikay said

    Haha – I’m going to forward this to people!

    Incidentally, I have one small observation to make. Amongst the small sample set of people I know, guys are far more graceful at checking out. Really! Most of the girls I know make it very obvious that their intention is to check out – the direct eye contact, obvious 180 degree turn, finger pointing – too much!

    Good stuff ji!

    • Pepper said

      Haha.. you’re right. But then guys, over the years have turned experts and can now shoot discreet looks towards a girl and check her out without a soul knowing. They’re pros! Of course they are more graceful like you say. Girls on the other hand, lack practice and make the whole exercise very awkward by doing a sudden 180 degree turn. I know I am guilty of the same and when the girl I am checking out notices me doing it, I go ‘Damn’!

  24. dipali said

    My husband and I do it too!!!!! And have, for years:)
    Agreed, we could be nuts!

  25. […] time I close my eyes I was forced to open. R and I had some relaxing time talking to each other and checking out . We spend more than 5hrs in the beach, later we came to our room and had a quick shower. Since we […]

  26. *joins the queue*

    my mom does it too:| points out pretty girls(and guys) all the time. my brother benefits immensely, i should say 😀

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