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Taking it too literally

Posted by Pepper on December 9, 2011

Mint: *Slightly annoyed* Kahaan thi? Maine tujhe kitna bulaya.

Pepper: *Puzzled* Tune mujhe bulaya? Kab? How come I didn’t hear it?

Mint: Kitni baar bulaya. Go check the number of missed calls on your phone.

Pepper: *Confused* Missed calls? Tune mujhe bulaya ya call kiya?

Mint: *Giving me the “how dumb can you get” look* Huh? Hindi main call karne ko bulana bolte hai.

Pepper: *Speechless*

And then I had a good laugh and haven’t been able to stop laughing ever since. Darling, you continue to dazzle me with your Hindi.


PS – My apologies if you don’t know Hindi. This is one time I couldn’t get myself to translate.


86 Responses to “Taking it too literally”

  1. Mint boy so sweet.. even I probably will be talking in those lines, but lucky that I have an husband who speaks in those lines as well 🙂

  2. swapna said

    You guys are so funny 🙂 ,( in a you guys would be so much fun to hang out with kinda way) !

    My second comment of the day , i’m not stalking your blog pepper 😐 ,but I think I need to get off my lazy butt and get a blog of my own .
    Thank you for all the wonderful stories !

  3. Sig said

    Hahahhaa. *technically* he is right 😛

  4. Gayatri said

    You guys totally need your own sitcom!

  5. Anu said

    cute one pepper.
    but phone karne ko hindi mein kehte kyaan hain???

  6. Seema said

    ROFL…. Hahaha, and you give me a good reason to laugh all day today!

    Good one! Hey by the way, do you know Tamizh? (Mint’s mother

    • Seema said

      (Oops, the comment got posted while I was typing)

      I meant to write (Mint’s mother tongue is Tamizh no?)

    • Pepper said

      Nope. I can’t speak Tamizh, not properly at least. I do speak broken Tam, throwing in Hindi and English words in the sentence when I don’t know the Tamizh equivalent. He has *so much* potential to make fun of my Tamizh. I am surprised he doesn’t, instead he makes fun of my Hindi!!

  7. Sraikh said

    That whole convo can be with me and NK.
    It makes perfect sense to me. Bulaya = calls

  8. Shamim said

    Haha, this is hilarious Pepper! Lol

  9. Smita said

    lol!!! Darn cute!!

    Remindes me of my college days. We used to say “down ho gayi” when menses started….but I wanted to be different so I started saying”main gir gayi” needless to say this would alarm people 😉

  10. Damn! but i also thought of bulaya on the cell phone alone,…god we south indians are a lost cause 🙂

  11. scorpria said

    My sympathies are with Mint this time. Bah. 😀
    i probably know half the hindi he does 😀

  12. ajay said

    Haha. I got the much needed laugh. 😀 😀 I recall an earlier post on Mint’s Hindi and I think you should take some responsibility for the same. 😀

  13. Aaah something like that happened to me as well. My friend from Madras and I met after 13 years here and while leaving, she said “veetuku poi koopdu”. Which in Hindi is “ghar pahunchke bula”. And I was confused. I said “how will you hear me?”. Only then she said “call me” in Tamil is “koopdu”. 😀

  14. bikram said

    So mere khyal se aapne mint ko wapis bulaya ke nahin…

  15. Ashwathy said

    LOL!!! 😀
    This reminds me of my dad’s Hindi….! He gives even better gems sometimes!!

    I remember once we had a new kitten and it was not adjusting to the house nor even trying to be friendly to us…inspite of it being over several days. Finally we had to drop it back to the house from where it came….with its mommy cat n siblings.

    The moment the driver returned after having it dropped off, my dad asked him: billi ko apne mataji ke paas chod ke aaya kya?? 😀 😀 LOL!!

    • Pepper said

      Hold on! What is so wrong about that line? Correct hi toh hai!

      • Ashwathy said

        You are even worse!! 🙄
        When was the last time anyone called a billi “MATAJI” 😛 😛 😆

        • Pepper said

          Hahah! When I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with that sentence, I showed it to Mint and asked him what he thought. He said the same thing to me too! That a billi being called “mataji” is funny.. but I didn’t think it was thattt wrong. So I will overlook this and say your dad’s Hindi is pretty alright 😛

          • Ashwathy said

            Yea well…most of his Hindi falls into the ‘funny’ category first and then the ‘wrong’ category next. Like the time he said: darwaza band karo varna makhan andar aayega… he meant makki :mrgreen:

            Stuff like that. Now you can’t tell me that is correct 😛

            Anyway we enjoy his accent and his Hindi….its a quite variety. They love him at his office just for this!! So no harm done 😉

        • Smita said

          I agree with Pepper on that!!! Nothing wrong in your father’s hindi per se.

          I mean what will he call a mother’s cat? Cat ki ma??

          And please do not question my hindi 😀 Am proud of it!!! It is my mother tongue 😛

          • Pepper said

            See Ash, I am not the only one who thought it wasn’t too wrong 😛

            • Ashwathy said

              Hey Smits…. refer to my second example please 😛 Like I said, his Hindi falls into the ‘funny’ category first and ‘wrong’ category later.
              And no matter if it is mother tongue or not, you do not say billi ki mataji !!! I agree it is not grammatically wrong, but results are still funny! 😉

  16. R's Mom said

    Awww! this guy is a sweetheart…his Hindi is exactly like my mom’s…..ma used to tell our neighbour aunty maine pani pakada to the act of filling water….it used to be hilarious 🙂

  17. Yasmeen Akhtar said

    LOL.. u taught him hindi real well 🙂

  18. Tanishka said

    LOL… He seems to be hell bent on using “Shudh Hindi” 😀 😀

  19. i think his hindi is perfect. i was able to understand everything.

    this is some kind of discrimination – you better remember that we are the founders of ek gaav mein ek kisaan raghuthaa tha.

  20. hahaha awesome

  21. ROFL!

  22. bini said

    I will say with utmost certainity that my hindi is better than Mint’s:P

  23. Mint said

    Well, I still haven’t seen anyone come up with the correct Hindi *non-English* alternative yet. So until then…I am right 😛

  24. Vimmuuu said

    I would go with Mint here. Thats how we put it across in every other language I know; how different can Hindi be, duh ! 😛 😛 As it is, you all are intelligent enough to read between what we write and speak 😛 😛 😛

  25. Roxy said

    I read this post thrice and I still can’t figure out the difference! I have used bulaya with a couple of my Delhi- Punju friends and they didn’t say a thing! (But then again, I think they were just grateful for me getting my ka and ki right, that they perhaps didn’t notice it. Hmmm..).
    That said, your teasing doesn’t seem to deter Mint from talking in Hindi, so that is a good thing, I am sure 🙂
    And as for your Tamil claims, let me ask Revs :p

    • Pepper said

      You get your ka and ki right? That is very impressive! Even I mess it up sometimes! Not as badly as Mint does, but it’s still not right.
      My teasing never deters Mint from talking in Hindi, because he truly believes I don’t know Hindi myself. He thinks I only know Hinglish. Much to my dismay his Hindi vocab is a lot more vast than mine is. When I need him to translate Hindi movies (like Rajneeti) for me, I want to kill myself.

      Revs won’t know anything about my Tamil. I refuse to open my mouth in front of *anybody* other than Mint. Like I said, I don’t know Tam. I speak very broken bits and mix Hindi and English at my convenience. I say things like “Po. Tanni kudi ke vaa” to him which is a direct translation of “Jaa. Paani pee ke aa”. Maybe I should do a post on “my tamil” once. I come up with real gems each time I talk 😛

      • Roxy said

        No, no. Not at all – I still mix up my ka and ki. A lot! But over the years, there has been a marginal improvement, so my friends are just grateful for such small mercies 🙂

  26. cute you guys are 🙂
    I should not even start with S’s hindi…Bengali language does not have gender concept…and S says things like “tu wahan gaya tha kya?” to me 😉

    • Pepper said

      Most Indian languages don’t have the gender concept. Tamil doesn’t either. I have now stopped reacting to Mint’s gender mistakes. Sometimes he asks me the gender for certain objects and I don’t know it myself. So this gender concept *is* a little shaky. People are just supposed to know it by themselves. There are no grammatical rules. So gender mistakes are forgiven, though they’re really funny 😀

  27. RK said

    Hahaa very phunny Pepper ! It actually made me to translate in Kannada. I guess we just say “phone madadhe”. My friend who is from Mumbai always says “maine kitne bhar phone pe bulaya tujhe”!!
    Must say this was a funny+thought provoking update!

  28. Preethi said

    So cute…technically speaking, he sounds right.
    When I was in Hyd, my friends used to me tease me endlessly on my Hindi speaking skills.

    I worked in a customer care centre and I once had a customer(hindi speaking guy) who was saying ‘aap kyon kaali peeli customers ko pareshan karte ho?’. I didnt know what khaali peeli was and I had to put him on hold and ask my friends on how to answer him. Even after 6 years, when I call my friends they ask me ‘arey khaali peeli, how are you?’

  29. Really funny…

  30. Chhavi said

    Cute 🙂 🙂

  31. Hee hee
    You guys are so cute!

    But you know, in Tamil, telephoning someone is referred to as ‘Naan onnai koopadaren’, which are the very same words used for calling out to someone verbally. Mint maybe did a literal translation into Hindi. 😀

  32. Deboshree said

    But he is right you see. 😀 Super wisecrack! 😀

  33. Sarah said


    So Cute!

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