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How ‘lucky’ am I?

Posted by Pepper on June 16, 2011

I was talking to somebody I know and I happened to mention to her that my mom was around. I went on to tell her all that we’ve been doing and the kind of fun we’ve been having. She told me I was really ‘lucky’ because Mint was okay with my mom staying with us. I was stumped! I am supposed to feel lucky for something like that? Why should I feel thankful when something is the way it is supposed to be? My maternal grandmom would live in our house for months, and both my mom and my dad would be happy to have her. I don’t think my mom ever felt ‘lucky’ because my dad was ‘okay with it’. We wouldn’t have married men who are as chauvinistic as that.

So that statement about me being lucky baffled me. I am a little surprised such kind of thoughts come from people belonginng to our generation, who are seemingly modern. Patriarchy seems to be raising its ugle head everywhere. My in laws plan to visit us in a few months and I bet nobody would ever tell Mint how ‘lucky’ he is because I am okay with his parents staying with us. That is just expected of me.

It was dinner time and I was just saying to myself for the millionth time, what a stupid, sexist society this is. And then I paused and I looked around me. My mom and I were seated on the dining table, chatting and eating. Mint was standing, sweating it out in the kitchen, making dosas and serving them to us, hot and straight of the pan. I smiled as I felt a deep sense of satisfaction. Maybe there is some hope, afterall.

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