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Yet another random post

Posted by Pepper on August 16, 2011

..because ‘random’ is the state of my mind these days.

~ At least four people have asked me if I call Mint, ‘Mint’ in person too. I find that very amusing. Why would I call him Mint? 😀 That is just for the blog. I use worse names in person.

~ Last weekend we decided to drive to some farms to do some ‘cherry picking’. Cherries were out of season, but we did end up picking some fresh peaches. We also bought strawberries, which were oh so sweet. The best part however was the big bunch of fresh basil I bought. I made some good pesto after I got home. Since the basil was picked up straight from the farm, it tasted divine. So far, we’ve been relishing the pesto on french baguettes, pasta and baked potatoes. It is disappearing fast. This week, I am going to try making some guacamole. Wish me luck.

~ I had to meet somebody and I was already running late for my appointment. While driving there, I realised my GPS had stopped giving me directions. I took a closer look, only to realise it had hung. I panicked.  I tried reviving it, but nothing would work. So I just stopped in a corner and prayed to the Gods above. It did start after a good 15 minutes, but in those 15 minutes I realised how lost and cut out I feel without it. Perhaps Mint is right. Depending on the GPS is a bad idea.

~ Mint takes the train to work and I drop him to the station every morning. Many times I carry his bag pack on my shoulder and walk to the car before him. I usually wait for him outside. While walking to the car the other day, an old man greeted me with a ‘Good Morning! Off to school?’. I giggled and told him I was off to drop my husband to work. I know I look tiny, and with the bag pack and my hair pulled back in a high ponytail, I must have looked really little. I wonder when people will stop asking me the  ‘What grade are you in?’ question that they keep asking me so often.

~ I have an internship offer from a big financial services company. I feel like turning it down because it so different from my field. I wonder if experience  here will count at all. But on the other hand, this is all I have at the moment. I have to either take it or leave it. Beggars after all can’t be choosers. I am so confused.

~ I have been reading mommy blogs for light years. The names of MM, Kiran, Rohini, Sue, Parul, Tharini, Poppin’s Mom, Moppet’s Mom and everybody else who is a part of the old mommy blog gang make me so nostalgic. Some of these people don’t blog anymore and I feel  sad when I think about it. Especially because I have only been a lurker on most of their blogs. I really wish I had delurked, at least at some point.

~ Speaking of moms, it was my mom’s birthday on the 15th. We sent her a cake, which we ordered online. I called home at the end of the day to ask them how the cake was and they told me it hadn’t reached at all. So I dug out the contact details of the company from their website and called them up to find out what was going on. The lady at the other end sounded so unapologetic and coolly told me that the cake had probably not been delivered on time because 15th August was a holiday in India. I was furious. If they couldn’t make the delivery on the specified date, they should have said it earlier. Because of them, the cake didn’t reach my mom on her birthday. Hmph.

~ We saw Mallika Sherawat at the Indian fest that was happening here this weekend. She was talking about her admiration for the ‘brains of Silicon Valley’. For some reason while she spoke, my mind kept playing ‘Bheege Hoth tere’ in the background. Weird, I know.

~ I need to buy some good jackets now that winter will be setting in. I am tired of wearing the same old hoodies and sweaters.

~ I feel so blah!


34 Responses to “Yet another random post”

  1. R's Mom said

    and your random posts are the most interesting 🙂

    – School girl is it eh!
    – Beggars dont need to be choosers..dont take up the internship if you dont want to 🙂
    – I can relate to the mommy blogger thing 😦
    – you made pesto..marry me Pepper, marry me 🙂
    – you dont call Mint as Mint in real life ;( thats pretty sad 😦 Imagine getting up in the morning and saying ‘hey mint utho na’ and then mint saying ‘arey pepper thoda sone de na’ and then you saying..but mera toothpaste phir pepper hi rahega..tum uthoge toh peppermint banega na!!! *forgive me, I am the mother of a 3 year old who has the weirdest sense of humor!*
    – those cake walas..idiots..next time you want to send a cake, send me an email..I will ensure it reaches on time 🙂 otherwise RD hai na..car leke delivery karne ko 😉

  2. Mi said

    Aww!! That was so cutely random!! 🙂

  3. LOL @ bheege honth tere. I know that feeling. I can always think of her skimpily clad look even when she’s covered from top to toe. 😛
    Wow – cherry picking. I’d love to do that. Is there a place in India that allows you to pick fresh fruit off trees? Would love to have the experience sometime..
    Yup, being overly dependent on the GPS is not a good idea. 🙂
    So cute – you being mistaken for a kid. 🙂
    the fresh basil sounds awesome. BTW is basil the same as Indian Tulsi? Can it be used in Italian food? Any idea?
    Also, pleaseeeeeeeeeee to share the recipe for pesto. Wanna try it out at home too.

    • Pepper said

      I am sure there are places in India that let you pick fresh fruits off trees. Maybe in the interiors and the rural areas. India is full of farms and orchards anyway. 🙂
      Yes, Tulsi is a kind of basil. And it took my dumb brain years to realise that. Basil is a common name for a family of herbs. The leaves in the one used for Italian recipes are bigger than those of the Indian Tulsi. I’ll mail you the recipe 🙂

  4. Yo Pep..am so happy about the internship offer. Whether you take it up or not, it feels good to know that your skills are wanted in the market, isnt it? Take your time and decide,it will be fine..
    Bloody hell, why would you complain about being called a school girl? Take it from me, dont. I miss it now when I dont get carded anymore in clubs or the beergarden. Sigh.
    Yum. Are’nt freshly picked fruits and veggies the best?
    And blegh. I do NOT want to think about winter. I just started walking straight after hunching back against the cold for 6 months. 😐

    I like your random posts, btw 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I don’t know if I feel too happy about this internship offer 😦 Because I know I have no skills when it comes to finance. They probably just need people right now and its cheaper to take me on than anybody else. Had this intern been in HR, I would have been delighted. But, I won’t complain when I have something in hand.
      Oh I hate being carded 😀 .. I guess I’ll miss it when it stops happening though.
      Fresh veggies and fruits are the bestest!
      You don’t want to think about winter either? 😀 People ask me to not complain about the cold since I live in California. They ask me to think about people living in NY. But I still can’t help dreading the winter here..

  5. Bikram said

    Coincidence One more My mum’s b’day is also te 15th august 🙂 .. Many happy returns of the day to your mum .. do extend my regards to her…

    and the delivery people they only know how to take money very bad on there part..

    abd hey Is Mint’s name MINT 🙂
    I did not ask if you called him that he he hehe

  6. That’s funny whom ever asked if you call Mint as Mint.
    You do really look so schooling girl, I would have asked the same question if I didn’t know ur age 🙂
    Decisions are always tough, just relax and let your mind and heart decide what you need. Just follow your instincts. There is never a good or bad.
    You made all those yummy food, when can I visit you Pepper?
    I had received cake of my birthday few years ago and was super excited,but this is crazy that they didn’t deliver on time..your mom’s birthday on 15th Aug..that’s an awesome date we all celebrate your mom’s birthday every year 🙂

    • Pepper said

      You can visit me anytime you want to LF. You’re always welcome of course 🙂
      And yeah my mum’s birthday is on the 15th! I always tell her the entire nation celebrates along with her 🙂

  7. Ashwathy said

    I use worse names in person. ROFL!! 😀 What a beginning to that post!!! 🙄

    I loveeeeeeeeee strawberries n cream with iced sugar. Yumyumyumyum!! 😀 Reminds me of my breakfast in London!!!

    Depending on the GPS is a VERY bad idea. It’s an electronic item and it can malfunction at any point. You’d do better to rely on your own senses…..and yes you need to work on your sense of direction. Like, really work consciously on it.

    As for the ‘what grade are you in’ question….consider it a blessing. You are going to look young no matter how old you are. Do you realize how priceless that is? 🙂
    Many times I carry his bag pack on my shoulder
    What!! I do the reverse! I make my hubby carry all the heavy stuff! 😛

    What kind of internship offer? What would you be dealing with, what’s your role? Can it remotely be used to be enhance your CV? For example, interacting with clients, managing tasks, that kind of thing? Then take it up….. it will occupy your spare time. However if you are still thinking of going with the NGO idea, then keep this on the backburner for now.

    Truly sorry to know your mom missed her cake 😦 Next time you can avoid that stupid website and go for something which specifies that they will deliver that day.

    I feel so blah!
    Sums it up eh?? Go for a nice winter sale….get some new jackets. That ought to cheer you up! 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Ash, I love your comments because you are one of the few who comments on everything that was spoken about in the post 😀
      – I love strawberries too! Just that I like them with chocolate sauce poured on them.
      – I don’t know how to fix my sense of directions. I will have to try really hard!
      – His bag pack is not really heavy. But anyway I am nice like that.. I keep asking him to share the heavy bags with me 😀
      – Oh I think anything can be manipulated and put in a way that it enhances your CV. So yeah, this one can too. I will probably take it up.
      – The worst part about the website was that it specifically said they do same day deliveries. Even when we ordered it, we got a confirmation email that said the cake will be delivered within a few hours. So I got really mad when it didn’t happen 🙂
      – I plan to shop. Yes 😀

  8. Chhavi said

    Ha ha ha… You have managed to put up a great post in this random frame of mind of yours.

    It seems you have been cooking some pretty fancy stuff. That part reminded me of Masterchef Australia 🙂 🙂

    Dropping one’s spouse to work. That’s so sweet. 🙂
    When people mistake you for a school going girl just take it as a compliment.

  9. I *love* random posts! 🙂
    Oh and totally rofl, that calling Mint “Mint” part! 😀

  10. Sig said

    Hahah love the random posts 🙂

    Mmm…pesto has been on my list of things to make – I actually have all the ingredients except a good parmesan cheese. Hungry now! 😀

  11. scorpria said

    i loooove random posts! I think i’ll write one soon 😀

  12. Tanishka said

    @school gal – Din’t you tell him you are a Santoor girl… 😉
    Lol at bheege hoonth tere… 😀

  13. ajay said

    Now I want to write a random post too. lol at the school girl. 😀 What was his expression when you told him you were off to drop Mint for work? 😀

    • Pepper said

      I didn’t exactly wait to see his expression. I giggled and passed by. Would have been fun to note his response though 😀
      I am waiting for your random post !

  14. Scribby said

    where is my comment? or I think these days I comment in my head 😛 there are lot of posts on other blogs too where I think I did comment but there is no comment seen in reality… or is it my comments that you bloggers are discarding 😉

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