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Reviving the past

Posted by Pepper on December 20, 2011

I was messing around with my blog and I ended up deleting some old posts accidentally. Those posts were precious to me. Thankfully, I had a copy elsewhere. I am not the kinds who can break ties with my past very easily. So I am going to be reposting the posts that were deleted. This is one of them. If you’ve read and/or commented on it earlier, you can ignore it. I am posting it again only because I want it to a part of my blog.

When embarrassing memories return..

I ache for my family and that is no secret. I have phases, where in I miss one particular person the most. So at times, I long for my dad more than the others. Other times, I miss my bratty sis. These days, I’ve been missing mama. And her goofy behaviour.

My mom would be the perfect nominee for the ‘Goofiest mortal on the planet’ award. If only such a category existed. This post is a tribute to her looniness – something I’ve inherited from her, something that has caused me a lot of embarrassment.

Let me flash back to my teenage years. I had been bitten by the fitness bug. Every evening I would go running in the park close to home. On my second day there, I noticed a guy running alongside. I thought he was bestowed with exceptional looks. He seemed totally drool worthy and I enjoyed my time gaping at him secretly. That motivated me to keep the evening runs going and even helped me ignore the muscle ache that followed the runs. What helped was the fact that unlike other parks, this park wasn’t very particular about the direction you ran in on the track. So I’d make sure the ‘hot guy’ and I ran in opposite directions. This way I would be rewarded with a glimpse of his face on completion of each round.

After a few days of silent admiration, I went home and told my mom all about the hot guy in the park. She got equally excited and said she was curious to see the guy I was raving about. So the next day, I took her to the park with me. This time we were walking at a steady pace and waiting for the said hot guy to appear. I saw him approaching us, finally. I gently nudged mom and whispered, “That’s him!.”

Unfortunately, our taste in men didn’t match. When he was close enough and she had had a good look, she scrunched her face in disapproval, pointed at him and said in a voice loud enough for the entire park to hear, “CHEE! You find THIS guy hot??”

Mother earth, swallow me now! I prayed. I was too embarrassed to glance at who I thought was the hot guy and see how he reacted. Since I could think of no possible remedial action or explanation, I just held my mom’s hand and started to walk away from the scene with lowered eyes and burning ear lobes.

Needless to say, I stopped going to the park for my evening runs thereafter.


59 Responses to “Reviving the past”

  1. KV said

    hahahahahaha…. cant stop laughing :):)….. i remember reading this post before :)… good to read again 🙂

  2. ajay said

    I have read this post 🙂

  3. Bhavani said

    I remember reading this for sure:)) Your Mom is too cute…


  4. R's Mom said

    Awww! your mom is so adorable…and now lemme confess…I have done that..with a friend 😦 in college…we were sitting in the library and she told me that there was this guy she found very hot..some senior..we were in first year and that guy was in final year engg…so I go to the library to ‘check’ out the guy..and loudly say ‘yuck, he is not at all hot’ so loudly in the silent library that my friend just left me and walked away *Cringes at the memory*

    and the senior…he just looked up and smiled….

  5. RS said

    Awww! I think your mom’s damn good. She ensured that nothing ever started between the 2 of you! You know… 😛

  6. Ashwathy said

    ROTFL!! Ur mom’s a rockstar I tell ya! 😀 😀

    And no I haven’t read this post before so I’m glad u posted it again!

  7. Rambler said

    hahha, If only I could read the guy’s blog about this incident 🙂

  8. Seema said

    Hahaha, loved this one. Mmmuah to your Mom, she is so cute.

  9. Scribby said

    reminded me of a similar incident about my dad…shall do a post 🙂

    same pinch on: not able to give away past,sigh!

  10. Bikram said

    Oh no… Hmm next time shud have asked mum who is hot and then dd your evening run looking at him:-D ….

    I guess I am exactly like you work from heart think of old days and as u say keep clinging and let go of memories.. As I feel thats what I have l

  11. Bikram said

    Ooops… Clicked thw button..

    As I believe. Thats waht I have earned so far.. Thats what I have with me… Now I am missing them toooooo :$

  12. Tanishka said

    ROFL… 😀 Your mom is super cool…. 🙂

  13. anon said

    to be honest with you,i could never understand what you find ‘hot’ in mint.my friends opined that you married him for his intelligent genes,to secure intelligent progeny and that he’s earning good.somehow,i find your blogs much more effusive than other blogs and i do not understand this need to proclaim your love for mint in every other post of yours.

    • Nitya said

      Ah look a troll has crawled out to say hello.

      Pepper darlin’ you’ve arrived!!

      Ok troll go away now before I give in to the urge of squashing you under my Uggs.


    • Pepper said

      Anon: You make me laugh. You don’t understand what I find hot in Mint. You and your friends actually discuss the reasons I married him, make assumptions about the amount he earns, imagine that I proclaim my love for him in my posts and then you come and leave a nameless comment on my blog. Honestly, I am flattered by the attention you give me, but I hope you get a life soon.

      Nitya: I am more amused than anything else. I actually pity the guy/girl. Some people are so jobless no?

  14. […] Pepper’s post reminds me of a similar incident that happened in my life. […]

  15. Deeps said

    Hahahha, that was hilarious! Your mom is so so cute! Now I’m laughing like a loonie after reading this post! Thanks for sharing this from your archive :).

  16. 😆 your mom is awesome!!

  17. Jack Point said

    Ha ha very embarrassing but well worth laughing about afterwards, thanks for this


  18. Lol! Your mom is funny! I can imagine what you must have gone through 😀

    When my mom came to London, an ulta thing happened 😀 She was ogling at random men and I was commenting on how lame her choice is. Seriously yaar, she liked only champu types. My dad was way way more handsome than those champus!

    • Pepper said

      Mom commenting on other guys? Now that is what I call truly awesome. My mom participates when I do it, but she never does it herself.
      And hey, ultimately it was your dad that your mom married. Not some champu. You should have high regard for her taste. 😀

  19. Pixie said

    absolutley brilliant!! Your mom’s awesome!!!
    I used to sit on our front porch with mom and watch guys too!! 😀 it used to be such fun listening to her comments! 😀

  20. I vaguely remember reading this one! 🙂 But seriously peppy..your mom reminds me of my mom in so many ways!!

  21. swapna said

    Hahaha , I do remember reading this in your archives ,but it was fun to read it again !
    This has happened with my mom and me ,albeit always in whispers, our taste in men is sooooo different !
    She likes the pasty teenager kinda looks, while I like my men tall and dark 🙂
    Oh and your Anon troll is funny ,wonder if he/ she actually has a crush on you and is J of mint 😉

  22. An old timer who shut her blog said

    Awww your mom is so cute. It was taboo in our house to talk anything about things like that. I would’nt dare tell my mom or dad lest they got too paranoid. My sis used to get blank calls in their presence and dad got an ID next day. And we were not let to go alone most of the times. Due to all those disadvantages we never discussed these things. Good you did and made such wonderful and funny memories 🙂

  23. I hadn’t read this post earlier. Glad you decided to post it again.

    Your mom sounds super cute and fun. Can’t help laughing thinking of that incident with you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    That reminded me, I also have some ‘park tales’ to tell. 😀

  24. scorpria said

    I have your mom’s syndrome for blurting out such comments out loud, standing very close to that very person. Every single time. I adore her now 😀 😀 Yay!

  25. Chhavi said

    I haven’t read this one….. Yes. It’s embarrassing. I hope I never find myself in a similar situation 🙂

  26. Sarah said

    Following you via email 😀

    I’ve never been to such dinners.. but if I did, I’d’ve reacted the very same way you did!

  27. My dear girl, you are damn lucky to have such a cool mom who came with you all the way. Whatever she said later is besides the point, her choice after all 😛 WoW! Why do we always laugh until we cry, remembering all those ‘mother earth, swallow me’ incidents? Had a good laugh!! 😀

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