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Slice of life

Posted by Pepper on November 9, 2011

So something happened that made me pull down my blog two days ago. I am not going to reveal reasons here, but let me just say that whatever it was, it affected me very deeply. I was in two minds, shall I put up the blog on the www again, or shall I let it lie buried underground, where nobody has access to it. Emails started pouring in. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who wanted to know if everything was alright. So many unknown readers wrote in. I owe a reply to each one of you. I will get to it soon. Thank you so much. Other than that, I am amazed by the number of people who requested access to the blog. Some of them I have known and interacted with in the comment section and on mail, but most of them were completely new names to me. Maybe you folks should say hello sometime?

I’ve been busy. With the in laws around, I hardly had time for anything. There were a lot of moments I wanted to record, so many events I wanted to share, opinions I wanted to express, but there were always massive time constraints to deal with. Not that I had no time. Oh, I did. But I had to make a choice. I would be exhausted by the end of the day, and in the limited time I had, I could choose to either collapse on the couch and watch TV, or open my laptop and type out a post. I chose the couch and TV on most days.

We made a trip to LA with the in laws a few weeks ago. Despite all my apprehensions, we had a good time. We went to Universal studios on our first day, and the next day, we finally went to the place I had been excited about for years – Disneyland! Going to Disneyland and meeting Mickey has been a childhood dream. We went through the rides and it was finally time for the parade, where I would get the first glimpse of all my favourite characters. Mickey was the first to come. I also got to see the Princesses. If you ask me, I will say Rapunzel, with her long hair looked the best. In the evening we made our way to Mickey’s home, where I had a chance to meet him personally and take pictures. Not only did I go, I also dragged Mint and the in laws with me. If you think I am stupid and childish, go away. While we waited in line there, Mint commented, “We are the only group of people here with no kids”. I looked around and realised he was right. Hmph. Anyway, Disney was fun. I did like the place, but despite that, if you ask me if it was worth the price we paid, I will say no.

The in laws had a list of things they wanted to buy before they left the country, and we had left all the shopping for the last few days. Mint ended up having some important work on the last minute and conveniently excused himself, which meant, I had to take the in laws around everywhere all by myself. I don’t trust the GPS too much, and driving to unknown places by myself terrifies me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t left with a choice this time. So everyday after I would get back from work, the three of us would pack ourselves in the car and drive away into the dark evening. We got lost only one time, the rest of the times, we managed. Phew. It gave me some good bonding time with my mil, but the everyday outings left me with no time for myself.

The in laws left last weekend. Just the next day, my class mate from UK arrived with her husband. They’re going to be staying with us for about a week. I love having guests over, but this time, I’ve not had much of a respite. Anyway, its good to have the house full. We’ve been chatting, going out and having fun. In a few days, my aunt who lives in Chicago is going to be here. Like I said, people have been pouring in. I have my hands full. It’s time to get back to regular blogging though. I can only stay away for so long. So everybody, moi is back!


106 Responses to “Slice of life”

  1. Sig said

    Hey….since I read through Google Reader didn’t even realise you had!! But I’m glad that you are back whatever the reason. 🙂

    The trip sounds like it was a lot of fun! I’ve been to Tokyo Disneyland – twice – and loved them! But the second time I went they had built right next to it Tokyo DisneySea which I loved even more because the rides were scarier – they had WHOLE WORLDS for The Little Mermaid and Aladdin (my faves) and more suited towards adults. That being said, everyone needs to go to Disneyland once in their life.

  2. Gayatri said

    Welcome back Pepper. Looks like you’re going to be busy busy busy! Glad you’re having a good time. I’m going to LA next month and totally intend on doing exactly what you did (meeting Mickey & all) … So I might have to get some travel tips from you 🙂

  3. Preethi said

    I am so gald to see you back Pepper. I was very worried for you but didnt know your email ID. I didnt want to intrude on you as well if you intending on some privacy. Hope things are back to normal for you and take rest dear.

  4. scorpria said

    You pulled down your blog? when? why? bah…i have been sooo out of touch, i dint even know 😦

    anyways, good to know you had such fun at Disney…and even better knowing that the in-laws had a good time too. i’m sure i can never take mine thr 😦 they’ll hate it to bits. i shall go alone 😀 someday.

  5. Yay! Pepper is back! 😀

    Been thinking about you for the past couple of days wondering if all was well with you. Had you not posted today, I would have definitely written an e-mail.

    Nice to hear that you had been having a fun time vacationing. Keep smiling, always!

  6. R's Mom said

    yayayayayayya! you are back..awesome 🙂

    Disneyland eh? *please ignore the jealous me around you*

  7. Anusha said

    I took a sigh of relief when I saw this post 🙂 and wow u went to Disneyland 🙂 🙂 Its good to read that u managed pretty well with all the hectic days …..Wishing you some fun and relaxation in the coming days:) ….and in any case if u decide on the blog to go private,please count me in the list of readers …

  8. deepa said

    Hi Pepper,
    Nice post. I am one of the new names who has requested access to the blog. I came across your blog while i was on another and i have to admit i have offlate started reading a couple of blogs with great intrest cause they seem to share views similar to mine.
    I can completely relate to your situation with “no me time” at all coz i have been having my own mom and in laws in my house for a while now…and am in the same state…
    Keep writing…look forward to seeing more of your posts.
    all the best

    • Pepper said

      You have your mom and in laws in your house at the same time? *Bows to thee*. I would never do that 🙂

      • deepa said

        ha pepper, fortunately they get along very well..i must admit my in laws are very sweet and nice..my mom can sometimes become the “mother in law” of all of us..but not my mil…am based in Dubai adn all of them are here for their first Dubai trip ever 🙂

        • Pepper said

          That’s great then. I would always worry I won’t get enough time alone with my parents if my in laws are around. Glad things are different for you 🙂

  9. I do hope you get some time to relax between the job and guests, I really do! *hugs, pepper*

    and a big yay! to the driving – from one directionally challenged soul to another 😀

  10. Swati said

    You were not the only one. We bot our ctures cliked with dora when we had no idea who she was.. After half an hour wait in line!

  11. Nikita said

    Thanks Pepper.. for making it public again. Somehow connecting with random dots like you, and fellow bloggers means a lot to me.

  12. RS said

    Thank God all is well and you are fine. I was wondering what happened!

    And next time dont stay away for too long! We all miss you. Have fun with the guests 🙂

  13. Bubblegum said

    Helllo?! And and welcome back! I can see my present in your past! 🙂 😛 somewhat!!

  14. Ashwathy said

    I looked around and realised he was right. Hmph.
    Who says you have to have kids to enjoy Disneyland? Double hmph!!!

    It gave me some good bonding time with my mil, but the everyday outings left me with no time for myself.
    Its ok, it’s worth it. These are the moments you should cherish. Who knows, it may help you as stepping stones to slowly build your relationship with in-laws? 🙂 Don’t burn the hope yet……

    Eeeks!! People are pouring in left and right!! I love having people over too, but I definitely won’t be able to deal with so many back-to-back. Good luck!! You need it…..!

    • Pepper said

      Yes, yes, the bonding time is worth it, I think so too.
      And regarding the sudden inflow of guests, it will be over in a few days. Then I will relaxxxx. 😀

  15. Jack Point said

    Hope things are ok, good to have you back. I was searching all over for an email address but WordPress does not seem to have it anywhere.

  16. smitha said

    Welcome back Pepper! You were missed!

    We did Disney before Poohi was around, and had a wonderful, wonderful time:) I did not meet any princesses but both of us did every ride – multiple times 🙂

  17. VidBala said

    Hey Pepper, You don’t know how happy I was after seeing your post here. I tried many times to open your web page for the last couple of days but failed! I don’t know how many times I hit this button to know if it was open. Now, with little hopes left, I opened this page. just felt “awwww”!!! Felt happy and relieved after seeing your post! I did not have your mail id too so did not know how to get connected to you. I wanted to write to MM and RM to get your mail id.

    Finally ! am happy now pepper. You have become an integral part of my life.

    🙂 VidBala

  18. Bikram said

    Well a funny conversation happened this morning wheni walked into my work place.. there is a thing going on about out of hours support to clients (for my IT job) .. and we wee discussing it and one indian guy made a comment That is easy for english but for indians it is difficult we can go home and find 2 guests standing and the nstaying for a week .. We can find that we are abut to go out for shopping and the door bell rings a few guests walk in …

    the last paragraph of your article brought a smile 🙂 I have not had guests for ages now ..

    and yes blogging you make so many friends and out there in the open are people who care for you and think of you… You may not know ..

    you take care and keep smiling

  19. neha said

    thanks pepper for coming back i woke up from a bad nightmare…reading your blogs is a part of my routine…keep blogging(like this only)…..you do a gr8 job everytime

  20. Pulling down this blog! O_O There are a lot of people you don’t know and who would be disappointed.

    You should take a backup and share that, before you pull this down!

  21. And getting an update from your blog on the feeds is something I look forward to.

  22. Hi Pepper,
    I have recently got into world of blogging and also reading your blogs.I did read couple of your blogs just dint leave any comment.
    So yesterday when I accessed your blog to read and with determination to comment I saw it was blocked.Heart broken I was but glad you are back..plz keep writting will ya?

  23. I loved Disneyland Paris too 🙂 And I didn’t care one bit about not having kids or being one. 😀

    Busy girl, come back. We have a lot to catch up 🙂

  24. Meenu said

    Good to see you back!!!!!!!

  25. jyotsna said

    hi pepper.. am so happy to see ur posts again… came across ur blog last week thru r’s mom’s blog and finished reading all ur posts in 2 days… lemme say i have 2 kids i live in the uk and dont have much time..every break i got i used to come back to read one of ur posts.. n suddenly the access was disabled… oh my.. i felt soo bad and cheated!!!! i did read ur post where u had mentioned about wanting to go private but i hadnt expected that…
    very happy to see u back in public!!!
    keep blogging…. am a tamilian and am impressed with the husband mint…

  26. soulmate said

    Good to see you back girl.. I was wondering what happened..
    I can imagine what happens with guests constantly coming. But enjoy it for the moment. After that relax.. Christmas is not very far.. Everything will become beautiful…

  27. Tanishka said

    I haven’t read the previous posts but I’m so glad that your blog is still accessible…. Just in case if you decide to make it private make sure I get to read it…..
    So many guests…. Doesn’t it gets difficult for you to manage so many of them???

  28. Glad you are back, peppy. I thought the MIL post made you make your blog private.
    Anyways, try and not to exert yourself too much with the guests…go for a nice relaxing massage or a spa treatment! 😀

  29. The in-laws leave and then there are freinds, later relatives. You indeed have your hands full. I agree every bit when you say you like havign guests but it is a bit overwhelming this time. Hmm. Take it one day at a time babes.

    Pinged you when the blog wasn’t available. But too much happening on my end ( details later), so couldn’t check further. Felt relieved to find it back online anyway 😀

    Have been to LA upteen times, many times to universal and cal adventures, never to disneyland..Paapu will insist in few years. But now I know whom to send her off with if I don’t want to go 😉

    Keep writing, we miss you Pepper dear! 🙂

  30. ajay said

    Last time I dropped by your blog I was disappointed to see it marked private. I am glad you made it accessible again. 🙂 Welcome back to the blogging days 🙂

  31. Anu said

    Hi Pepper

    Very very glad that you are back. Was concerned when I saw that your blog was not visible.
    Guess life is full of ups and downs.
    Do take care and enjoy yourself with your guests.

    Warm wishes


  32. Mayborngemini said

    Super Glad you didn’t make your blog private.I would be one of those people who wouldn’t request access(too shy) but would have missed it like crazy…..Do write about what made you take it down for some time..

  33. Dhivya said

    I am probably one of the many people who requested access to your blog when you made it private. I was hoping so much that it would come back up. Your writing is a lot of fun to read and perks me up a lot. Glad you are back !

    And Disneyland….:) 🙂 Its always fun. I have been to the one in Orlando and not sure how different it is from the one in LA. But the thing is the place does make you feel like a kid and have loads of fun. Even my hubby liked the place a lot in Orlando (I was not even sure if he would like the kiddy things there but he was like a kid himself there 🙂 )

    • Pepper said

      I am not talking about people like you Dhivya. If I remember correctly, you’ve commented earlier. I am talking about names that were totally new to me. They just popped out of nowhere requesting access. I was a little taken aback to see so many unfamiliar names 🙂

      Mint has been to the Disneyland in Orlando and he says that one is better than the one in LA.
      I love watching adults turn into kids 🙂

  34. VJ said

    Yay !! U are back !
    I dont comment as often as I should..but read every single post of yours !

  35. Rambler said

    hey..great to see your blog back up again

  36. good decision to come back, that’s all 😛

  37. Rugved said

    That is some resounding comeback pepper! you surely are a hit. hail pepper

  38. Peppy girl!! Good to see you back!

    I love love disneyland – it’s my favouritest thing in the USA…it’s amazing how much it makes u feel like a kid! You feel like skipping around the place dont you!

    Sigh – so many relatives, i know what you mean. At times, you just need time to make a mess, put your feet up and say ummm MR house & all obligations please wait!

  39. Seema said

    Did not realize that you had pulled down this space but I did think of you and assumed that you must be busy as the ILs were leaving.

    Glad that you are back… Hope you get to relax soon!

    Plz post some disney land pics no?

  40. Shruti said

    Glad you are back! I am one of those who read your posts regularly, though this is the first time I am commenting. Was so unhappy to see your blog marked private. Please please don’t restrict access!

  41. Dhanya said

    Hey Pepper….
    Delurking for the first time…love the way you write and I was mighty disappointed when you restricted access to your blog!!! But I wasnt sure if I should ask for permission to read!!! But am so happy to see you back!!!! Keep writing girl….!!!!!


  42. Seema said

    Glad u r back!, was wondering how to get hands on your email id to request access to the blog (if it’s okay with you ofcourse)

    Hope you had a good time bonding with the in-laws

  43. I saw that you had made your blog private, but did not want to intrude on your privacy. Hope all is well now. Good to see you back! 🙂

    Having guests over can be very satisfying and fun, but it can also leave you drained and with no time for yourself. Same feelings here. Nevertheless, I enjoy having my house full too…

    Wow! Disneyland sounds like so much fun! I should plan a visit sometime..

  44. Shamim said

    Hi Pepper! My name is Shamim and I reside in Missouri. I stumbled onto your blog a few months back when I was reading Siggy’s blog. I love reading your posts and I am so glad that you decided to make your blog public again! 🙂

  45. Hey! I’m not sure if I’ve commented here before, but I recently found your blog and was going through some old posts. Love the way you write and was a tad dissapointed when you closed down 🙂 Good to have you back! 😀

  46. Deboshree said

    I guess I wasn’t around here when you closed down. Whatever it was, I am glad you are back. Keep blogging Pepper! And stay good. 🙂

  47. Scribby said

    I don’t know what’s happening at your end,totally disconnected 😦 we need to catch up…call me sometime now…it’s been long due!!!!

    Miss you!

    • Pepper said

      Oh God. I found a bunch of comments in spam! I don’t know why WP is doing this to me 😦
      It’s been so long, I know. I was just thinking of that. I’ll call you soon. After 11 am is okay for you na?

  48. Scribby said

    my comment is missing from here 😐

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