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Tag time returns..

Posted by Pepper on June 14, 2011

This one has been passed on by Darkcomedy. I saw this doing the rounds a while ago, but at that time you had to complete the phrase with a single answer. This one requires three answers and I spent a reasonable amount of time thinking. In her comment section I told her I would read her answers only after I did the tag myself. Because I know how I operate and I know reading it would mean allowing that subtle subconscious influence to take place. My answers would then be tainted by her thoughts. But I needn’t have worried. There is no way I can be as articulate and insightful as her. So here, I present the tag, with inanity underlying every answer of mine, as usual.

“Every phrase needs to be completed with three answers about yourself”

I am

  • Forever confused.
  • Very fascinated by aliens.
  • Imaginative.

I want

  • To know what I really want.
  • To be able to speak Tamil fluently. Soon.
  • To have my family close to me at alll times.

I have

  • Empty mugs of coffee lying on my side table almost all the time.
  • Strange urges that make me want to thwack random people on the road for no reason sometimes.
  • The best family in the world, or so I think.

I wish

  • Dinner would self cook.
  • I had a better sense of direction.
  • Good chocolate wasn’t so expensive.

I hate

  • Having to decide.
  • The smell of the fruit Chikoo/Sapota. It makes me nauseous.
  • Wet bathroom floors.

I fear

  • Trigonometry.
  • Strange shadows cast on the wall.
  • Old age and everything that comes with it.

I hear

  • Voices in my head all the time.
  • The same song on loop and rarely get sick of it.
  • Imaginary sounds if I am alone at home at night.

I search

  • For the house keys in my hand bag for at least 3 minutes before I can open the damn door.
  • For my size of jeans in every store I go to. Nothing ever fits a person with a 24 inch waist.
  • For people I can call friends.

I wonder

  • Why dogs feel threatened by passing cars and why they chase them like their life depends on it.
  • What a piece of the sky would taste like.
  • What the purpose of life really is..?

I regret

  • Tolerating so much abuse and not ending it with MB (the ex) earlier than I did.
  • Choosing to do my Masters in UK instead of USA.
  • Not calling my elderly relatives enough.

I love

  • Very intensely.
  • Unexpected surprises like finding a pack of spicy aloo bhujiyas next to my bed when I am hungry (Yes I eat in bed, ok?) , a sudden unplanned drive to Khandala in the rains (oh the days), finding my missing earring somewhere and finally putting the pair together, and stuff like that..
  • Annoying my sister.

I always

  • Wait for the very last minute.
  • Hold the mug with two hands. I have been trying to use only one hand forever, but i don’t succeed. Mint finds this habit cute.
  • See both the points of view and confuse myself.

I ache

  • When I see old people living alone, longing for their kids who are far away.
  • For Bombay rains.
  • When I see homeless children on the road, selling something, taking on responsibility and having lost a childhood.

I usually

  • Forget to put the left over food in the fridge, and thus end up wasting it.
  • Suck at saying ‘No’ to anyone for anything.
  • Sleep quite late at night.

I am not

  • Creative.
  • Easily accessible on phone. I am trying to change that.
  • Courageous enough to undertake new challenging tasks. I am too afraid of failure and always prefer security to excitement..

I dance

  • Only when I manage to let go of my inhibitions. Usually happens with some alcohol in me.
  • Mostly while jumping down the stairs if I am all alone.
  • To any kind of music if it has a fast beat.

I sing

  • In the background when I am happy.
  • Songs in my head during stressful situations, like writing exams.
  • Some songs even though I don’t like them at all.

I never

  • Say no to chocolate.
  • Am able to use force with my left hand to do anything. I guess I have no muscle strength. I only use my right hand at all times
  • Voice my judgments. (Excluding the blog of course)

I rarely

  • Forget.
  • Try as hard as I should.
  • Eat a proper breakfast.

I cry

  • When I get too angry for words.
  • In front of very few people.
  • Rarely but endlessly when I do. I always give myself a headache after that.

I am not always

  • Rational.
  • Insane. At times I can be quite solemn and sane really.
  • Agreeing to disagree.

I lose

  • Mostly because I don’t care to win.
  • My cool more often than I would like.
  • My hair clips and bands all the time. I suspect it is the ghost again..

I’m confused

  • About where life is heading right now.
  • Whenever I am asked to make a choice.
  • About which confusion of mine I should mention here. Oh I am confused a lot..

I need

  • To talk to my family at least once a day.
  • A good amount of sleep everyday. Lack of sleep for me is fatal for people around me.
  • To check my mail every few hours, or I get restless.

I should

  • Try and wind up with dinner by 9 pm.
  • Spend less time online.
  • Excercise.

I dream

  • Of a time where I get to be with Mint and my family, together in one city. I dream of living in Bombay with Mint, close to my parents and sister.
  • Of finding a job I love that also pays me enough to live a very indulgent life.
  • Of living happily in my own big, elegantly done up house with a private terrace.

And we’re done! How about some of you taking this one up? In particular, Chiquita, Ajay, R’s Mom, Sig and Scorpria. And of course, anybody else who is willing to contemplate and share their thoughts. Leave behind the link.

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