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More momma tales..

Posted by Pepper on June 19, 2011

Life has been quite colourful with her around. I seem to be finding it hard to find time to blog, but I thought I should drop by to mention a few things about her.

– Flowers. They’re everywhere. I see her admiring the pretty manicured lawns and exotic colours of flowers all the time. Each time she bends over to take a look with keen interst showing on her face, I smile. It is like watching my little girl observing a new world.

– I am a coffee person. But with her around,  I’ve switched to masala chai. Every morning, I am greeting by the fresh aroma of ginger and cardamom brewing and in that one instant, I am transported to my home in Bombay. That is the smell I’ve grown up with. For me, that is how home smells.

– Mom and I were going somewhere. Suddenly she looked in some direction and asked me to stop the car. We were in the middle of the road and the urgency in her tone almost made me panic. When I asked her what the matter was, she gleefully told me she had spotted an Indian on the other side of the road and wanted to see clearly. What do I even say to her? I’ve already told her the US is full of Indians. And saying she spotted an Indian in the Bay Area is like saying she spotted a leaf on a tree.

– She goes to the drivers seat by mistake every single time. She just can’t get used to the left hand drive here and we always find it very amusing.

– We’ve been taking her to different restaurants to try different cuisines. We made her have authentic Chinese, Ehopian, Mexican food and each time we were appalled by her tiny appetite. She does no justice to the food and taking her to a buffet is such a waste. Every time I cajole her into eating, I feel like her mom.

– She is here for just another week. We’ve been asking her to extend her stay, but she insists on going back as per her original schedule. She says she has her other baby to go back to. I know she’s right, but I still sulk.

I wish I could freeze time.

45 Responses to “More momma tales..”

  1. Awww poor baby…Why are u not sticking your lip out and flahsing big big eyes until she relents.

    P.s. u almost sound like a mommy blog 😀

  2. R's Mom said

    Aww! isnt she cute 🙂

    not ready to stay back is it 😦

    *Try and postpone her flight without telling her – insert evil grin*

  3. Swaram said

    Awww how sweet 🙂 Hw I wish we could freeze some moments too 🙂

  4. scorpria said

    Loved this post! All mommies are the same, aren’t they?
    My brother was saying how my mom went gaga over the fact that Paris had a “Sharavana Bhavan” hotel!!!! ROFL — they’re a famous chain in Tamil Nadu, i think. Or just Chennai, maybe. Whatever.
    Even over all the ISD calls, all she could tell me was “Priya, there’s a Sharavana Bhavan here!!” and that too, ecstatically at that! 😀

  5. Titaxy said

    sweet post! enjoy!!!

  6. pixie said

    aww.. hugs!
    make the most of the time.. I miss my mom and she just went back last week!

  7. Bikram said

    he he he he I rememebr that “indian on street” this side its more like “SARDAR” , “SINGH” on the road.. he he he

    Maybe she does not like the foood 🙂

    and the last point now I ma sad too 😦

  8. awwwww again. i love the way you derive fun and joy out of observing these little things. 🙂
    your mom sounds so cute. 😀
    the better half has more fun chatting and sharing jokes with my mom, when she’s over at our place. I love watching them. 😀

  9. Enjoy your time with your mom … I hope you are hogging on all the goodies she has made / bought 🙂

    My mom ate very little at the restaurants too … only later I realized, she hadn’t liked that taste 😦

  10. Phatichar said

    “goes to the driver’s seat everytime…” hehehhe… cute.

  11. This is such a cute post 🙂 I have nothing to say but smile a beeg beeg smile 🙂
    I am with you on the role reversal on food though 🙂

  12. The bending down to feel/smell the flowers, the exclaiming at spotting an Indian even if they come for dime a dozen, the aroma of food and freshness that transports us right back to where we came from .

    Relate to all of that Pepper , very very much 🙂

    Savor every bit of these precious moments. You have the big wedding coming up too, no? 🙂

  13. Enjoy enjoy enjoy as much 🙂

    I am totally J ! 😛

  14. Ashwathy said

    Mothers 🙂 May God bless them!!

  15. Comfy said

    I know how difficult it is to let her go. Times like these are when I wish I had no sibbling. One less variable for them to leave you and go. Enjoy your time with her. Hold on to the specail times. Don’t let them go by because you are sad about what is to come soon.


  16. Preethi said

    Aww..such a sweet post Pepper! Have more fun with your mom and tell her that the airlines has cancelled all the flights for that day and the next available date is only after a month 🙂

  17. Deboshree said

    Your Mom is just like mine about the appetite thing. No matter how wonderful the restaurant I take her to is and no matter how much she enjoys the food, she can have only so much. Like a bird, is what my Grandad says.
    Great to know you’re having such fun. But then with Mom around, that is obvious. 😀

  18. So cute she is! 🙂
    Enjoy your time with her! 🙂

  19. A very honest post pepper… the fact that you wrote about it and are accepting your mistake shows your true color. I am sure it will never happen again …

  20. neha said

    aww 🙂 postpone her ticket without telling her 😛
    My mom is here too.. and I booked her ticket and later told her 😀

  21. Ah how sweet is that, I am big time lagging catching up with all posts..Hopefully sometime soon..Have fun with mommy as long as you can..After that Mint is anyways around you to pamper ..I often make R to take care of me like my mom 🙂

  22. Scribby said

    don’t know how I missed this one but any way…I could imagine everything happening 🙂 aunty oticing flowers with keen interest,stopping you in the middle of the road to see an Indian,aaah the aroma of brewing cardamom and ginger…reached till here trust me 🙂 yes that’s how home smells,yay !!!

    have fun another few days…I so know how it feels to let mom go on the planned schedule…ek aur din nahi ruk sakte? 😦

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