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Her arrival..

Posted by Pepper on June 10, 2011

It was evening. I was waiting at the airport. It had been a crazy day for me, with last minute plans thrown in. My cousin had said he would come home that night and stay back for dinner. I had to cook in a rush, wrap things up, get ready and leave for the airport. All I had was an hour at hand. Thankfully, I managed to finish everything and leave on time.

I realised I was tired as I stood there, but more than anything, I was quite anxious about my mom’s arrival.. My mom is not used to travelling alone. And she is like I always say, a little duh like me. Would she be able to figure everything out? Would she come out of the right exit? She had no phone, so if she got lost, we’d find it very hard to trace her. I was waiting right next to the escalator she was supposed to come down from, so that she could see me the moment she got on to it. Everybody from her flight seemed to be coming but her. I don’t wear a watch, so I peeped into the screen of my cell phone to see the time every 2 minutes, hoping all was well with her.

There were two kids standing with their mom next to me. They held a banner that read, ‘Welcome home Titi, we love you’. I couldn’t stop smiling. I am sure Titi would feel the love, whoever she was. I love being at airports and watching the world around me. This time though, I was too busy scanning the area with the hope of spotting mom somewhere.!

I saw her finally. She was wearing a green top and fitted jeans. I thought to myself, my mom looks so amazing! Well okay, I am biased. She got on to the escalator, I waved. As expected, she didn’t see me. I think I almost leaped in the air the second time. She was here, and I couldn’t ┬ábelieve it! After a little bit of frantic waving and jumping right in front of her, she saw me. We hugged the moment she came. It is so hard to describe that moment.

We walked to the baggage claim area, collected her bags and walked out. Mint was outside in the car, waiting for us. It was a happy time for us.

We drove back home. The moment she stepped in, she exclaimed, ‘Oh God, this place is so messy’. And this, after I had taken the effort to tidy up a little bit. The only ‘mess’ I could see were a couple of DVDs lying on the living room floor. I wonder what she’d have said had she seen the place in its original state. She then saw the kitchen and said the counters weren’t clean enough. *Groan*. We moved to the bedroom and she let out another big sigh on seeing the open wardrobe and how unorganised it was. Again, I think the closet is in a decent state. By my standards, not hers.

She wanted to start cleaning up the place the moment she came. We had to shout at her and ask her to sit back. She kept asking us when we will learn to be responsible and we kept asking her what is so wrong about the house? She then saw Mint sitting on the floor and playing on the PS3, I sat back on the couch. “You guys are such kids”, she said. Well, aren’t we going to be kids all our life, especially for moms?

It has been a happy time since she came. We’ve been laughing, chatting and having a good time. She is still unpacking and the goodies seem to be popping out, one after another, like magic. I wait and watch excitedly to see what she will pull out next.

So yes, mama is here. The good times begin, even if they include some amount of rigorous cleaning.

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