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Were they really warned?

Posted by Pepper on September 23, 2011

Did they know what our generation will be like?

Happy weekend!


9 Responses to “Were they really warned?”

  1. Bikram said

    Nooooooo they been hit pretty ahard with reality.

    But aaaage aaage dekho hota hai kya… Picture abhi baaki hai mam….

    You have a great weekend tooo… Take care

  2. Tanishka said

    I’ am not sure if facebook was really meant for this… 😀

  3. Ashwathy said

    hahahahah 😀

  4. Anjali said

    Hilarious….so funny and yet true…it’s voyeurism at it’s best with all the social networks around us

  5. ROFL

  6. RS said

    Hehehe So true. Today’s FB does seem so silly to me… With all of you doing such posts (read RMs?) makes me want to put my own thoughts out too…

  7. scorpria said

    ROFL! Awesomeness. Heh!
    I don’t think they were warned 😀

  8. shital said

    Too cool Pepper. You have a very interesting blog and i come here often . Commenting for the first time though .

  9. Ha ha, this is so true!

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