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Fun times

Posted by Pepper on November 23, 2011

You know that thrill you feel when you count the remaining days that lead to your vacation? That excitement and anticipation? For me, that is a big part of the whole holiday experience. When that is missing, I feel like I skipped the beginning and jumped right on to the middle. There is a reason I never miss reading the preface of every book. To me, it’s as important as the first chapter.

Sadly, that is not how things work for us. Almost all our holidays are planned on the very last minute. Let me just blame Mint for this. Until the last possible second, I don’t know if we’re going or not. So if we’ve to start our holiday on a Saturday, I will be living in suspense till Friday! It makes me feel disoriented. Shall I allow myself to feel the excitement? Or shall I not? I will be tearing my hair apart and that is when we will finalise things in a mad rush, pay thrice the amount that others would for the same trip and pack in frenzy. I hate it, but its the price I pay for not being willing to plan the trip and get the bookings done myself.

I had been telling Mint to plan our holiday since a few weeks. He didn’t do it. This time, I will spare him because I know he was genuinely caught up with stuff. As a result, we started looking at rates, holiday prices and available tickets etc, only two days before our intended date of departure. I chose the destination. The price that we saw made me cough, choke and splutter. The overall trip would cost us more than what we pay to go to India. This would be an expensive holiday. Shall we go or not? Is it worth the price? As usual, Mint left the ball in my court and asked me to decide. I dithered, thought about it and then passed the ball back to him. You decide! And then he did. He decided we will go and made the bookings. A part of me still thinks he did it because he knew I wanted it.

Well, so there. We leave in a few hours. I am excited. We’ve had a lot of holidays, but this is one I am really looking forward to. Mostly because it involves the things I love. Beaches and warm sunny weather. I’ve packed some good books, sunscreen, bright skirts and my iPod. See you soon.


24 Responses to “Fun times”

  1. Ashwathy said

    Haha I know what you mean…..a lot of my travel is last minute planned. Coz many a time I’ve no clue whether my leave will get sanctioned, whether they would be any other plans coming in between etc. And yes, the ticket prices are steep 😦 So nowadays I try to plan it out atleast a little in advance. But what the hell, the journey more than makes up for it! 😀

    Have fun 🙂 And bring back loads of stories for us to entertain us 😉

  2. kavya said

    Will miss you pepper-Mint 🙂 have a lovely vacation and do write as and when you get time 🙂

  3. Preethi said

    Have a super fun trip and come back with all the lovely pics and Pepper-Mint tales.

  4. Scribby said


    • Scribby said

      have fun you two 🙂 read,relax, rejuvenate and come back refreshed 🙂

      Happy Holidays 🙂 *hehe just reminded me of the school times when we used to wish each other ‘happy holidays’ before the summer break*


  5. R's Mom said

    you coming to India???

    enjoy the holidays babes 🙂

  6. Seema said

    Yes yes, counting the remaining days to vacation is certainly thrilling! I have another month to go 😀

    Mint is so sweet re. I forgive him for plucking skin off his fingers 😮 (till you come back from vacation, that is :evil:)

    Enjoyyyy your expensive holiday 😀

  7. you two have a gorgeous holiday, okay?

  8. RS said

    Wowowow! Happy Holidays and Enjoyyyy. Sigh! Makes me crave for one too…

    Are you going to Hawaii??? Just a guess looking at the list of things you’ve packed… HAve fun!!

  9. Bikram said

    Have a great time and enjoy.. sorry could not comment on previous articles was way …

  10. Comfy said

    I on the other hand love to plan vacations at the last minute. For me the wait kills half the fun so last minute planning always has me happy. You get the tickets done and soon you are off. What fun 😀 In fact I once even planned my India trip like that. Booked tickets and off I went 2 days after. 🙂

    And we always get some good deals because of the last minute planning. It takes a little looking but places that are not booked till the last minute lower their rates and we pick them up. So yeah I LOVE these vacations. 🙂

    Hope you have an amazing time. Enjoy the sun, the surf and the sand. 🙂

  11. Deboshree said

    Wow, have fun Pepper! Warm sunny beaches and bright skirts sound like they will do anyone a lot of good. 😀

  12. Rugved said

    Ok, so have a great holiday! hope you are back soon on the blog pepper!

  13. We are so much like you Pepper and Mint. And this post make me smile as I feel this is mine and R’s story 🙂

  14. Shamim said

    Have a wonderful time on your vacation! 🙂

  15. Pixie said

    wow!! Vacation! 😀
    Awesomeness!! come back with loads of pics! 🙂

    Have fun and take care and keep safe! hugs!

  16. Tanishka said

    Happy vacation and come back with lots of pics and stories…. 🙂

  17. have a great vacation

  18. Have loads of fun and come back with tons of pics 🙂

  19. vishalbheeroo said

    Hey i am wid u on Dat..Planned my hol fr 3 mths n its starting on dec 20…since den m counting days, drawing ma shopping lists n making plans.it’s madness

  20. I so understand what you mean – some of our holidays are like that, we are unplanned since the last minute. I don’t know whether we’ll be even going on the trip or not. In their own way, such trips are also fun. I used to tear my hair apart over such holidays earlier, but now, I have learnt to take them as they come. We have had some of our best experiences that way. 🙂

    All the very best for your trip. Have fun!

  21. OMG! OMG! – You went!!!

    If it’s the same place that I am thinking ( is it?)..then yay!!

    The price burn a hole..but it’ll be worth it, you just see 😀

    Am so happy for you two. Have a blast and come back charged up, k? 🙂

  22. planned or un-planned I love vacations equally!!
    We went to santa barbara for thanksgiving with a huge gang of friends and it was a blast!!
    Enjoy your time in the sun and sand coz CA is freezing with foggy mornings (though i do love foggy mornings;)).

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