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Posted by Pepper on November 29, 2011

The comments on my post North Indians VS South Indians wouldn’t stop. I stopped publishing them after a while. Some of the unpublished comments were very polite. I am sorry for not publishing those. I kept saying I would do it, but I never felt like getting into it. Because if I would approve and publish the polite comments, I would also have to get down to approving the not so polite comments that I had been putting off. And honestly, I was tired of responding.

I don’t usually think too much before I write in this space. The North Indian/South Indian issue has been impacting us for a long time now. I wrote about it, detailing the issues and arguments I came across. The comment section, like always, was left open for your thoughts. I enjoy healthy discussions. I believe exchanging ideas and opinions peacefully can resolve a lot of conflicts. Silence only gives rise to bigger misconceptions and as a result creates bigger barriers. Talking about it openly is the first step in the right direction.

Unfortunately the talk stopped being a discussion and turned into a dispute. A lot of comments seemed fierce and vehement to me. The tones reeked of self righteousness with people refuting each other’s arguments. Do we not know how to put across our point without attacking one another s views?

And then there were some comments from people who questioned my actions and went to the extent of telling me what I should be doing! Some people told me I should never have “started this war on the internet”. Err.. excuse me? This is my personal blog. I will write what I want to. This topic is a prominent page in the story of my life. Not too many people will understand the depth of what we go through. How can an issue as huge as this not find a mention on my blog? Irrespective of that, however big or small the subject is, if I feel it should be written about, I will write about it. I don’t care a damn about what it results in. It’s my personal blog, you know? It runs on my whims and fancies. Nobody forces you to read it.  And saying I “started a war on the internet” is stretching it a bit too far. My blog is tiny little dot in the blogworld, and a tinier speck in the world wide web. This place is too insignificant to “start a war”.

I am amazed. Somebody actually told me “not to waste other’s time by writing all this. Spend your time researching the stock market instead”. Wow. It’s really amazing the way people think they have the right to tell me what I should and should not be doing. I don’t know what to say.

Enough. I don’t want anymore personal attacks. I do not want any more volatile comments. I am done with this. However, if you are interested in understanding the linguistic framework of our country, and I hope you are, I strongly recommend reading this page. The link was shared by somebody in the comment section of the said post. It is a very well researched and detailed study examining issues like language tension in India post independence, revolt against imposition of Hindi, difficulty choosing a national language, the pros and cons of having one, dealing with regional diversity, linguistic tolerance, political propagation, etc. As Indians, we all need to spend some time understanding these issues with factual accuracy. I do hope you spend some time reading it.


46 Responses to “Enough”

  1. Aku said

    “blogworld” ? No no, it’s Blogosphere! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blogosphere

  2. R's Mom said

    You got to be kidding…what nonsense..how can people say such things..that too on a personal blog…I mean a blog is a blog because its personal..otherwise you would have written it on a public forum asking for discussions right!

    Sorry to hear it Pepper..honestly I thought you were very polite in that post…I can be a lot more aggressive!

    Hugs to you and no, you arent wrong at all…I hope this doesnt dissuade you from posting…we love your posts..to hell with the others! gah!

  3. scorpria said

    I read that post, liked what you wrote. I’m not very sure if I clicked “Like” (I had been on a hiatus), but I did like it.

    I did not comment. I usually read all the comments that are already there (on certain blogs, on certain topics), before commenting myself. I did not want to comment on this one, because I knew someone would be waiting to pounce on me. I do not take lightly to being attacked like that 😀 I agreed with your view point, and that’s all that mattered to me. maybe I could’ve left you a mail instead, now that I think of it. Oh, no: I was on the hiatus…I forget 😀

    And yea, to people who come on YOUR blog to tell you what should be doing, I really have no clue what you guys/girls think of yourselves! Baaah to yu all!

  4. Ranjini Suley said

    Very well said Pepper…wish more people thought like you do…and thanks for the article…quite detailed.

  5. Bikram said

    ooops 🙂 I hope I was not one of them

  6. Ashwathy said

    Even I did feel that….the more you were moderating and enabling the comments, the worse the tone of the comments were becoming.

    But I am amazed that people came back after so many days to comment again and again on it.

    “Started a war on the internet”?? Wow!! That’s a bloody compliment!! 😀 😀 Your tiny little blog, a blip on the horizon (not to insult your blog, don’t get the wrong idea – just to show perspective in relativity to how big the internet is! 😛 ) and they say you started a war on the internet. OMG, do you even realise how many people your blog influences?? 😀 😀 You should be dancing in joy!!! :mrgreen:

    Jokes apart, show them the finger. I mean what the eff do they mean when they say “not to waste other’s time by writing all this”. Er….excuse me, who asked them to read this if they thought it is a waste of time!! 🙄 There are enough readers on your blog without you being desperate to get their attention….! I mean c’mon already!!

    I think people must be smarting over that ‘letter to a delhi boy’ phenomenon that hit the internet awhile back. But that is no reason to take it out on your blog. While I agree it is a sensitive topic, the least people can do is to have common sense to recognise the kind of writing and its tone. 😐 Regular readers of your blog would definitely know the tone and intent you write with.
    If they are not regular readers, then what were they doing? Probably googling up NI vs SI and then they chanced on your post?? Then they are as guilty themselves 😛 :mrgreen:

    Ok enough said!! I m sure you get my point.
    Chin up gal!
    Don’t think too much. Chill. 🙂
    Remember: Don’t explain. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies don’t deserve it. Simple 🙂

    • Pepper said

      No people didn’t come back after so many days to comment on it again and again. Different people came each time.
      Yeah, I am not thinking about those people anymore. I am done 🙂

  7. Double Inverted Commas said

    Well as they say: “Only the important people get talked about”. Or even: “If nobody is bitching about you, you are doing something wrong” ;P

  8. bjigya said

    Glad to see you found the link worth its while. I hope you had/are having a grand holiday and all the commenting didn’t put a dent in the holiday cheer.
    I was tired of people arguing back and forth with not a shred of credible information. As someone whose partner is also from across ‘the great indian vindhyan divide’ , I had to understand these issues.

    • Pepper said

      Thanks a lot for the link 🙂 I was looking for something credible like that, but all I found on Google was hateful junk. Thanks for leading me to that page. Understanding these issues is very important.

  9. Tanishka said

    It is your blog only Peppy and you did the right thing by ignoring their comments…. I’am shocked that some people actually thought of it as an internet war… That’s just too much…

  10. lolz I so want to know who was that person who told you to research the stock market? sigh!! I don’t know what to comment coz this post is making my brain churn out too many questions 😥

    • Pepper said

      Two people told me that. One comment was more or less polite and spoke sense. The only part that I thought was crude was that statement. And another guy said the same thing in a nasty way.

  11. Did someone really say that? ( research stock market instead)..arrrgh!

    Don’t give a rat’s ass to the offensive ones dear.

    I read through this post and was very sure to find a ‘comments closed’ at the end of it though 😀

    How was the vacay? Need details pls. 🙂

  12. snippetsnscribbles said

    Wow! People said that ?? I don’t know why I’m surprised though! I’ve read such things way too many times now to be surprised!

    Like Einstein said :
    Two things are infinite – the Universe and human stupidity and I’m not sure about the Universe.

    Please write what you want on your blog. If someone has a problem, they just have to leave. It’s not very hard to do that.

  13. bini said

    Can I have your autograph:P

  14. I am so sorry to hear that you had to go through these comments. I don’t understand how people can comment something like this.As you said this is your personal area and you can express your views. Let these things don’t bother you..Enjoy..By the way how was your vacation. We need more details and pics …

  15. vishalbheeroo said

    hey Pepper
    I am with you on this. Few realize that it’s our personal space and we have the right to express..non pleasing to conservative minds.
    Long to c u on my space.

  16. In through one ear, out through the other!! 🙂
    Dont be bothered/surprised by such comments. Such people are plentiful and one cant really do much about it! 😐

  17. Pepper said

    I know. Wish I could accept that easily.

  18. Gayatri said

    Can you imagine how jobless some people must be to spew venom on the internet and advise personal bloggers about what they should and shouldn’t write. Let go Pepper, you’re better than them. I know it’s easier said than done. But it’s the best thing given that no matter what you say, they think they’re right.

  19. Sig said

    Hahah I love this is a fairly polite way of saying “Fuck off. It’s my blog” 😛

  20. Scribby said

    check your spam…past few days WP is sending my 2 paisas to spams 😦

  21. Kartikay said

    Hmm. Look at it this way: I’m sure many first-time readers were introduced to your blog and some of them could later on become regular readers who could contribute sane comments in the future. Just saying!

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