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Posted by Pepper on September 8, 2011

Since I’ve been a little edgy in the past few days, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the small mercies and show some appreciation. Here are a few things I am thankful for today.

To start with, I am thankful to my manager for wearing heels. The clicking of her heels always warns me of her nearing presence and gives me that one precious moment to stop day dreaming and feign the “deep, serious too engrossed in work” look. I know I need to practice the art of dreaming while staring at the screen. For now, my head wanders in random directions.My favourite spot is the ceiling. I stare at the ceiling, looking at it as if it contains all the answers to life. Thank God she wears heels. And thank God my office is not carpeted.

I am thankful to the DJ who made me laugh dementedly on my drive to work. I didn’t even curse the long signals.

I am thankful that the weather is now slightly chilly at nights. It will give me a chance to wear the new leather jacket I bought during my shopping spree last weekend.

I am thankful that the book I was reading (I Don’t Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson) is finally over. The protagonist was annoying me too much. The fact that she was a fictitious character and I couldn’t give her a piece of my mind was really bothering me. I am glad I don’t have to endure her anymore.

I am thankful for the fact that we ran out of all essentials today and that it went unnoticed until I walked into the kitchen to cook. The lack of basic ingredients gave me an excuse to not cook a proper meal AND not feel guilty. How awesome is that?

I am thankful for the fact that, for a change there was charge in my ipod when I felt the urge to listen to a particular song. Other times I have to wait till I get home and log on to the comp. Or else I have charge in the iPod but no current favourites hovering in my mind. Very rarely do my urges and my ipod battery life coincide.

I am thankful I saw a girl with the most godawful nose ever. It feels good to know I don’t have the worst nose on the planet. Yes, I do take solace in your misery.

This stuff is good..


46 Responses to “Thankfulness”

  1. Sig said


    Love it. Feel like I need to get on this feeling thankful wagon – I have plenty to be thankful about 😛

  2. This post made me smile from start to end..I need to stop cribbing and start looking the positive things that’s happening in my life..

  3. R's Mom said

    and I am thankful that Pepper decided to share her thankfulness with all of us and make us smile 🙂

    You havent seen me baby, once you see me, you will realise a nose cant get worse than this one 🙂

    and no ingredients..ordered pizza is it? I so feel like eating pizzas now

  4. Lol on the last point!!! maybe i will “copy” the idea of this post 🙂

  5. Bikram said

    🙂 lots of things to be thankful about .. you are lucky then 🙂

    Yes one should always be thnkful for the little things Good of you …

  6. scorpria said


    Was I the girl whose nose you saw? 😀 Bah i have a real bad one!

    And, you’re working now!? Don’t tell me you blogged about that and I didn’t read. I think Alzheimer’s is setting in earlier than I was sure it would!!

  7. Kunal said

    And I am thankful that you are thankful to so many things.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you 🙂

  8. Scribby said

    lol @ staring at the ceiling !!! hahaha I need to talk to your manager it seems 😉

    mean mean lady…not to cook and not to feel guilty about it 😛 😛 😛 actually you are not mean you are smarty pants 😉

    no wonder we clicked Peppy…you’re a cracker !!! made me laugh…thank you thank you…

  9. DI said

    Oooh, someone’s all positive! 😀 Good for you!
    At the moment, I need myself a list like that too, to make me feel a little better, though I am dead sure that would be super tough! :S

  10. Sands said

    I have an awful nose too. There’s another reason to feel happy 🙂 Loved the lack of ingredients contributing to the lack of guilt in not cooking. Classic 🙂

  11. Thank God for small mercies no? Many a days when am running like a headless chicken a very trivial thing happens and that makes me smile.

    The RJ playing the right song at the right moment on radio is one of them.

    Thanking so profusely for the boss wearing heels – LOL!! You are funny 😀

  12. Comfy said

    Thankful for heels, I would be too if I did not have all glass in the name of a wall and I face the said glass wall so I know everyone’s comings and goings. All I have to do is daydream while looking at my computer screen. Not difficult that 😀

    I love when we run out of something which means I get a day off cooking so I can totally understand your joy.

    Glad you found so many things to be thankful for 🙂

  13. Bhavani said

    All I want to say is you are too cute….:)) Lol at the post…

  14. DegeSMS said

    i m thankful to you.

  15. Pixie said

    you have a perfectly nice nose! 😛

    and dreaming at work and pretending to work will come with experience! 😉
    we are all out of the essentials too and so, no proper cooking till we make an effort to go and buy stuff! 🙂

  16. I smiled reading your post..
    well you haven’t seen me but let me assure you that you can take solace in my misery as well… (have the big “pakoda” nose)

  17. Tanishka said

    So much of positiveness… Good, keep going… 🙂
    Lol at gal with godawful nose… 😀

  18. Chiquita said

    The food bit is really funny…sometimes it really makes sense to make happy lists…really!
    Btw, you’ve totally stopped visiting…not good 😦

  19. lol! for a moment there, I thought it was a mushy post and i was proven right 😛

    love the heels part, try resting your chin on your hand, that’s how I got myself “trained” at looking at the monitor and dreaming.

    and shut up, your nose is perfect.

    • Pepper said

      Oh yeah.. chin on hand would facilitate dreaming in a comfortable position 😛

      And my nose, let’s not talk about it. You think its perfect only cos you’ve seen it from the front. My side pose is terrible. Ask Mint how much he and my family love to ridicule my nose.

  20. Childwoman said

    Hahahah!! this was a funnny post!!

    I loved it! 😀

  21. stuti said

    lol…this was funny , more so because it came after a bout of a lil negativity seeping in your last 2 posts 🙂

  22. Betty said

    I like to read your posts and you do a great job in conveying things right!!! Keep up the spirit!!

    As you said, we sometimes need to just sit back & think of all blessings we have !!!

  23. Awww
    That’s such a sweet way of being grateful for the little mercies in life. 🙂 Tempts me to do a similar post. 🙂
    I LOL-ed at ‘thanks to my manager for wearing high-heeled shoes’ 😀

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