A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint

And this is how life happened..

Posted by Pepper on April 27, 2011

It began on this very date, quite some years ago. The confrontation of feelings. The acceptance. The declaration. A lot of time has passed. And now when I look back at our journey from the time it began, I realise we’ve been all over the place.

2004, Mumbai.
Status: Just friends.

Look at that stupid teenage girl and that 21 year old boy. And look at his stupid hairstyle! He had worn a stupid kurta, and had an even more stupid goatee. Rotfl. And me, err.. no comments. Every time I see this pic, I laugh. I met him when he came to Mumbai even though I was sick. That is the sickest I’ve been in my life till date. Look at the bandage where the needles had been inserted on my hand. Despite all of that, I came to meet him.
On our minds:
Pepper: I’ll excuse his stupid looks, but only cos he got me some really nice chocolate.
Mint: How could she not even offer to share the chocolate? I was planning to eat half of it!


2006, Bangalore.
Status: Very good friends.

Both of us happened to be in Bangalore at the same time. I think it was a coincidence, but Mint says it wasn’t. He planned his trip that way. We’re still debating, and i am still trying to believe him. But anyway, we looked so awful! Look at the drastic change in his hair style. He cut his hair so short. Eeks.
On our minds:
Pepper: He is such a funny guy. 
Mint: Why does she always think I am joking when I tell her I like her?


2008, London.
Status: ‘In a relationship’

This was when Mint visited me in UK, while I was doing my Masters. This was in late 2008. By this time, we had already been in a relationship for quite a while and were very much ‘in love’. I think we had an awesome time during his visit, chilling out in London, travelling to Scotland and basically making merry.
On our minds:
Pepper: He is the perfect hot water bottle on this cold day.
Mint: Whoa, babe! Watch where that hand is going.


2009, Mumbai.
Status: Can’t do without each other.

I was in Mumbai during my Easter hols and he flew all the way there for just one day to surprise me on my birthday. The picture was taken at the airport when he was leaving. Much to the disappointment of my friends present there, I didn’t cry. They probably wanted to see some drama, but I bid him a cheerful good bye.
On our minds:
Pepper: Sigh! Best. Birthday. Ever. Can’t wait for the next one now!
Mint: Uh oh. Have I set the bar too high for my own good?


2010, Hong Kong.
Status: Married.

Finally we’re married. After getting married, we traveled a lot within the US, but HK was the second international hol we had as a married couple. The first one being Canada, during which we only ate and slept. HK though was a lot of fun!
On our minds:
Pepper: Ohh! Hearts! Now we can add to our collection of cheesy pics!
Mint: *Groan* Let’s finish this fast.


2011, California.
Status: Married for a year.



Quite a recent picture, this one. Just a random weekend on the beach.
On our minds:
Pepper: Please don’t drop me! Please don’t drop me!
Mint: Should I drop her here on the sand or throw her in the water?

And life goes on………


85 Responses to “And this is how life happened..”

  1. First First?

  2. I love the idea of this post 🙂
    Oh I loved loved loved the airport pic 😀

  3. UmaS said

    Some dates make a deep impression, esp if it concerns the best half of life. 🙂 The pics are so cute….the bye-bye at the airport makes me feel that I shld have been there, for u !!!
    The last one is totally awwwww and I love it. 🙂 🙂
    Best wishes for more happy times together, with lots of love and happiness !!! 🙂

  4. Bikram said

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Wow what a lovely way to tell a story all with pics and all , I would not dare put my pics of that year I looked horrible , yes even worse then now …

    all the best and congrats .. God bless and i hope as you said life goes on like that HAPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  5. SH said

    Awww so sweet!! Mushy enough for me 😀

  6. Saritha said

    Loved it……

  7. Scorpria said

    Damn it. Now I cant do this post *furious at self for not being quick enough; i lose this, and i lose an anniversary post too!*

    Awesome, as always. and stop blurring faces. am sure you both look better with clear features 😀

  8. Titaxy said

    omg this is such a priceless post, Pepper. soooooo much love and all that. touchwood. may your journey together continue for lifetimes to come.

  9. Ranju said

    such a cute picturey story…..touched & goosebumped!

  10. Sands said

    Such lovely pictures. Here’s whishing you guys many more such fun moments and memories 🙂

  11. Swaram said

    Awwww very sweet 🙂

  12. Comfy said

    It should end with ‘And love grows on..’ 🙂

    Such a warm post, full of friendship and love and togetherness. God Bless.

  13. Such a ‘awwww’ inducing post Pepper…I see sweet honey dripping off the monitor, well almost! 🙂

    Those pictures, even without the description speak volumes.

    May the love just keep increasing.

    Sigh! 🙂
    * goes back to see pics again *

  14. Oh, missed telling how funny those ‘on their minds’ read.

    LOL @ ‘Why does she always think I am joking when I tell her I like her?’

    You kahoing too much bhav-eh? 😛

  15. Sweet 🙂

  16. Mahes said

    So Sweet and lovely!

  17. This is such a swet post Pepper, I was having tough days and this post made me smile instantly..May god bless you both and we can see continution of this post for many more years..

  18. What a brilliant idea for an anniversary post! 🙂
    Touchwood for you guys! 🙂

  19. Ashwathy said

    ROFL @ last caption!!! 😀

    And life goes on…eh? 🙂
    Lovely story. Straight out of a fairytale…
    May it progress well. God bless!

  20. Oregano said

    “Ohh! Hearts! Now we can add to our collection of cheesy pics!”
    LOL! you actually said that?

  21. DI said

    Awwwww! Such a mushy mushy post! Loved it 😀 I hope Mint signed off on his bit of ‘thoughts’ ;)!
    Loved the airport picture too! 😀

  22. Shas said

    Thats a chweet and cute love story.
    Long live love!!

  23. Rohini said

    Cute post 🙂

  24. Chindi Chitranna said

    What a cute post. I wish I had photos of me and TH too, at every stage of our relationship!

  25. soulmate said

    what a wonderful journey… you have captured it so well with pictures and the comments.. Clearly shows the love blossoming and then growing.. May the love continue to grow… 🙂

  26. What a cute post … those mind reads added so much more to the post …

  27. Homecooked said

    Here for the 1st time but enjoyed the pictorial love story 🙂

  28. Where did my comment go?? 😦

  29. Awww that was such a lovely little love story. I wish you didn’t morph/blur the pics though, makes it a little gory. I’d love to see the real beauties there!!!

  30. Deboshree said

    Pepper! This is just the post that the doctor ordered this hot and gloomy morning. So very cute and so very happy!

    I loved all the pictures – the airport one and the last one deserve a special mention – and the little descriptions were wonderful to read. Makes me think you guys have a deep understanding of each other, the kind that generally stems from a friends-turned-lovers relationship. I wish you both a lifetime of togetherness and may your shadows never grow less! 😀

  31. R's Mom said

    I know I am super late…but total KALA TIKKA post…awesome 🙂

  32. Pixie said


    awww.. that is just so cute and precious!! 🙂 🙂

  33. Tanishka said

    Oh I can’t tell you how much i loved this post… The transition from just friends to just married…. Awww awww awwww….

  34. dipali said

    Very very sweet post:)

  35. Sujatha said

    Been a lurker for while now but this post needs a comment :-). Such a lovely post… Have wonderful years ahead.


  36. Anu said

    such a lovely post! Wishing you guys many more years of love and togetherness!

  37. Priya said

    Cute post with lovely pics 🙂 Enjoyed reading your story 🙂

  38. Reema said

    loved the post!

  39. stuti said

    this one was really cute!..kudos to your togetherness 🙂
    PS: nice write up, not just this !

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