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The need to disconnect.

Posted by Pepper on August 10, 2011

Technology. I’ve never been in tune with it. Sure I use the basics, but all the advancements that come with the high end products we buy are wasted on me. I don’t even understand most of it. And I am not addicted to the basics I use either. Which is why, I find it really easy to disconnect at any given time.

Mint on the other hand can never disconnect unless he forced to. He is addicted to his laptop in a way that scares me. I don’t think any of us should depend on any external appliance to such an extent. I know my mom used to tell me I was addicted to the comp each time she saw me staying up nights, glued to my laptop. But that was only because I had endless assignments to complete, or I was chatting with Mint at that time. Now that I don’t have to do either of that, I willingly shut down by a particular time everyday. And then I spend my energy asking Mint to switch it all off too. Because for one, I can’t sleep until he does, but mainly because I think it is very unhealthy to stay connected all the time.

He just lacks the ability to ‘do nothing’. He needs something to fidget with all the time. If we’re waiting in a theatre for a movie to begin, he’ll pull out his cell phone and play solitaire in that time. It really irks me and I often ask him to let go of all that and just be! Me? I can sit in one place, in touch with my inner self, dreaming away for quite a long time. I understand not everybody can be that way. People get restless. So I tell Mint to do other things. Read a book, go for a walk, do something around the house, play a board game. Anything is better than browsing on the laptop, or messing around with the cell phone, or watching TV, or playing on the PS3, or medling with the camera settings.

Keeping him away from all these evils is hard work, but I don’t give up. He listens to me when I ask him to disconnect (most of the times), but the fact that he never wants to do it on his own bothers me. On weekdays, I can’t do much. On weekends, when the weather is bad, we stay indoors, watching a movie and then at the most, step out to eat. But on weekends when the weather is good, I absolutely insist on going somewhere, into the welcoming arms of nature. It gives us a chance to truly disconnect.

Some weeks ago, we went to Muir Woods. It is just about 30 mins from San Francisco. What a beautiful experience it was. It was a sprawling expanse, full of lush redwood trees. There were a lot trails and hikes to choose from. Considering our abysmal fitness levels, we chose a seemingly easy 2 mile hike. What we didn’t realise was the amount of climbing we’d have to do in order to complete the hike. It was as though the two miles were vertical. By the time we reached the top, we were exhausted and our calf muscles ached. But the whole experience was more than worth it. We were in the midst of beauty, away from all technology. We did use the camera, but I will overlook that.

Some glimpses.

Sunshine filtering through the trees.

An owl. I don’t remember seeing one before this.

Me walking into the greenery.


And then peeping under a fallen tree to smile for the camera

Mint lying on a log of wood above a running stream.





44 Responses to “The need to disconnect.”

  1. R's Mom said

    Is Mint RD’s twin or something!!! Even RD cant disconnect..however hard I try to make him 😦

    lovely views…I loved the pic of you under the tree and of Mint lying on that log…cute 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Oh.. RD is like that too? Try different techniques to get him to disconnect. I usually tell Mint I am missing him, and that I want his undivided attention and wanna spend time with him with no technology around. It works most of the times 😀

  2. Tan said

    Wonder ful pics 🙂

    I am also not a tech-savy person. So, I can perfectly connect to what you are trying to say 🙂

  3. scorpria said

    Agree with every single thing you’ve said.
    Whenever someone asks me what I enjoyed MOST about the trip we took to Coorg last year, I say it was the time at the homestay — where we had no comp, no TV, no range in the cell phone, no technology.
    It was BLISS — just nature, us and the sounds we both made 🙂

    I think its VITAL to disconnect every now and then! We’re doing enough damage to ourselves by working on/with technology 5 – 5.5 days a week!

    • Pepper said

      That is the kind of holiday I am waiting to have too.
      And what? “Just nature, us and the sounds we both made?” ROTFL. That doesn’t sound too right 😛

  4. This could very well be my story. 🙂 I spend a lot of time on the computer, but I feel I am not addicted to it. The OH, on the other hand, is addicted to his cellphone. So much so that I am at times worried. He reluctantly puts it on silent mode or switches it off when I bug him too much.

    He is the one who can lounge around all day doing nothing, watching TV, eating, sleeping and feeling happy, just being at home. I am the more restless one of us. I need to keep doing something or the other all the time. I prefer being occupied all the time – sometimes reading, cooking, taking a walk, exploring the city, or chatting with a friend or blogging. I find it a tad difficult to switch off and nature helps me do just that. 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Yes I know.. its not easy for most people to just sit and do nothing. Its okay to keep doing something, as long as you’re not overly dependent on technology. So reading, cooking, walking, chatting, all of those sound great to me. And yeah, nature gives you that extra bit of motivation to switch of 🙂

  5. Kunal said

    Yeah…these new gadgets …A boon with a curse 🙂

  6. I want that owl for a pet!

    AB is like Mint too… Has to fidget with something… Mens 😐

  7. Nitya Karthik said

    Ye Gods! Are you sure you arent talking about Karthik here? Especially the “playing Solitaire/Angry Birds/Chess while waiting for a movie/train/bus anything to start” bit.It annoys me so much. Argh.

    Love the pics btw!

    • Pepper said

      It’s damn annoying isn’t it? We should throw away their cellphones and replace them with those very basic models. But then I am sure they’d find something else to do, which could be worse 😐

      • Nitya said

        Oh I am sure they’ll be happy playing “Snakes” or something on those models too.
        Maybe serving wrong with those fingers. They never seem to want to remain still!

        • Pepper said

          Hah… how could I forget about Snakes? They never want to remain still really. And I guess there’s nothing we can do unless they want to do somethign about it.

  8. Deboshree said

    This reads like bliss. Perfect antidote for the problem of excessive invasion. 😀

  9. We sound so much alike Pepper, I can’t sleep unless R is around, I can really smell him around, I have a light sleep till he comes to bed. On other hand R is so addicted with his laptop, he wouldn’t even be doing personal things or browsing, he would be working most of the time even from home, I hate it so much. The only time I get his attention and time is when we go out.

    Your pictures so beautiful, you look pretty from back also 🙂 and loved the peak a boo snap of yours. Looks like you both had a lot of fun..enjoy..

    • Pepper said

      I always think we sound alike too LF. And R is working on the laptop constantly, so at least he has a valid reason to use it. If you’re just browsing, what do you even have to say to justify that? That gets me even more mad..
      Thanks so much! 🙂

  10. bini said

    You know and please believe me ,just this morning I was thinking maybe I should ask you guys if you been to Muir woods!..Some sort of sixth sense huh?:).!!! Mint reminds me of me -I got to be doing something all the while but it need not necessarily be technology:)

  11. I have long ago termed the laptop and all its cousins ( phones and cameras) my ‘Sautan’. Heard the same from several other ‘suffering’ wives too. So, we all hear you saistah! 😀

    At least you have hope – Mint listens when you ask to shut down 🙂

    Muir woods – has been and still is one of my favorite weekend getaway into the green forests. Beautiful captures of the deer and the Owl ( never seen that one in the wild so far!)

    May you enjoy many such leisurely hikes and crisp green atmosphere.

    • Pepper said

      Lol… I didn’t realise there was a suffering wives club 😀
      I know he listens to me and I am thankful for that.. but its a lot of hard work.
      And the forests of Muir woods are truly beautiful.. 🙂

  12. ajay said

    I think I am addicted to my laptop. Your post is a reminder and I’ll try to keep away from it as much as possible. Had I not stumbled on this thing called blogging, it’d have been much easier though. I even think of giving it up altogether but it seems just so difficult to do.

  13. G is like that too! Thankfully, he doesn’t still have one of those fancy phones. But when he comes home, he HAS to have the laptop! It’s like his dose of sugar or something – he gets cranky if I’M doing something at the same time!

    I make crying sounds…or heave loud sighs…or whatever else mechanism I can think of at the time…to make him keep that laptop aside and spend time with me! Now I keep telling him that he ignores me a lot after he comes home 😛 You’ve gottu do SOMETHING to derive attention!

    Muir Woods is an amazing place! I felt so humbled when I went there and saw those huge trees almost touching the skies making me feel so puny.

    • Pepper said

      Don’t let him buy himself a good phone okay? Basic models are the best! I know I sound evil..:D
      I know.. you have to work so darn hard to get them to switch off .. such a pain..
      You’ve been to Muir woods too? Awesome!

  14. neha said

    erm..unfortunately, I am one of those gadget crazy people 😦 .. Its not that I am addicted to them, but I seriously do love them… but that said, I can let go off them if I *really* try .. or so I’d like to think 😉

    And I love Muir woods too! thats the best thing about CA, I think..there are so many nearby green, hilly places, that you can take off anytime and you are amidst nature in about less than an hour. .. that is so unlike Boston, where I was before moving to the bay area.

    • Pepper said

      Being gadget crazy is okay, as long as you are not addicted to them. Addiction of any kind is bad. So if you think you’re not, then good 😀

      I know, CA, especially the Bay Area is amazing like that.

  15. Pixie said

    yup! totally get what you say! K can’t disconnect completely either!
    Well, neither can I, but that’s different!!! :mrgreen:

    lovely pics! 🙂 the woods and that sleeping pose of Mint is simply way too peaceful for words! 🙂 🙂

    • Pepper said

      You can’t disconnect either? Then in a way that solves the prob… both of you can stay connected and not disturb each other 😛 The problem starts when one can disconnect and the other can’t.

      Thanks.. I love that pic too 🙂

  16. Swaram said

    Wow! What a lovely place, so close at that!:)

  17. I have similar , very similar, ditto problem here. The thing is, we go on short trips more often during our long weekends, but aonce we are back from the trip, hubby is in the same mode once again. The scary mode “Lappy-Camera-Lappy-Camera-Phone-Lappy-Camera-Phone”. Did you notice how many times i mentioned lappy???? That’s the worry! 😦

    I have tried every possible way. Once I even thought that the only way will be to dismantle the laptop and tell him a story that parts dont work and I have given them for servicing , but what’s the use , he might go and buy another one…. Sigh! 😦

    And last but not least, while I was typing the comment, I was going through the comments, and my god.. there are so many like us..!! 😦 We should start “Laptop se Mukti” Yojna..headed by all of us..!!

    • Pepper said

      Sigh.. I understand your pain 😦 .. And I don’t know what we can do about it. Sometimes I believe we were doing fine with desktops. Laptops are so portable, making it very easy to be glued in all the time. There are times when I think they are one of the worst inventions of our time.
      Really.. We need to start that “Laptop se Mukti’ yojna fast.

  18. Scribby said

    It’s been a long time that we’ve taken a break from the routine and the technology..your post makes me plan one such trip 🙂

    between us if you ask then it’s me like Mint..umm not exactly though..I would carry a book with me outdoors and if have to wait I’ll pull it out instead of playing games on cellphone [which I never] but usually it’s me who is most of the times connected to the Internet per say…given that all this while I had a LOT of time on hands…but H is more like you work or no work… 🙂

  19. Chhavi said

    The place is beautiful. The first picture is spectacular 🙂
    I feel the need to disconnect too but the nature of my job is such that I just can’t. 😦

  20. Tanishka said

    I’m the last person to talk about technology…. I find it really difficult to use advanced electronics….
    The pics are cute…. 🙂

  21. Bikram said

    Thats my type of spending time .. I can do this for daysssssssssssss… Thankfully a couple of my friends here are like minded and we do head up with our tent now and then to wander around ..

    Beautiful pictures … Loved all of them ..

    maybe you need to get one of those internet conenction you can roam around with and take the laptop with you, so mint can work outside and a couple of times I am sure he will soon give up the idea of leaving the laptop behind nad enjoying the Ways of the nature .. 🙂

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