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Making the transition

Posted by Pepper on September 6, 2011

It has been a little crazy around here from the time I started my internship. Perhaps because so far I was comfortably lying in my cushioned, carefree existence. I did what I wanted, when I wanted. And now, being forced to adhere to a routine, being answerable to my manager, being responsible for other everyday stuff seems very hard.

If today is what a typical day for me looks like, then I am in for some serious fun.

–  Woke up in the morning and rushed to drop Mint.
– Got back home and ran into the shower.
– Got ready and decided to treat myself to a mug of hurried coffee before I leave.
– Walked into the kitchen to see a big pile of dishes in the sink. There was no washed mug in sight.
– Made a mental note to myself – *Do not leave undone dishes overnight. Get more organised*
– Quickly washed mug and gulped down coffee like a vodka shot
– Got to work and spent half of the day *trying* to work and the other half looking at the clock.
– Realised I had forgotten my lunch box at the kitchen counter at home.
– Ignored the above fact and continued working.
– Got back home in the evening, tired and a little grumpy.
– Ate my forgotten lunch
– Rushed to pick Mint up.
– Got back home.
– Was informed by Mint of his very important deadline coming up in 10 days. That translates to “I am really sorry but I won’t be able to help you around the house until this thing is done”
– Hmphed and went to the kitchen to tend to the dishes. Spent an hour scrubbing and cleaning.
– Left home to run some errands.
– Got home and heaved a sigh of relief. I would finally get some respite.
– Realised the relief was short lived. It was already late and I hadn’t even started cooking.
– Wished dinner would self cook for the nth time.
– Spent some time peeling, chopping and cooking and kneading the dough
– Asked Mint to go and make chapatis. Heard him ask me if I could do it today, cos he was busy.
– Got mad and yelled at him.
– Felt horrible.
– Took a little break while he made chapatis.
– Realised there were a lot of clothes to fold.
– Ignored the above fact.
– Had dinner
– Cleaned kitchen
– Took another shower
– Collapsed in bed and typed out this post.

Okay, I feel dead. And to think of it, this is what everybody goes through everyday? I mean, how do they have the energy?

I know things will get better. I will get used to this. Mint will be around to help. And that its not such a big deal. I know all of it so don’t say it to me. Right now, I feel like somebody has snatched away my cosy covers, forcing me to face the harsh weather conditions on my own all of a sudden. I will learn to deal with it eventually. For now, I will pull back my covers and say ‘Good Night’.


50 Responses to “Making the transition”

  1. RS said

    😀 All the best!

  2. Wow…how many hours were there in your day…U girls overwhelm me with the amount u manage to do and still manage to blog…Phew!!! Ummm i dont make food or wash bartans – advantages of living in a country where we can pay people to come and do the same – 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I know.. I feel overwhelmed when I read about people who do all this, AND take care of kids AND maintain an active blog.. Don’t know how they do it…
      Wish I could afford to pay someone to do that stuff here..

  3. R's Mom said

    Awww! darling…hugs hugs hugs..

    I can so understand that feeling…Muah to you and Mint and I am sure you can definitely aaramse get used to it..after all you grew up in Mumbai..once you survive in Mumbai, you can survive ANYWHERE in the world – RM baba ka latest sermon 😉

    Can you perhaps cook a bit in advance on the weekends like LF does…or eat bread (wheat?) instead of chapatis?

    • Pepper said

      I used to have a very busy life in Mumbai.. lekin that time there was mom at home to take care of everything. And of course we had a maid. I think I can handle a lot of work, but when it comes to physical labour, I get stressed out..

      Weekends? I am hardly ever home. And if I am home, I doubt I’ll have the enthusiasm to cook.

  4. Well, what can I say? Welcome to my world. This could very well be my everyday schedule, with a few modifications. 🙂
    But yes, you will get used to it.. and in time, the better half will be able to help out… as mine did.. 🙂

  5. S said

    If you had the energy to write this post, I am sure things will get better and you will fit the routine soon 🙂

    All the best for internship. Hope you have a lot of learning 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Thank you S.. I do try and scoop out all the remaining energy to write a post before calling it a day. Don’t know how long I will be able to do that though 🙂

  6. ashreya said

    hmmm… i am not able to imagine this.. poor you.. dont worry no work will reduce but you will get used to it.. :).. i am just thinking what you would do when you have kid/kids. :).. all the best dear…

  7. Bikram said

    How can you type .. Collapsed On bed .. i need to learn that ART.. The moment I lay in bed I am like ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…

    Good night to you too Hope you had a agood sleep .. take care

    Ps. Mint knows how to make Chapatis WOWOWWOWOW KUDOS hats off to Him.. I cant make them 😦

    • Pepper said

      I usually lie in bed and read for a bit before sleeping. This time I typed out a post
      Mint makes great chapatis. He better know how to do it. Because I refuse to. Lol.

  8. Pixie said

    hugs babes!

    It will get better once you fall into some sort of routine…
    You will strike a balance taht works for you guys… till then, do as much as you can – even if its as little as possible! (does that make any sense?)

  9. Free Spirithtar said

    Seriously Pepper.. I often wonder how people even manage with a kid..

  10. Good night to you! 🙂

    And the post reminds me so much of the time I stepped into the kitchen to cook a meal all by myself, when the in-laws had come for a visit. I was wondering how on earth people do this daily.

  11. bini said

    Oh don’t worry. Its like this for all of us when we start.Took me awhile before I got into a routine. Routine’s keep me sane but at the same time don’t go kokoo if your off the routine for a couple of days:)

  12. Comfy said

    Can I make it a worse, please? Please? 😀 😀 Add a kid to the mix and see how much fun that is 👿

    OK OK. I will be nice. Hugs, lots of them. Give a shout out anytime you need to get it all out of your system. Hugs again.

  13. aww..take care peppy! Days are like this for me on busy office days..on normal office days, things are not that hectic.. Plus, we do lots of shortcuts in cooking..so its not tiring!
    Sleep tight 🙂

  14. Hey, you wanted to work- you asked for it .

    Ok, that’s plain cruel of me 🙂

    But very soon you’ll know why we kept saying ‘enjoy your be-at-home time while it lasts’ – we go through this exact pains day after day.

    It will definitely get better though. You’ll plan better and hurry lesser over time.

    Do eat lunch without fail ok? No skipping food pepper dear.

    • Pepper said

      Arey but that time also I knew how it would be. I specifically said I *was* enjoying my time at home cos I knew it would be crazy later on.. I still don’t know what I want in life actually..

      Thanks.. I should really be more particular about my meals 🙂

  15. Mahes said

    Hahaha! It will definitely get better, time management is the key.
    Wait till you have kid(s) – evil laughter 🙂

  16. nisha said

    Get help/maid and make life a little more comfy! U deserve it 🙂

  17. Aww you poor baby! 🙂

    Do find time to day dream as well ok? It keeps you sane 😀

  18. Sig said

    Sounds like busy times ahead!

    I’ve been doing that routine for the last couple of years and still haven’t gotten in right. Sigh.

  19. Mi said

    Sigh!! I pretty much do the same thng!! But its fun now!

  20. Scribby said

    Oh I’m jealous of your routine right now…I too want one like this 😦 it feels like ages that I’ve been sitting at home,sigh!

    by the way you were good and you managed is the most important thing 🙂 so YAY a pat on your back and tight hugs for days to come 🙂

  21. ops I am sure things will fall into place, the initial few weeks are tough , but after that you get used to it and you learn to manage and prioritice better..I am giving gyan but I crib everyday how tough my life is I am maid cum cook cum baby sitter..

  22. Anjana said

    weve read maaany blogs abt how the hubby does this and that and about how awesome he is etc etc. dont know how it is really in real life. kudos to you for being honest and keeping it real. 🙂

  23. kinmin said

    I totally know what you mean.. but I’m sure you’ll be fine..
    I don’t make chapatis, just get frozen chapatis from the Indian store.. or you can try whole grain bread if you like.. and i usually cook about twice a week and make more food so that it lasts the entire… i just don’t have the patience or motivation to cook everyday! 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I don’t have the inclination to repeat/eat the same food for more than 2 consecutive meals. I get so sick of it, I start skipping meals. So I do want food to be cooked at least once a day, if not twice. I know I make things difficult for myself and then complain.. what to do 🙂

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