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The snoring sounds.

Posted by Pepper on May 19, 2011

Every single night, I feel the kind of irritation and agitation that makes me wanna scream and slap someone. The constant sound of someone snoring seeps through our walls and annoys the hell out of me. Don’t ask me how it happens. But somebody on the floor above us starts snoring to glory everyday once the clock strikes 11. And since we are late sleepers, and since the night is usually silent, and since our floors and walls seem to be hollow, we are subjected to those mini explosions that occur every 3 seconds. Mint and I often discuss how easily sound travels around our place and how enthusiastically the neighbours must be tuning in every time we raise our voices. I don’t care about that. At least they get free drama. But what do I get? The sound of rumbling thunder every night? The other day, Mint said it’s probably not the sound of someone snoring. What the hell are those noises then? Alien mating calls?


54 Responses to “The snoring sounds.”

  1. Snoring is a lot better compared to the ‘doing’ sounds we hear from the apt above us! 😀

  2. Phatichar said

    Har, har…! Read my stories, pro’lly you’ll get an idea as to what those sounds could be.. 😉


  3. R's Mom said

    Awww! I can so understand the frustration…Experienced it once in the train for a 2 night journey where a guy snored so loudly that the kept the whole compartment awake for TWO nights! and imagine it every night..hugs dear 🙂

  4. Smitha said

    You can hear your neighbours snoring ? You do have thin walls 🙂

  5. ha ha this is much better Pepper, Our first home in US, we moved from India and never used to sleep so silent, the house had similar issues and the girl upstairs used to wake up early morning around 5ish, many a times we woke up thinking the her flush is falling right on top of us. We complained and complained finally her owner stuffed some insulation between our roof and their floor. That’s when we could sleep, we used to pray everyday to give her some extra sleep so that we can sleep too.. Your post reminded me that.

    R and i feel ashamed to face our neighbors , coz we aren’t sure whether they heard when we fought, the bad words we exchanged..god only knows what they think of us..

    • Pepper said

      I don’t fully trust these structures, if the sound of the flush was so loud and clear for you guys.
      Oh you shouldn’t care about what neighbours think. Couples fighting is very entertaining. We love to watch 😛 So do most other people I know. So I can tell you they only feel happy you provide them with free entertainment.

  6. Ashwathy said

    ROFL @ Alien mating calls!!! :mrgreen:

    Hey count your blessings!! I’m getting married to a doofus who snores at the drop of a hat… and he sounds a like truck rumbling on the highway… 😛 He will be sleeping WITH me in the same bed in the same room!! Not one floor above me…! 🙄 COUNT UR BLESSINGS WOMAN!! 😀 😛

  7. Bikram said

    🙂 wow music to the ears while sleeping.. what more do you want ..
    oh come on… think positive.. MUSIC he he he he he he ooops sorry sory 🙂

    An idea would be to get your room soundproof , put some curtains , get some wall paper on …

  8. RK said

    Ahhh the perks and joys of living in an apartment :-((
    In our previous apartment, we were made to hear all kind of noises from the bathroom of our adjancent neighbour and within next 10minutes I used to see that man at the kids bus stop…..yuck used to gross me out

  9. Your neighbour snores… Imagine my condition when every night my husband snores away to glory 😀 (And he does not believe me when I tell him he snores!! :))

  10. Bwahahaha!!!! Alien mating calls – Might be just that 😛

    [ Aww, poor pepper..go talk to that nasty snorer upstairs and tell him to close his windows tight. May be will help]

  11. Had the exact same problem when we lived in our previous apartment … BP had exactly same thing to say … they are NOT snores … after having enough of it for days … he picked his cricket bat and started tapping the roof of our apartment. I’d like to believe they got the message … the sounds though did stop 🙂

  12. Deboshree said

    Snoring sounds are SO irritating. Wish you luck adjusting to them. 😀

  13. LOL @ alien mating calls

    As a few commentors have said earlier, count your blessings. My husband is a snorer, thankfully not a very loud one, but I am a very light sleeper who gets up at the slightest sound. 😦 Still learning to cope, after 2+ years. 🙂

  14. smartassbride said

    Girls, I *live* with a snorer. I’m expecting your sympathy and contribution to my trauma relief fund.

  15. Tanishka said

    Lol at alien mating calls…. 😀
    Since your wall are thin I’ am sure neighbor gets free of cost entertainment…. As for your problem we can just pray that you get new neighbors very soon…. Till then ‘Let the music play’ 😛

  16. Homecooked said

    LOL….where we stay too the walls are thin. Thankfully we stay on the topmost floor so we dont hear any mating calls as such 😉

  17. Swaram said

    Alien mating calls – ha ha ha ha!

  18. Pixie said

    here too, I can hear that and sometimes more!!! 😛
    very irritating and disturbing as well!!!

    Back home in Bangalore, our previous neighbours were even more disgusting! The lady used to bang the wall when – you know?!! It used to be so eewwwwwwwwwww!!

    • Pepper said

      Okay, in conclusion, most apts here have thin walls, and we all suffer.
      No, I don’t understand. Bang the wall when….? Please explain 😛

  19. Mahes said

    I feel for you, peppy. The joys of living in an apartment. My hubby snores and I am a light sleeper, so imagine my trauma every night. Have been to subjected to all kinds of noise when we lived in the apartment.

    • Pepper said

      This prob seems to be common in an apt. .. Yes, I feel for you, and unfortunately, there are hardly any workable solutions for such a prob.

  20. SH said

    I sympathize fully!! When I was in UK I used to hear doing noises from the apt abv and next to mine.. Trust me when I say the snoring noise is better!! I hv started saving up for my therapy!

  21. UmaS said

    We hear furnitures being moved in the middle of night….I wonder if ppl above are playing midnight games…. 😉

  22. scorpria said

    ROFL at the alien mating calls!!

    LOL. Maybe, knowing the walls are hollow, someone’s drilling a tunnel from one apt to another 😀 watch out…you might start losing furniture and money and stuff soon 😛 😛

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