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The joy of rain..

Posted by Pepper on June 7, 2011

It has been raining in Mumbai. And every time I talk to the sister, she makes sure she rubs it in. To add to that, I see so many people on Facebook putting up a status talking about the rains. I am jealous.

I’ve had a different relationship with the rains during each stage of my life. When I was little, there was some special joy in playing in the building compound during the monsoon season. Because we’d be out looking for earthworms in the mud. If the downpour happened to be too heavy, I wouldn’t be allowed to go down to play. My mom would lay out an old rug on the floor, and give me a few jigsaw puzzles to play with. I remember sitting on the living room floor during dark evenings, hearing the thunder as I tried to fit each piece of the puzzle.

When I was old enough to travel to school alone, rains took on another meaning. I associated the rains with damp, soggy socks and smudged labels on text books. My dad would drive me to school in the mornings, but I used to come back by myself in the bus. Every time I walked back home from the bus stop in the rain, my aim would be to prevent my school bag from getting wet. My dad always told me to wear a rain coat, but I thought that was too uncool and childish. I preferred carrying an umbrella. As a result though, the school bag dangling from my shoulders on my back would be exposed to rain and the labels would get smudged. The bags only claimed to be water proof, they never really were. So during rains, I started carrying the school bag in the front instead of the back.

Once in college, I started associating heavy rains with holidays. Most of the time, I used the renowned Mumbai local train to get to college. If the rain got too heavy, the tracks would flood and the trains would stop operating for a while. The college would mostly declare a holiday to prevent people from getting stranded.

The 26/7 floods in Mumbai did drill some fear in my mind, especially because I had some first had experience and struggled to get back home. But despite that, my deep rooted love for Mumbai rains remains unshaken.

Here are some of my favourite rain songs..

This particular one is a childhood favourite.


And this one. I think my love for dancing in the rain grew¬†immensely¬†after seeing this song. I love Kajol’s shorts.


And this one. What a wonderful melody!


This one is another good meldoy. We would mostly listen to this song while walking in the rain on Marine Drive. Sigh! Those days.


And another one.


And this one, if you want to dance.


Which are your favourite rain songs?

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