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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas..

Posted by Pepper on June 1, 2011

but a little bit does make its way to the blog. A tiny bit perhaps.

Mint and I are last minute people. We had been talking about where to go during the long weekend for a while, but we never got around to finalizing anything. While eating dinner on Friday night, we started discussing it again. ‘Should we just go somewhere?’. It was quite late in the day to start planning a trip. If we decided to go, we’d have to leave early in the morning. And we’d have to drive to the destination. Getting air tickets in the last hour that did not cost the world didn’t seem like a possibility. So we had to make a choice accordingly. Vegas had been on our minds. But it is quite far. Google maps said it would involve more than 9 hours of driving.

Should we or should we not? After dithering for a while, we decided to just go ahead with the idea. This is what I love about us – the fact that we can just take off without any prior planning. We have no real responsibility and are willing to rough it out if need arises. Once decided, everything moved at high speed. Mint said we should go in a rented car, and off we went to collect it. It was past mid night by the time we got back. He logged on the minute we stepped in and started looking for hotels for us to stay in, we called up his cousin and even convinced her to join us though it was such a last minute plan. I moved about trying to pack a few things.

We were to leave by 7 am. I knew that was being a little too ambitious, considering we’d had such a late night. I was right. By the time we hit the road, it was almost 10 am. Fortunately, the drive didn’t seem all that bad and we were checking into our hotel in Vegas by evening.

Vegas. Both Mint and his cousin have been there a few times. But it was my first time and I took it all in. I kept thinking of the numerous movies I’ve seen that were shot in Vegas. The place was windy, which is not surprising, considering it is a desert. But I was still unprepared for the gusty gales that were making it difficult for us to walk. Honestly, at times I think such forceful winds might blow me away. We could feel the mighty shoves that were pushing us backward as we tried to make our way.

We had a good time there. It was all about glittering streets, casinos with beautiful interiors and themes, brilliant artwork, skillfully carved statues, paintings, murals, flowers, lights, the works. And that is about all I am willing to put down here. * Grin *

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