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The Hawaiian holiday

Posted by Pepper on November 30, 2011

The mention of Hawaii would always make me a little wishful. When I sniffed an opportunity this time, I clung to it right away. Prices be damned. I didn’t exactly say that to Mint, but he knew how I felt. It seemed like the perfect destination. For the longest time, I’ve wanted a holiday that does not involve a packed itinerary. I wanted to just sit back and do nothing. Hawaii, with its beautiful beaches and killer weather was ideal. We went to Maui, and it was sheer bliss.

We landed on the island on a bright, sunny afternoon. I gleefully abandoned the jacket I was wearing the moment we stepped out of the airport. What joy it is to be dressed in nothing but a thin, cotton tee when it’s almost December! It’s liberating.

The hotel we were staying in opened into the beach. That was another criteria I had. I wasn’t satisfied with the idea of our hotel being close to the beach, I wanted the hotel to be *on* the beach. Prices be damned, again. It made perfect sense. It gave us the opportunity to run back to our room whenever we pleased. It let us walk to the beach with a towel hung on our shoulders. It even let us take unplanned walks on the beach under the star lit sky at night. No hassle of driving around. Just get out of your room and you are there. You hear the sound of the waves as you sleep at night.

On our first day there, Mint and I had some fun splashing around on the beach. I am usually too scared to venture too far into the water. If you know me personally, you know about the horrifying experience I once had in Thailand. But we held hands, and he took me along into the water, telling me he would keep me safe. I also spent some time sleeping on the sand, spread out on a beach towel. It was heavenly.

The weather was gorgeous and I can’t say this enough. Warm, balmy days and pleasant evenings can make your spirit soar. To add to the charm, there was soft music floating in the air in the evenings, courtesy the guy who would sit by the poolside, strumming on his guitar as he sang. It rained on one of the days we were there. We couldn’t hit the beach, neither could we step out. So we hung out in our room, walked around the resort and finally sat by the pool side with a colourful cocktail and some beer battered onion rings. The strange part was me getting hit by a single drink. Really. One drink was all it would take for me to start feeling tipsy. And each time I would think I should stop, I would hear Mint say “Le re. Kuch nahi hoga”. (Just have it. Nothing will happen). He is the one who spoils me and then goes about telling the world that I am the one who spoilt him. Hmph.

We went to Haleakala National Park and we were actually on top of the clouds. I had gone in a flimsy cotton skirt, but thankfully had my jeans in the car. I ended up changing into my denims soon. I don’t remember the elevation, but we were high up there in a world above the clouds. One of the pamphlets I read said the park has such a high elevation, if you go up to the summit and look, you can actually see the curvature of our planet. We did huff and puff our way to the summit, which included the Halekala crater area. It was the first time I saw a volcanic region. However, the air up there was thin. I was gasping for breath and had a sudden headache. We didn’t spend too much time there after that due to my altitude sickness, which was also starting to make me feel nauseous. I threw up in the car on our drive back. Mint says it was the sight of me throwing up that made the cows turn around and walk away. Never mind.

Can you see us standing above the clouds in these pictures?

And of course, we went for a Luau party, which had all the traditional Hawaiian dances, fire eaters, music and unlimited food and alcohol to go with it. It was great, but like Mint said, India has so much of folk talent too. A lot more than all of this put together. We do not monetize it the way they do.

And then there was the food. We bought two big bags of chips and packs of Oreos which we stocked in the car. Driving always comes with munching. For our meals, we ended up going to the same place a lot of times. It is called Aloha mixed plate. I highly recommend it. They have great cocktails and amazing desserts. Their garlic fries are the best I’ve had. I love food. I love eating. I do not understand how people diet and deprive themselves of such pleasures. Food is the best.

Anyway, next we went into a Lava tube. Isn’t that exciting? Imagine us walking into volcanic lava that erupted years ago, solidified and formed cave like structures. It seemed like a long, rocky tunnel. It was pitch dark inside. I held on to my flash light, hoping it doesn’t slip out of my hand and roll away in the darkness. We read the signs posted that explained the formation of the lava tube, studied the structure and texture of the rocks. It was so informational and exciting at the same time. If only I had seen all this as a child, I would have understood all that my textbooks said a lot better.

We had such a lovely, lovely time. Hawaiian folks seem to be in a good mood perennially. They greet you with the warmest “Aloha!”. In fact, they don’t say it. They sing it. They are always smiling and go out of their way to help you. And they are a chatty lot. I remember the first day we arrived, we were just driving up to the reception of our hotel when a man asked us if we were there on our honeymoon. No, we said. He told he asked because we looked madly in love. It made us laugh. Madly in love? How? Mint was at the wheel, looking at the road ahead. I was looking out of the window. We weren’t even looking at each other, let alone cuddling. How did we look “madly in love” to him? Mint said he must be saying it to every couple he sees. It’s funny.

It was a grand vacation. I loved Hawaii. My favourite was the black sand beach. Imagine shining, dark black sand. It was beautiful. We drove around the island, ate good food and desserts, drank great cocktails, took pictures, lounged on the beach, drove to scenic waterfalls, slept a lot, shopped and had a fabulous time. I came back with sand in my hair and the sea in my eyes.

90 Responses to “The Hawaiian holiday”

  1. Anon said

    I love all your clothes. You know?
    N all these details r ok. Now tell me the interesting part. How much sex did you have on this holiday?

  2. R's Mom said

    Wow! now thats a perfect vacation..you know Pepper..STOP posting full pictures of yours…your figure makes me jealous gah!I better start dieting before you plan your next India trip…otherwise when we meet and I hug you, you will be squashed in all my fatness 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed yourself…lovely way to relax na 🙂

  3. Sraikh said

    Lol abt the sex. Such a relaxing holiday. Must search I archives abt Thailand.

    We are planning on a vacation there ext year but with my char bache, I doubt it would be this relaxing.

  4. scorpria said

    I agree with Anon! I love all your clothes too!

    Sounds like a real blissful holiday.
    I shall soon come back with (indian) sand in my hair and the (arabian) sea in my eyes 😀 I’ll write about it then. 😀 😀

  5. Comfy said

    That is where I thought you had gone. Hawaii is amazing is it not? I LOVE the place. The only thing different we do is get a condo rather than check in to a hotel over looking the ocean. Yes it has to be ocean front, ocean view does not work for us.

    Your pictures makes me want to head back there all over again. I want, I want. D where are thou? 😀

    • Pepper said

      I am guessing an ocean front condo will be a lot more expensive. It sounds perfect, but I doubt we’d be able to afford it with a single pay cheque. 😦 We already spend a little too much.

      Yes! Tell D. Go there with your gorgeous girls now. 😀

  6. Preethi said

    Lovely pics Pepper. Glad to know that you had a relaxing, fun trip in Hawaii.

    I simply hate to go on a packed holiday. I noticed that husband and I fight a lot when we have our itinerary planned. So I prefer to go to a place where we have more of nature trips than going to see some great architecture/monuments.

    You said that ‘you do not understand how people diet and deprive themselves of such pleasures. Food is the best.’ – I agree food is the best, but people like you can afford to put on weight. Not everybody has that privilege 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Same here Preethi. Most of our holidays so far have been quite packed. We are always rushing from one touristy place to another. So this was a good change.
      And I wouldn’t care about the diet either way, even if I couldn’t afford to put on weight 🙂

  7. RS said

    Yay!! My guess was Bang-on! 😀

    Ok, I can understand why you dont understand the diet part-you are sooo thin!! So eat it all up!! And the pics are lovely. Can we have more pictures? Looks like a fantastic holiday 🙂

  8. Dhanya said

    Lovely description and even better pictures!!!! I so want to do a beach holiday now!!!!

  9. Anu said

    Hi Pepper

    Glad to know that you had such a great time. You deserved the much-needed break.

    till later

    take care


  10. Deboshree said

    Seems like a gorgeous vacation spot P! The volcano-walk sounds awesome…

  11. you holiday junkie, you! (okay, im jealous :|)

    that pic of you jumping is awesome!

  12. bikram said

    Awesome is the word.. And so is jealous as I am so much…

    Beautiful photos you guys had fun…
    Would love to go there one day…

  13. AB and I always feel this when we see other countries – while the monetize their “cultural pride” by educating tourists and showcasing it, our people adopt vandalism and violence in taking pride in our culture (more often than not). There is absolutely no dearth for magical stories in the country and we could do with the tourism sector booming and the cash inflow it brings 🙂

    As for the pics – I want to wear hot pants too! Damn the weather! 😀

    • Pepper said

      Exactly CR! India has so much potential that they don’t utilize. The tourism industry can fetch our country *a lot* of money. Wish they realised that.
      I know. Either go to a hot place to wear the hot pants or wait for summer 😀

  14. First thing I notice: The pics.
    You have a waistline to die for! What do you do to preserve it? I had the same 2 yrs back but now it has started bulging. 😦
    Now I’ll go read rest of the stuff.

  15. KV said

    awwwww… madly in love.. :):) can be seen in pics 😉 that man was right :):) …. superb travelouge ….

    no jacket in december… man.. should I book the tickets now to hawaii :):) ..

  16. tinu said

    great to know u had fun…lovely pics…Did u take the pic of mint jumping above the clouds? Too good one…

  17. Ashwathy said

    WAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 😥 I’m J!!! Totally 😦 Sigh……

    BUt I loved the totally fab pics you’ve put up….and a lovely recount of the whole trip. Now I know where to plan my next vacay… need to start saving up of course 😉

  18. Sands said

    Lovely post. Brought me back memories of our first trip to Maui same time of the year with the kids. The older one said she wanted to be back there when she turned 16 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Fun age to go there. Just a few more years to go right? 🙂

      • Sands said

        yup 2 more years. FYI, like Comfy said, the condo is a much cheaper and spacious option 🙂 We did that the last time!

        • Pepper said

          So since you guys said its cheaper. I got a little confused and wondered why Mint booked the hotel. I know him and he’s really not the kind to pay any extra if he can avoid it. I asked him and he said he got a package deal combining the airfare and the hotel accommodation, which was a lot cheaper than other available options that he saw. So that explains it then.
          Next time, it’s the condo for sure!

  19. Meenu said

    Woww….looks like you guys had a whale of a time!!!! Hawaii has been in my list of ‘to-go’ places for a long time, hope we make it soon!!!

  20. Scribby said

    I came back with sand in my hair and the sea in my eyes……..sums it all up 🙂

  21. Deepa said

    Sounds like a lovely holiday!! We went there when I was 4 months pregnant. I snorkeled, went on the helicopter, did para sailing, everything that the doc didn’t recommend ;). Which islands did you go? We went to the big island, Maui and Oahu. Hawaii is pure heaven, one that you never want to leave.. sigh…

    • Pepper said

      Wow! That sounds fun. That is the usual stuff people do when they go there. This time though, I wanted none of that. Instead of snorkeling and para sailing (which I’ve done before), I spent time digging in the sand and running on the beach.
      Yes, Hawaii is pure heaven, whatever you do.

  22. Gayatri said

    LOL @ Anon!

    Looks like you guys had a great time. I too need my resort to be “on” the beach. 2 mins away just doesn’t cut it!

  23. CA said

    Hey Pepper,

    You actually seem to have had loads of fun … good for you. Hawaii is one of those special places where kids and adults have fun alike. We went to the “Big island” 3 years back with a toddler in toe and had as much fun. The vacation was all about relaxing with some site seeing thrown in between. One of our best vacations I tell you.
    We visited the local farmer’s market and bought loads of guavas and papayas and other fresh fruits:) (my favorite fruit) It was paradise to BP who always advocates fruit eating. Oh yes … we got to taste the tender coconut juice … Hawaii reminded us a lot of India .. especially Kerala.
    One of the best experience of them all was visiting this local bakery …. the softest bread (regular and guava) and muffins. And their tiramisu is to die for … safe to say we spent quite a bit of time and money there 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I totally forgot to mention the fruits there. Especially the pineapple, it’s oh so sweet! And their coconut pudding is heavenly. Now I wish i had tried the tiramisu there. Maybe I should plan another trip there just for that.:D

  24. See my guess turned out to be true.It is one of my dream vacations too. Its a bliss to have a warm weather in the month of December. The pictures speaks a lot, you both look great and what that guy said is true madly in love with each other :). You look so cute, looks like a teenager, and how do you maintain a fat free body? So impressive. Mint looks like he put on some weight. Is it your new recipes wonders? or impact of mom’s visit ? I love all the pictures and happy to know you had a great time, that is most important rt?

    • Pepper said

      Look like a teenager? Well, thank you! For somebody who stepped out of the teens 6 years ago, that is quite a compliment. How I maintain a fat free body? By consuming all the fat 😛
      Mint has always been this fat I think. Lol.

  25. SK said

    Did you do the Road to Hana? Did that make you throw up?
    Invariably everyone heading back from Hawaii to mainland cries. Vacation over!
    Agree with some commenters here, looking nice and thin!

    • Pepper said

      We did do the road to Hana, and despite all the million turns and hairpin bends, I was quite okay. The altitude at the Haleakala National Park is what made me sick and throw up.

  26. I love such vacays more where there is no particular itinerary you have to stick to. Just relax and do whatever your heart pleases 🙂
    And I absolutely loved your skirts. esp the orange one! F21 se kharida?

  27. bini said

    I will go there again soon..soon..when all is well again:)

  28. I came. I saw. I read. I’m jealous! That’s all I have to say 😛

    The first comment really cracked me up 😀

    • Pepper said

      That comment cracked me up too 😀
      Jealousa? Mission accomplished then 😛 I like getting people jealous. Most of the times I am the one who is jealous when I read such posts on other blogs. So this feels good 😛

  29. RK said

    wow! bet it was a fantastic – sun filled holidays! I love beaches and warm sand. We live 3 hours from the coast and always ensure have hotel booked right on the occean! it has its own pleasure na? I conciously capture memories on the beach and cherish it for a long time!
    You both look fab in the pics!

  30. Mera to ji bhar gaya Pepper! To read about such a gorgeous vacation you two had makes me feel content..somehow 🙂

    The Haleakala point above the clouds is damn fabulous! Isn’t it? The sunrise there is supposed to be one of THE MOST beautiful in the world.

    You looked sexy Pepper..cute dresses.

    Plan more of such vacations.. impromptu or not, Ok? Ok 🙂

  31. I think this is one place we will never see in our life unless it snows in Hawaii 😥 All the 3 of us are highly allergic to too much of the sun 🙄

    Pics are awesome and Mint up in the clouds is my fave 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Wha? You are allergic to the sun? You’ve lived in India for about 23 years! Heck, you’ve even lived in scorching Madras for sometime! And you saying you can’t tolerate the gentle sunshine in Hawaii for 4 days? Kitna drama! Baap re! The sun this summer in CA was harsher than what it is in Hawaii now. Hawaii is mild and pleasant. 😀

      Thanks, that’s one of my favourite pics too. 🙂

  32. Smitha said

    That sounds like such a wonderful holiday!! We keep planning to go to Hawaii, but from here, it is a long long long trip 😦 Last December, we almost gathered courage, but then decided to go to Orlando instead. Now seeing your pics, I wish we had been to Hawaii instead!

    The sunshine must have felt wonderful!

    And I love your orange skirt!

  33. Tan said

    The pics are wonderful… Seems like you guys had a gala time :). I too hope to visit Hawai some day 🙂

  34. popbiscuit said

    Nice! We are going there later this month so I read your post closely for places to see, where to eat etc..
    Reading your post and seeing the pics makes me want to fast forward the next 3 weeks of work before I actually get there.Sigh!

  35. Scribby said

    waiting for the ‘real’ photos 😉

  36. Mahes said

    Lovely pics and a happy post! Glad you two had a blast. Did you go to big island? If so, can you email me? We are planning for a trip soon. sona.s2011(at)yahoo(dot)com

  37. Chhavi said

    Holidays in Hawaii!!! Wonderful. The pictures look great. The fourth one is fabulous.

  38. Aparna said

    Hi, Just found your blog and enjoying reading it. We went to Maui a couple of years ago and loved it as much as you did. Yup, I ended up getting major altitude sickness and throwing up in the car, post Haleakala too 😦
    You write well, I’m off to read more posts 🙂

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