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For the love of Maggi..

Posted by Pepper on May 18, 2011

‘Maggi noodles’ is a household name, especially in India. Most people love it and for some, it is actually comfort food. Even now, each time I visit the Indian grocery story, packs of Maggi are always piled on to my cart. The noodles are so good by themselves, I hardly ever add any veggies. Nutrition be damned. I do however, experiment a lot and give the flavours a different twist. I am sure a lot of us do that. For fellow Maggi lovers, I am jotting down some versions I have come up with. In all these variations, the regular seasoning has to be added at all times. The listed ingredients have to be added along side.

– The very basic one: just add a dollop of butter and sprinkle some pepper. The butter and spice enhance the flavour.

– While adding the regular seasoning, also add some amount of mustard sauce. When it is fully cooked, stir in some shredded cheese and 2 tbsp of wine. The mix of molten cheese and mustard, along with the seasoning is so awesome!

– Boil the noodles in clear tomato or vegetable soup instead of boiling them in water. Add the seasoning and cook it the regular way. I used to enjoy this a lot at home in Bombay, especially on a rainy evening. Now clear vegetable soup is rarely available at the right time, so I just pour in the powder from the instant soup packs to boiling water and then add the noodles.

– Finely chop at least half a bunch of cilantro/coriander. Stir it in when the noodles are getting cooked. Add a big pinch of red chilli powder. Squeeze in some lime after turning off the heat.

– Saute garlic in olive oil. Add this mix to the boiling water and cook maggi the regular way. Once done, sprinkle in all the herbs you have – basil, oregano, parsley, etc. If you want to indulge, then top it with a layer of mozzarella and dunk it in the microwave for 2 mins or until the cheese melts. You have to make sure you eat this hot though.

– To add some new flavours, I often mix other masalas along with the seasoning – Pav bhaji masala, chole masala, biryani masala, sambar powder, etc. The taste varies each time and they all taste really good.

– Break in an egg and make scrambled egg in your maggi noodles. Add other masalas for added flavour.

– Add any left over item you have at home. Rasam goes really well, so do other kinds of unfinished tomatoe purees and masalas you have at hand.

– Just add Maggi Hot & Sweet sauce to a bowl of hot noodles.

There are so many things you can do to add a twist. It is so versatile. I doubt I’ll ever be really fed up of Maggi, even if I eat it just like that.


73 Responses to “For the love of Maggi..”

  1. you should try pickles too!

  2. R's Mom said

    My fellow maggi lover, I bow down to thee for sharing such super duper recipes..thank you thank you (By the way you are really getting good in writing point wise blogposts ;))

  3. Chhavi said

    Maggi used to be my saviour during college days. We did not have any spices in our rooms but we did manage to add some new flavours using Dominoes oregano sachets. Interesting recipes. Will try some 🙂

  4. Wow! Those are some interesting things to try 🙂

  5. DI said

    My My! I actually found these ideas very cool and doable, and thats a big thing coming from someone who pays zero attention to recipes of any sort 😀
    I am totally going to try all the ones which had cheese involved, bliss! 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Yes, yes.. Most of what I cook is very doable, I don’t do too much of elaborate cooking 😀
      Looks like we’re all fans of cheese 🙂

  6. Deeps said

    Oh I love maggi, in fact its a staple diet in my household 😀 I normally make it in the traditional way and for namnam I just make it sans the masala. But you’ve given some really interesting variations which I’m definitely going to try at home. Thanks, pepper for those yummy options 🙂

  7. Phatichar said

    Perfect – just what the doc ordered for a (temporary) bachelor like me. Just bought a family pack yesterday. 🙂

    Nice blog. Great eye(s). Will return.

    • Pepper said

      You are Phatichar?? I love the name you’ve come up with. Reminds me of the show I watched as a child. Thanks and welcome here 🙂

      • Phatichar said

        That show was my *favorite* show, and that’s more or less the attitude I carry as well (remember, ‘yaar phatichar, chal emotional mat ban yaar’?)

        Do take some time out to visit my bumbling blog. 🙂

  8. ajay said

    I can never be fed up of Maggi. I’ve survived on it many a times. One of my favorites is to just cook it plain with sliced onions and then top it with any spicy, crunchy snacks that’s available. No hassle at all. 😀 I’ll pass on this post to my sister. She is an ardent Maggi-lover. 😀

  9. Bikram said

    I dont like maggie .. i have no reason why i dont .. Never tried it .. though i have seen in hostel times tons of maggie packs in our cupboards , i somehow never got the hang of it 🙂 I am still the parantha guy he he hehe

    but i love the ingrediants you have come out with …

    • Pepper said

      You don’t like it or you haven’t tried it? I love parathas too, but it’s not very easy to make them often. Maggi is like a quick meal, with no effort, which is why I developed such a deep love for it I guess 🙂

      • Roop Rai said

        As for parathas, when you don’t want nething to do with cooking or sweating in the kitchen, trust Deep frozen parathas! From a strict hater of frozen foods, I’m a convert when it comes to Deep parathas! Damn they’re good! Totally made to suit my punjabi palette :D.

    • Roop Rai said

      I’m with bikram too. Dun like maggi. But! Gotta give respect to your creative brilliance!! Awesome stuff. I dun think I’d ever mix cheese and mustard into maggi but full respects to you for trying all these combos!! 😀 I might dare enough to try the lime version tho hmmmmm. :p

  10. chandni said

    dudue u saved my life. I love maggi to death and by the doctor’s orders, am allowed to have it very infrequently. I’ll have it today, and methinks I’ll try the corriander and lime version. Wait, the garlic one also sounds nice.

    Sigh…choices, choices!

    • Pepper said

      Choices always confuse me too. They come in handy when you have it frequently though. Let me know which one you chose and how it turned out 😀

  11. You, my lady, are a freaking culinary genius!

    This is like the crown of creativity. If you had the inclination, what wonders you’d make in cooking history with other things!


  12. scorpria said

    NOT a maggi person at all 😀
    So, I’ll try and make sure Suraj DOES NOT read this post! I think the only thing he loves more than me is Maggi. And TV. And the laptop. Ok I should shut up for my own good 😦

  13. Scribby said

    whoa! A whole lot of variety !!! Told you we can start a new business 😉 this is THE product !

    Let’s !!!!!

  14. Ashwathy said

    OMG!! This post is a treasure-trove! I’m saving it!! 😀 😀

  15. Sujatha said

    Wow, so many varieties !!! Out of all these I have tried the egg and cilantro ones… Yum!


  16. soulmate said

    wow… thts quite a list… you should enter that contest… main aur meri maggi… 🙂

  17. I am not a maggi fan, but R is. From your posts looks like we can make a feast out of maggi 🙂

  18. Smitha said

    Husband is the maggi man 🙂 He is the one who makes maggi 🙂 So I will pass this post on to him.

  19. Ayyo, you have a huge untapped genius lying inside you..did you know?!

    I still have my mouth agape with surprise ( and drool imaginign all that yumminess too)…so many variations!

    And wine – you include wine in your cooking – Pepper, you have arrived ma gurl! 🙂

    Occasionally do maggi, and that too with veggies like a good girl. All that be damned really..am taking inspiration from here next 😀

    • Pepper said

      Love your first line 😀 I don’t include wine in my cooking really. I use it in such few things.. And you make Maggi with veggies? Wow!

  20. Chindi Chitranna said

    Love the butter thing too. Maggi with mozzarella or even grated parmesan on it (slurp slurp)- the only one that can give stiff contest to the original maggi flavour 😀

  21. RK said

    Hello my fellow maggi lover! I have tried most of the versions mentioned by you. Have also tried the chinese version with soya sauce and sriracha sauce! my fav is cilantro and carrots combo
    My 6yr old daughter hates maggi….:-(((((. Just to make her like maggi, I have tried mixing it with yogurt and pickle (her fav with rice)
    boiled, semi-mashed and converted into cutlet.
    Added along with tomato soup
    boiled and added inside a quesdila along with cheese
    Wish my daughter shares the same love as me towards maggi!!
    Husband cares less!!

    • Pepper said

      Whoa!! I *bow* to thee. This creativity. You’ve given me so many more ideas! I love the chinese version you’ve mentioned. Sriracha sauce is dynamite and that is what makes it so good.
      You know, at age 6, i disliked Maggi too. But its something that grew on me as I got older. So you never know how your daughter turns out.

  22. Preethi said

    Oh my goodness ! Pepper, you have come up with so many versions of maggie, at the end of the post I am so confused which one to try.

    How do you use egg? Do you scramble it separately and then add it to maggie, or it directly on maggie with water.

    I usually add lots of veggies like carrots, onions and green peas(sometimes finely chopped tomato depending on the flavor).

  23. S said

    I read this in an empty stomach…
    .. and i screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeammmmmmm….
    am soooooooooooooooo hungry !!!!!!

  24. Neha said

    I am going to try adding booze to maggi now!! your cheese-wine version sounds yummy! I have tried the other verions mostly..I love adding garlic sauted in butter to maggi the most! God bless maggi :))

  25. Wow! I am a Maggi fan too, but I rarely cook it differently. 😦

    Loved your variations. Will surely try them out. Am saving this post for future reference. 🙂

    Was hopping through blogs when I landed here… Liking it around here. Blogrolling you. Will be back to read more. Hope you don’t mind!

  26. Dhivya said

    love all the suggestions. usually have it as is, else add veggies and all for a healthy version. I love having Maggi with lays potato chips or masala chips for the indian stores here. Make the Maggi with some extra liquid and add the chips to it…that is awesome 🙂

  27. Deboshree said

    Whoa. Very interesting twists there. I will note them down for reference. Maggi is on my never-fed-up-of list as well. 😀

  28. UmaS said

    U sound like the Brand Ambassador for Maggi Noodles…. ha ha ha… 😀

    Generally I dont buy Maggi – but when my husband gets it next time, lemme try one of ur recipes here…. 🙂

  29. Wow!!! I never thought of adding wine to maggi – veges, egg, cheese yes…wine…hmmm sounds so good…lill master chef and i so wanna eat maggi at 12 at night…All ur fault!

  30. OMG, you can make Maggi in SO many ways??? Beats me!!!! Wow!!!

  31. rambler said

    i definitely want to try the mustard sauce one. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  32. eyesspeak said

    Loved dis post, Maggie in any form is pure bliss.
    Reading this has made me craving for a maggie right now, and suffering from terrible cough and cold, I guess Mom will eat me up if I ask for a maggie.. So will have to wait to try them…:(
    The first one is going to be the mustard sauce one, then garlic and then lime… Oh I have got a plethora of options and I want them all… NOW…:'(

  33. […] Check Hitchy’s post on Maggi at 13500 feet 2. Check Pepper’s post on recipes for Maggi, I have book marked this for my […]

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