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The story of the iPod

Posted by Pepper on October 17, 2011

Another one from my drafts..


I am not too fond of new age technology. High tech cameras, cellphones, kindles, ipads all seem like such a waste to me. My iPod is much loved though. In fact, I am emotionally attached to it. Let me tell you the story behind it.

I had set my heart on an iPod touch when I was doing my Masters. That was the time when I used to chat with Mint day and night. We were in a long distance relationship, with me being in UK and he in the US. Chatting seemed like the most convenient way to talk. So we’d both be glued to our laptops, with our web cameras on. In fact, we would even sleep with our web cams on. I know, that sounds pathetic now. But it seemed “sweet” at that time, to watch the other person lie in bed and drift off to sleep. Being able to see each other all the time made us feel close, when the thought of the physical distance would haunt. Oh anyway, I digress.

So during one of our marathon chat sessions, I told Mint I was thinking of buying the newly released iPod touch. He told me that was a bad idea. I was a student, I shouldn’t be so indulgent and basically talked me out of it. I gave up the idea of buying it, but kept wishing I had one all the time.

It was the 2nd week of February. Valentines Day was around the corner, making sure I was in a grumpy mood. What? All around me there were couples holding hands, cuddling, taking walks, gifting each other flowers. Every such sight would depress me. It would remind me of what our relationship lacked – physical presence. Each day I would whine to Mint about it, and blame him for the distance and hear himΒ apologize. For what, I still don’t know.

On the eve of Valentines Day, when the clock struck 12, I heard a knock on my bedroom door. BFF#2, who I was sharing an apartment with peeped in, saw me chatting with Mint with our cam on, giggled and walked away. Confused, I walked to her room to ask her what was going on. This is the conversation that followed:

BFF: You here? Tune kuch dekha nahi? (Did you not see anything?)

Me: Kya nahi dekha? (What did I not see?)

BFF: *Giggling* Forget it. You are just blind.

Me: Huh?

BFF: Nothing, go back to your room.

So I walked back and told Mint that P was acting weird and talking in riddles, and that she called me blind. He laughed and told me he thinks I am blind too. He said maybe I should go back to her room and see Β if I could spot anything. Eh? So I did that, and yet again, I saw nothing unusual. By now, the BFF and Mint, both were having a good laugh and talking about how blind I was. I was puzzled and mad at them because they refused to tell me what was going on. Instead they kept asking me to go back and forth. I must have made about 20 trips, from my room to hers, and then back. I think I saw it the 21st time. A little bag hung on the knob of my bedroom door.

The BFF and Mint heaved a sigh of relief when I saw it finally. Neither of them could believe I hadn’t seen it, despite me walking into my bedroom and turning the same knob the bag was hung on! What can I say? I hope they know now that I don’t exaggerate when I talk about my defects.

So there it was, a little blue and silver paper bag in my hands. I was “awwing” at the hand written cards and asking Mint how he managed to have it deposited to my bedroom door at the right time when he told me to go through the contents of the bag carefully. That is when it tumbled out. The iPod. I kept staring at the little black and silver instrument, unable to believe it. I opened the last card, and it asked me to power up the iPod. When I did, I saw a big bunch of blooming red roses on the screen. The message said I would have to make do with those roses until he can give me the real deal. Sweet no? I think I was on cloud 9 that day. I was hesitant though. I wasn’t sure if I should accept such gifts from my boyfriend, but I was asked by everybody to not over think.

I then insisted on knowing the logistics. Mint bought the iPod and handed it to the BFF, when he visited me in December the previous year. The BFF was given the task of hiding it and delivering it to me at the right time. He then mailed out the cards and sent them to another’s friends address. After that, all the items were put together and the pack was assembled and hung on my bedroom door at midnight.

I had asked him if I should buy an iPod myself in January, when he had already bought this one for me. No wonder he got worked up and talked me out of it.

He had loaded the iPod with my favourite Hindi songs, some of his favourite Tamil songs, some English classics and a few episodes of Tom & Jerry. I absolutely love it. It has been my companion during walks, on flights, in buses and trains, at home, in my bed and practically every other place. I am fiercely protective of it.

I seemed to have misplaced it the other day and was on the verge of a panic attack. Mint kept asking me to calm down. I finally found it and was beyond relieved. His response to my question, “What if I had lost it?” was, “So what? I would buy you another one”. Β He indulges me so much, should that make me happy? Or should I be mad because he doesn’t understand how special *this* one is to me? I don’t know.


56 Responses to “The story of the iPod”

  1. JV said

    Aww that’s so cute. I have a deep attachment to my iPods too so I understand. I have 3 and each one of them mean a lot to me for various reasons. Even though I got a new iPod touch now I won’t get rid of my old iPods. Its horrible I can’t imagine my life without an iPod. so sad lol

  2. awww…dont be mad at him! πŸ™‚
    I can so relate to the long distance and the webcam thingy! S and I were in LDR for almost 3 yrs and we used to keep our cams on the whole day! (except in office). We saw each other cook, talk to room-mates, sleep… It was such a relief. Webcams, I tell ya..are a godsend! There are just so many ym chats in my archives from those days, that it is fun to read them even today and laugh at all the cheesy things we did and said back then πŸ˜€

    • Pepper said

      Same pinch! Same pinch! We would watch each other cook, eat, sleep, read and do everything else on cam. And I often laugh reading our chat archives cos of the super cheesy things we said to each other too πŸ˜€

  3. Preethi said

    Awww….Mint is so adorable.
    You guys used to sleep with your webcams on, ha ha, I find it ‘sweet’ as well.

    I understand what you mean when you say that how special ‘this’ ipod is for you.I lost the phone that my husband gave me on my first bday after our marriage. I cried so much, didnt eat anything for almost 2 days and I still long for it. Though the husband gave me another one, that lost one was/is just so special to me.

  4. R's Mom said

    Aiyo thats so so cute…This Mint fellow seems unreal rey…Mint you are real are you???

    but seriously cute…what a start to a grumpy Tuesday morning πŸ™‚

  5. Chhavi said

    πŸ™‚ Sweet. It was very sweet of Mint to surprise you Valentine’s day and it is very sweet of you to have a panic attack when you thought you had misplaced his gift.
    Some gifts, which have a cute little story attached to them, can never be replaced πŸ™‚

  6. RS said

    Awww! No doubt you love the iPod – it has such a sweet loving story behind it – no wonder you can NOT misplace it!

    I lost my diamond finger ring that he gave me forf 2nd anniversary – I had kept it in my wallet during delivery and then someone flicked my wallet 😦 – I still dont wear finger rings yet- though he has promised to buy me another one-it will not be the same 😦

  7. Seema said

    That was really a sweet story. I too had a LDR before marriage but sadly we lost all the chat archives. 😦 It would have been fun reading ’em now.

    You walked past the door so many times and didn’t notice the bag??? *Shakes head in disbelief*

  8. neha said

    Its so cute πŸ™‚

  9. Same pinch on
    Long distance webcam mania
    iPod as valentines gift πŸ˜€

    But no same pinch for not seeing something hanging on your door knob. You are too cute πŸ˜€

  10. i guess everyone has an ipod story but urs is uber cute πŸ™‚

  11. chandni said

    I like this Mint Boy. Be nice to him. πŸ™‚

  12. Bikram said

    WOWOW .. Bless him.. Oh i remember those days trying to send gifts to someone special and roping in their friends to do the work .. YEah long distance sucks sometimes so have to take help of friends nearby .. Sometimes the post got delayed .. sometimes they sent too early and all that pallava …

    Brilliant ..

  13. shaktii said

    wow pepper thats so sweet of mint…no need to say that you are one lucky girl! and btw first time here and i just love your blog.. so many stories and nice write ups.. and yeah i love ur eyes man!!
    visit mine when u have time.

  14. Scribby said

    didn’t I said the last time I like Mint so much? πŸ˜€ tell him that again πŸ™‚

  15. Aww…this is such a sweet post πŸ™‚ Totally adorable πŸ™‚

  16. He thought ahead for you and brought it during his visit in December?!..to be given in Feb?!

    Girl, that in itself steals the deal. How thoughtful! πŸ™‚

    I can understand why the iPod is so precious..and no wonder you are so fiercely protective about it.

    Sigh! * smiles and drifts off to dream land of her own *

  17. Comfy said

    Oh God, your friend and Mint are right. You are blind and I can imagine the fun these guys must have had that day πŸ˜€

    The ipod is special, I have to agree. Total aww on the post πŸ™‚

  18. Gayatri said

    How sweet Pepper! I’m a sucker for college romance so I’ve been gushing and “awwww”-ing through this post. It’s these little stories that help us keep our cool during those crazy in-law times right?

  19. Aww. Adorable your boy is(okay okay, you too :P)

    the BFS gifted my first iPod and .. I lost it. So she gifted me another one and told me I’d get nothing but iPods if I lost the second one 😐 Needless to say, I keep it very carefully! πŸ˜€

  20. dipali said

    Such sweetness, Pepper and Mint! Love you guys!

  21. dmbaxi said

    Hmmm Even I feel so much attached to my I-pod that I end up not to give it to any one! It was a gift by my parents!!! πŸ™‚ My loyal life-partner I call it πŸ™‚

  22. Tan said

    Awww….Mint is so romantic πŸ™‚

  23. shital said

    Very Cute Both of you πŸ™‚

  24. You know what? I see the future me and my own Mint in your posts:) They are straight out of my plans for our future, right down to the last rose. Thank you for these, they reinstate my belief that everything will work out and I’ll have the life I dream of. Thank you so much:)

  25. Chiquita said

    ‘Mint Mush’ should be like a registered trademark! All his stories don’t ever fail to give me goose flesh.
    He’s awesome and I’m so happy for you!
    Just got back to this space and so glad to read all this.
    Btw, I don’t have the pass to the hope post 😦

  26. What a mint boy i say! I likes!!!

  27. […] moment I realised it was gone, I could feel a deep wail filling my throat. My iPod was precious to me. And we had purchased the laptop just before moving from the US. It was a good one. We had […]

  28. aparna said

    The story is so sweet and mushy!!!! Every girl dreams of a bf like that.

    I know now how special that gadget is to you. Ask him to buy another ipod.

  29. […] is around me. So today, I will put up some of my favourite songs. These songs were packed into my iPod. Those were the days in which Mint would stay up all night and translate each line for me! Yes, we […]

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