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Little surprises.

Posted by Pepper on July 26, 2011

The house we live in has a little backyard of its own and that is one of the reasons I fell in love with this place the moment I saw it. When we first moved here, I had a lot of big plans. I planned to beautify the place and create my own little garden, I planned to put up some outdoor furniture, including a coffee table and surround it with artistic knik knacks that make the place aesthetically pleasing.

With time however, my enthusiasm evaporated. I attribute it to the one factor fundamental in strangling all my goals – my laziness. Of course, I had plenty of excuses to conceal the guilt. I blamed the weather for not being good enough to be outdoor, I blamed the rain for dampening my spirits, I blamed the uncertainty of our stay in this house, I blamed my lack of knowledge in gardening, I blamed the expensive tools I would need, I blamed the world for snatching away the motivation I once had. And then I just accepted the fact that I was not going to work on the backyard.

I do love flowers. Not so much in bouquets, but on plants. And each time I saw somebody’s blooming backyard, I felt a twinge. But I would simply shrug and wait for that feeling of remorse to pass.

One bright evening, I walked into the backyard, only to be greeted by a little surprise. I saw this flower, flourishing in a corner, swaying in the gentle breeze.

It made me beam with happiness. I realised I had done nothing to deserve this. It was simply gifted to me by nature. For me to see, smell and bask in. After that day, I went on to see a number of wild flowers blooming unexpectedly. And each time, I thought of how bountiful nature is. It gives us with all its generosity, sometimes without even expecting any kind of nurture or care from us.

I think I’ve now learnt to appreciate beauty in all forms. Be it nature, art, music, or anything else. I now notice the pretty embroidery bordering the pillow case, I notice the intricate chandelier adorning the ceiling, I notice the scent in the air, I notice the coordinated colours in the painting, I notice the art in your living room, I notice the rising and falling of that faint beat in that song, I notice the glow brought on by the street lights, I notice it all. And it is fascinating. I think as babies, we all had this child like fascination for this world. I don’t know why we unlearn that trait.


60 Responses to “Little surprises.”

  1. scorpria said

    “I think as babies, we all had this child like fascination for this world. I don’t know why we unlearn that trait.” Profound and true!
    I am an ardent gardener, but Pumbaa isn’t. So I’ve learnt the hard way not to continue gardening till he grows up enough to “unlearn” his habits of nipping at moving leaves, twigs and flowers! 😀

  2. Bikram said

    WOWOWWOOWWOWO …. BEautiful and two shades … Yes beauty is everywhere ..
    I have jsut put a cuple of plants of THISTLE the scottish national flower.. its is ugly to look lots of thorns and what not .. But when it flowers the flowers is BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL…

    Thank you for sharing

  3. Wow! Roses grow in your backyard just like that??!! Wow, really! It really is a sweet surprise from nature. 🙂 Enjoy it! When I saw the pics initially, I thought Mint got you a surprise bouquet. 😛
    I was surprised when a tomato plant started growing on its own in our garden. And they were yummy. 😀 Making rasam from home-grown tomatoes is such a beautiful experience, I felt.
    You sound so much like me on the laziness part. I was so enthu about decorating our house just a few weeks back. I even made a list on what all I want to do. Laziness took over, as did lack of time, and the enthu fizzled out. I should really get back to that dream.

  4. ajay said

    Nothing compares to nature. Those are beautiful pics. 🙂

  5. i think at the age of 12 i accepted i have zero gardening skills, grass makes me feel itchy and of course i am lazy. I have never aspired to even keep potted plants 🙂 SUch is the laziness of the nut.

  6. R's Mom said

    And I notice that chair which had a pillow on it with a big stain of curd on it, and I notice that picture book which was supposed to be a book but now is in tatters, and I notice one corner of the wall which has been painted with crayons hapazardly and is being claimed as an elephant which is pink in colour and I notice the maggi left stains on the shirt, and I notice the brown/black/yellow stains left on a white uniform and I notice the lovely pink fluffly bed turned red and black with acrylic colours and oh I do notice the dainty pink shoes converted into a dirty brown after one wear..

    babes, be happy you dont have children yet…then all you will notice is the above

    BTW..for some stupid weird reason, I choked up when I read this post???*Wondering why*

    I loved that flower….

    and again now wondering…is my comment rude??

    • Pepper said

      Eh? What part of that comment could possibly be rude?
      Anyway, I tried picturing all those images that you described, and I think even those are beautiful 😀 They are a constant reminder of the presence of your child.

      I say this now, though I don’t knwo how I’d feel when I have a baby myself..

  7. Richa said

    Beautiful flower. Nature always surprises us and motivates us to appreciate its beauty and nurture it. 🙂
    Look forward to see some more pictures from your backyard.

  8. neha said

    Nature is indeed bountiful , it gives s so many things without asking for it .I think you should also do something in return . Just plant a single flower plant and see how it raise your spirit towards gardening 🙂

  9. Titaxy said

    it’s so pretty! 🙂

    K has this child-like fascination / curiosity towards life and everything it has to offer. It amazes me how he can look at something with little to no preconceived notion and be awed by that beauty as if it’s the first time he’s seeing it. And I am learning, from him, to get that trait…because every time I see the world through his eyes, it’s just so much more beautiful and I want to to be able to do it by myself 🙂

  10. Nice post. As someone rightly said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think we need to love unconditionally to be able to do that, maybe that’s why we don’t see the world that way anymore. Expectation always taints the beauty of everything don’t you think?

  11. To notice it all is a gift – it takes conscious effort to notice things sometimes. So glad you have it Pepper 🙂

    That little beauty swaying in your garden is precious! Water it a little on harsh sunny days, k? I have just 3 sorry rose plants in my patio and they have not been generous enough like last summer yet. Still waiting for my first bloom 😦

  12. This is indeed a surprise gift from nature, but are you sure this isn’t mint’s trick. I think he secretly grew this for you 🙂

  13. Preethi said

    Wow….roses bloom just like wild plants in your backyard. Really amazing. Initially I thought Mint gifted you this plant and then I realised it was not the case. Go for it Pepper…very few are lucky to have their own backyard.

  14. S said

    such a pretty flower!

    even i am not fond of bouquets… but fresh flowers do elate my day 🙂

    that is such a perfect colour of rose! 🙂

  15. Tanishka said

    To take note of things around is again another skill, which i obviously lack like a lot of other skills….
    The flower is really lovely…. 🙂

  16. That flower looks really beautiful .. having a couple of them in your yard must have been a beautiful sight… These instances does give us a chance to stop and admire the little joys of life that we missed by being engulfed in the worldly man made stuff… Our lives have changed so much that not all of us enjoy these sweet natural pleasures.

  17. RS said

    The Flower is so pretty 🙂 And you know what – I have began to notice all these things more now with Chutku. The excitement with which he watches the birds fly or theflowers saying inthe wind or the ripples in the water or the rain drops on his small palm… He passes some of that excitement to me.

  18. Ashwathy said

    A simple but gorgeous flower….and you’ve made an entire post out of it ! 🙂 That’s the spirit.
    There are so many wonders around us that we fail to see and we engage in meaningless pursuits… 😐

  19. Oregano said

    Lol! It grew just like that?! You know how it is here pepper, it doesn’t grow well even with all care 😛 So, take good care of it, it’s pretty!

  20. Chhavi said

    Its hard for me to believe that these are wild flowers. They look absolutely gorgeous. 🙂 What can be better than a pretty little flower swaying in the breeze and smiling at you when you don’t expect it at all 🙂

  21. neha said

    haha..i love that they “grew just like that”! I killed the one plant I was consciously trying to grow 😀

  22. Yamini said

    Absolutely gorgeous flower. We have also started gardening. I am so lazy, let see how that goes:)

  23. RIcha said

    You have been awarded. Check out my space for your award 🙂

    Keep writing.

  24. Chiquita said

    It’s my dream to have a house with a backyard and then take a break from work and tend to my own garden with my pretty little daughter….gawd, I dream a lot 🙂

  25. Swaram said

    Oh I so wish children dnt unlearn that too!
    Pretty pretty rose that one 🙂

  26. Nisha said

    ur blog has nice and interesting writeup…

  27. Jack Point said

    There is a saying that beauty is everywhere, one only needs to look for it. You seem to have discovered that art, congratulations 🙂

  28. Deboshree said

    Beautiful flowers indeed! Perfect for a quick cheering up. 😀

  29. […] pondering about life. That is where I used to have my morning cup of coffee. That is where we were surprised by the springing of a mysterious rose plant. And here I was again, on the other side of the fence this […]

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