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Back with a bang. Not.

Posted by Pepper on July 6, 2011

– I got back a few days ago, but I’ve been so reluctant to write. The thought of logging in to WP and typing out a post seems painful. For that matter, everything seems painful these days. Being back at home, doing the dishes, doing the usual work, the thought of unpacking., just about anything. I want to do nothing at all. I got too spoilt while mom was here. Damn, I miss her already. And the house is too chaotic even by my standards now. I have laundry to do, mess to clear up and a routine to get back to. I feel so disoriented right now, it isn’t funny. I wish there was a way I could get rid of the clutter crowding my home and my mind. I suppose I need a little while to get back in tune with my surrounding.

– My trip was great. We had tons of fun. I realised my aunt’s house is bigger than a mansion. I’ve seen a lot of big houses in the US, but this one beats them all. And not only is it big, it is also so tastefully done. For a moment, I was envious and wanted to own a place like that, full of luxuries. Her bathrooms are bigger than my bedroom, she has a Jacuzzi and a TV right next to her bathtub, her basement has a very big and upscale bar, with high stools, stocked with at least 30 different kinds of alcohol, her party room has a capacity of 200 people. The house is so huge, they use the intercom to make announcements and ask everybody to come and gather at the dining table. At first I was envious, but soon I began to find it all a little crazy. I am not sure I would want to be a part of such excessive lavishness. Maybe it is my Mumbai mentality speaking, but if the house is so huge, so palatial, it doesn’t feel like home to me. I am too used to small to mid sized flats and apartment. Perhaps that is why I love my cosy 1 bhk with our own little backyard. I think it is perfect for the two of us.

– The wedding was wonderful. My mom’s sister married out of caste herself. She is married into a Sindhi family. Her daughter who got married, married a guy whose father is Gujrati and mother is American. So the wedding was a medley of cultures and rituals. The Sindhis sang their own wedding songs, the Gujratis played Garba, and the Amerians added their own flavour. The wedding was a traditional Indian one, but it had western concepts like bridesmaids, flower girls, etc. I would say it was a beautiful blend of beliefs. We ate, drank, danced and had a terrific time.

– I got to spend some time with my cousins this time, and we had some lengthy conversations. One thing we discussed was the confusion American born children of Indian origin go through. They told me they felt like they lived with one leg in the Indian culture and the other leg in the Western/ American culture. A lot of times their values clashed. Their parents wouldn’t be too pleased with the thought of their kids dating or getting married to a Non Indian, which my cousins thought was very unfair. The parents made the choice to move to the US, raise kids in this environment, wherein they interact mainly with Americans, and then they’re expected to marry only Indians when the time comes. It made me think. All of you living in the US, would you be okay with your children marrying Americans?

– The weather in Chicago was hot, bright and sunny. I realised how deprived I am of such weather. It allows me to wear whatever I want. I was planning to wear a red and black, one piece dress I had carried with me. For the record, I rarely wear shorts, skirts and dresses. I am too conscious of exposing my legs, even if they are barely seen. I think I look too thin. This time I had convinced myself I would wear that dress, but on the last minute, I chickened out and wore my same old pair of jeans. I don’t know when I will be comfortable enough to wear a dress. Sigh.

– I came back with quite a few goodies. For starters, I bought myself a pair of shoes. They look more like boots and I love them. Other than that, my mom and aunt who are travelling back to India weighed their luggage and realised they had exceeded their allowance limit. So all the stuff they had bought but couldn’t carry back was given to me. I also robbed a bottle of homemade carrot pickle from my other aunt. It’s my absolute favourite. I feel rich.

Pictures, of course.

My outfits first.

I took pics of myself in the mirror. I don’t think I have any other full length pics. And yeah, do not ask me why I’ve used the flash here. I really don’t know.

I wore this for the Sangeet. It was a semi casual evening, full of music and dance.

And this one I wore for the puja at home. I realised I didn’t have the churidar or dupatta to go with this one. So I just pulled out a pale gold stole and wore my black leggings. Not sure if I look weird.

The sari for the ceremony. It was a plain blue georgette sari and I spiced it up by wearing it with a silver halter blouse.

The back of the blouse. I like this the most. Isn’t it neat?

Fresh mehendi on my palm

People dancing. Good times.

Glimpses of the ceremony.


58 Responses to “Back with a bang. Not.”

  1. Comfy said

    It is always difficult to get back to routine after a break and missing home, missing mom never helps the cause. Big big hugs.

    I would like to think that our generation will be more flexible when it comes to our kids getting married out of caste, out of country. As a friend once said about her son, ‘Who knows who he will marry. German, Australian, or a man.’ I think that there is more of an acceptance in us than there was in the generation of our parents. I am not saying we will not confuse our kids. Oh we will. Because we will want them to know about the Indian culture, festivals, language. But hopefully we will also give them the freedom to go out on dates and mix with people/kids around.

    Love love the pictures. Wish you had worn the dress. I bet you would look amazing. Next time OK. 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I feel so happy to hear you say all of that.. I do note the gradual increase in the level of acceptance in parents living here. The coming generation will have it easier 🙂

  2. Sig said

    You’re back already! looks like you had a fab time – the outfits are great! 🙂 I love the mehndi especially..

    As for the ABCD thing…I DO understand where they are coming from. Here in Aus, it’s actually more and more common for there to be inter-racial marriages rather than the traditional ‘get-married-to-someone-from-the-motherland’ scenario (haha I mean I did too!). I def wouldn’t have a problem with it, as long as the person is a good person and my child loves them, then that’s all that counts right??

    • Pepper said

      Oye, I was gone for 10 days. Isn’t that enough for you guys? 😛

      Right.. I am sure you do understand there they are coming from. And I know people like you would only care to see how happy your child is 🙂

  3. I have already told how much I love your dressing sense, right? This just adds to it 🙂

    Pepper you have the best of both worlds, feel cozy in your 1bhk and when you feel lavish, just take a trip to aunt’s 😉

    AB and I have discussed this kids marrying thing in less than 3 sentences. We don’t care if they don’t marry, are homosexual or marry an alien. As long as they are happy in what they do without hurting others, we are ok 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Thank you babes.. Revs already told me she is disappointed with my dressing and I promised to wear silk saris for her wedding 😀
      About the kids part.. I heart your response 🙂

  4. Scribby said

    lovely pictures..yes yes the blouse at the back looks neat 🙂

    honestly when I saw the black legging with that kurta.. initially I thought this is a mismatch and made a mental note to ask you when we talk 😉 but later on I really liked it,trust me 🙂 so you can wear it as a combo yet again 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Haha.. I thought the black leggings were a little mismatched too. But at that time I didn’t have a choice. Surprisingly, a lot of people told me it looked good and my cousins even decided to team their kurtas with their leggings 😛 I am not too sure I will repeat that, though I might just end up doing something else that seems weird 😀

  5. Richa said

    Oh wow Pepper! You really had fun it seems,..Enjoy the goodies your mom has left for you.
    🙂 And the sari is gorgeous.

  6. Bikram said

    hmmm contrasting wedding I had one and i had a different experience 🙂 then yours .. you had fun and thats what matters ..

    I am not a expert on dresses the ladies reading the post can tell more But i loved the design on Mehendi though 🙂

  7. Wow! You did have an awesome time! 🙂

    And OMG I just love your blouse, especially that jewel thingy. So cute!!! 🙂

  8. Wow….!! Pics look great.. Specially the one during the ceremony. Indian Weddings are always full of colours and lot of celebrations..!!

  9. Childwoman said

    Wow, great post and great pics. One question though. Does your aunt have a son? 😛

  10. Titaxy said

    welcome back! you look gorgeous 😀 from what I can see here.

    i want fresh mehendi too 😦

  11. Chiquita said

    Welcome back Pepper….the sari is lovely and the blouse is hotttttt.
    Sounds like you had a great time…post vacations blues are crappy….hang in there!

  12. Swaram said

    What a fun wedding that sounds like 🙂 Nice medley that one 🙂
    And I luv that blouse of urs 😀

  13. neha said

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    The house sounds grand! Even I am not too comfortable with big houses, but I do like the idea of having a choice to live in a mansion! 😉
    I can understand the confusion of kids raised here! And as far as the next generation goes, who knows if they will feel more than 2 sentences from parents are lectures..with the world of twitter and fb status messages and one liners :D.

    • Pepper said

      Oh the next generation of kids! I used to tell my mom my kids are going to show me the finger and run away if I ask them to have their milk :P.

  14. kinmin said

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Love your outfits, especially the blouse is so sexy!!! I’m planning to get something similar made for a friend’s wedding this January! And I so love mehendi and its aroma, been so long since I got mehendi on my hands! Anyway, I bet its hard to settle back into the routine but you’ll be fine.. Just hang in there! 🙂

    • Pepper said

      You do get a good blouse made! Friends weddings are such fun! I can’t wait for my close friends to get married.
      It’s hard to settle back into the routine. Yes. But I know i’ll get there soon. Thanks so much 🙂

  15. VJ said

    That blouse is awesome !!!
    Indian weddings are fun !! I miss them !
    Only wedding I can now look forward to is Revs !!
    Get married soon Revs !

  16. R's Mom said

    I dont know where to start the comment

    1. Its pouring in Mumbai as if Mumbai is missing Pepper
    2. I am jealous of your figure. Period.
    3. Mom is back here and you are missing her..so BIG HUGS for that
    4. Carrot pickle – you are RICH baby 🙂
    5. Mansion in US – Sahi babes..but I can understand when you say its a bit overwhelming..I wouldnt want that either..there I am a true mumbaikar now (after 24 years in Baroda!)

    Hugs darling and hope you settle down to routine soon

    • Pepper said

      Its pouring in Mumbai!! You know I find it difficult to read beyond that. I am so so jealous of you! And yeah, I am glad you’ve turned into a Mumbaikar! I love you all the more now 😀

  17. RS said

    *Heart* the halter blouse.

    And you worry about wearing a dress?! Girl! I wish I were like you! I dont wear dresses because I feel it makes me look ’round’

    Being in India too these days there is more freedom in choosing the life partners. I completely agree with Celestial Rays- what matters at the end of the day is that our children are happy!

    • Pepper said

      You guys are so encouraging! I *should* wear dresses. And hey, you should too. Who cares whether you’re round, or oval or rectangular?

  18. big, bone crushing hugs your way. I can totally relate to the settling in part. go and kidnap her and bring her next time. moms, I tell you.

    and i really dont think our generation is going to be any different w.r.t “marry anyone you want to!”. Look at us, I’ll admit that we are a majority(ie. the i dont care if you are marrying an alien/whoever like divz said) when it comes to blogosphere, but in any family social gathering, I see that the likes of us are a minority. I know a lot of people(of our gen) enjoying the American way of life except for the small fact that when the time comes, I’m very sure that they’ll be on bharath matrimony/wedding in three months time/ traditional + modern values. there’s a change, it’s not as huge as it should be.

  19. Hi dear, you back, I have been missing your posts , Pictures are so beautiful..love all of them.. oh yeah its tough to get back to home after the break. I had tough time getting back to my kitchen after 3 day weekend..Life is unfair..I want my mom too..

  20. anuthati said

    wow.. looks like you had a great time.. and the blouse looks really sexy and you look gorgeous.. i am so inspired that, i am going to get a alter neck blouse soon..:)

    • Pepper said

      Do get a halter neck blouse. They’re versatile and you can use them with so many things .. If you let your hair down, you won’t even end up showing too much of skin if that’s an issue.. 🙂

  21. roxana said

    Hi Pepper. Long, long time lurker. Having read you for so long and having heard so much about you from Revs, had to delurk. 🙂
    I love your blog. And I will come back when I have some coherent things to say – I don’t make good first impressions :p

    Love the blouse – totally hot!

  22. Beautiful pics! ( and aren’t I lucky to have seen more with faces et all) 😀

    You’ll look fab in the dress Pepper, just wear it on a day out with Mint and see how many appreciative second glances you get from strangers. At least I’ll bet on that! 🙂

    As for your marriage question – I am perfectly okay Paapu marrying anyone (nationality or gender) she chooses as long as she is happy and matured enough ( crossed her teenage?) to make the choice.

    H on the other hand should be okay with any nationality, but not sure how much open-minded is he gender-wise.

    • Pepper said

      I am so going to wear the dress after hearing all that 😀
      Regarding the question I asked. Good to know you guys are so open minded. But like Abi said, all of us are sitll in the minority and we don’t know for how long we will continue to be.

  23. Pixie said

    So nice to see you back! yay!
    loved your outfits and the saree and mehndi are absolutely gorgeous and the blouse is sexy and pretty! 🙂

    Gettinng back to a routine takes time.. I took almost 2 weeks to settle back after my folks left.. hugs!

  24. soulmate said

    That blouse is definitely hot.. Love the detailing on its back… Super sexy…
    I specially like the last and the second last pics… Precious moments captured very well…

  25. Great pics…would love to holiday in your Aunt’s mansion

    Many years back my people had been to Chicago and when they came back they couldn’t stop raving about the opulence of Indian living there. One of them had a similar mansion with a lake nearby

  26. Tanishka said

    Sindhi, Gujju, and American culture mixed…. Now that would have been some wedding to attend…. I can imagine how much fun it would have been…. 🙂

    Same pinch at carrot pickle…. I love them too… And I love onion pickle too, have you tried it???

    Your green n reed dress in the first pic looks pretty…. And that blouse looks sexy…. I’m gonna copy that pattern when I get one stitched for my cousin’s wedding…. 😀

  27. I can so relate to you on the mansion thing – I would not have felt at home too in such lavish surroundings.. For a couple of days, it is fine.

    Wow! That sounds like some wedding! I’d have loved to attend it. I do hope our future generations are more broad-minded about the life partners their children choose. Ultimately, it’s their life to lead. I hope I understand that when the time comes for me to get my kids married.

    I love your outfits and the mehendi. And girl, you are rich, in terms of family. 🙂

    You didn’t wear a dress bcos you feel you look thin? I am so J of your figure. I LOVE dresses, adore them, but can’t wear them bcos I am a fatso and can’t carry them off AT ALL. 😦

  28. Deboshree said

    Whoa. What amazing wedding tales. I can sense what a riot it was and you must have had a blast. Getting back to the grind will also be a blast, as of course you are finding out.

    Hey, you got new boots? I have been lusting after a pair for so long. 😦

  29. […] going to talk about another gigantic fight we had. One of the most prominent ones till date. For my cousin’s wedding, I had flown down from San Francisco to Chicago. Mint was to fly down two days after me. I realised I had forgotten a pair of my shoes, so I asked […]

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