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Sights and sounds

Posted by Pepper on December 22, 2011

A bumbling, unsteady walk. Me knocking down a jar of dal placed on a shelf within my reach. The sound of my mother’s voice in the background. My earliest memory. What did she say? I try hard to remember even today. It doesn’t come to me.

The name ‘Disney Land’ written in big blue letters at the entrance of my nursery. The nook at which we all hung our bags. My yellow coloured bag with a Donald Duck printed on it hanging there in a corner.

My father holding me up in the air the day I wore a frock with apples and pineapples on it. “You will always be my pari”, I can hear his voice.

The face of that lady. The one who led the cow to our building gate everyday. I hear her announce her arrival by shouting “Aee gaay waaliiiii aaa”. I see myself sitting by the window on the 3rd floor along with my grandmother. We throw her a coin and watch her feed the cow a fistful of grass.

I see myself trying to complete a panda puzzle. The face of the panda clear in my memory. The foot of the panda missing because of a lost piece.

That gulmohar tree. A burst of red outside my window every year during the monsoon. Me wondering if the branches of the tree will enter our windows if they allow it to grow.

My grandmother peeling potatoes with a knife. Her hand working skillfully. The long peels starting to spiral beneath the potato.

The paan stain on the staircase. On the second floor. The shape of the stain resembling a star.

Watching my sister crawl up to me. Her grubby hands pulling my hair. I hear myself scream.

My mother sitting behind me, trying to pull back my hair into a ponytail. Me trying to wriggle out of her grip. The sound of her voice telling me to cooperate with her, or else I will be late for school.

Wheel shaped designs on a packet of ‘Peppy’. The bright red pack of ‘Picnic Pops’. My asking my mother to buy me ‘Rasna’ during the summer vacation.

I see myself entering my school bus. I hear voices telling me “Girlie, this seat is caught”, each time I eyed an empty seat. I remember thinking those girls who catch seats like that and don’t let me sit are mean.

My parents complaining about the leakage in the balcony during the rains. I see that spot. A wet patch. Drops of water hanging on to it. I remember observing the drops getting bigger and then falling to the ground, creating a puddle on the floor.

I keep getting hit by random sights and sounds of my childhood. I see flashes of my past whiz by my senses every now and then. The memories contain vivid and graphical details. They connect my present self to the child I once was. I smile.


68 Responses to “Sights and sounds”

  1. Scribby said


  2. This is stuff that beautiful books are made of.

    One of the most skillfully written posts Pepper!

    I couldn’t peel myself off of those words even if wanted to.

    You took me back right to those days where rode that tricycle down the little hill, right next to the house and came down screaming in delight. My earliest memories 🙂

  3. Sig said

    Brought me back to my childhood too – lovely post Pepper

  4. Jack Point said


  5. Such a lovely post, Pepper! I can visualise every point of that post. You made my morning with this post! 😀

  6. beautifully written peppy! the imagination of a child is so beautiful. stars in paan stains – as opposed to eeyuck why do people stain.

    This is so beautiful – i think i better write down my memories before old age/senility wipe them out completely.

    sigh…i want to be a child again !

  7. shades!!!! said

    So cute. All the old memories came to my mind. I could connebt to every bit of it. Loved it.:)

  8. R's Mom said

    Sigh! and you got me all nostalgic…have I ever told you what a wonderful writer you are…well I guess if I havent, you are definitely a superb writer…you got me thinking back all the way

  9. Beautiful ! Sometimes it amazes me how my sister and I have different recollections of the same event! Both memorable 🙂
    Thanks for this 🙂

  10. Pixie said

    Lovely!! 🙂
    So very well written!! Brought back beautiful memories! 🙂

  11. RS said

    Aww! Made me smile all the way. And I need to now recollect how my childhood was 🙂 (Growing old has begun already!!Sigh)

  12. Anusha said

    Lovely Post ….every incidence is so beautifully described…i can visualise the colours and the backdrop…..:)

  13. Ashwathy said

    Can I ‘love’ this post instead of ‘liking’ it ? 🙂 Particular love your narrative….random yet nice build up…

    I have this tendency to fall back on memories…..I mean associate it to something that is happening in the present and remember something from my past….
    Unfortunately I also blank out from the present …and it makes my hubby truly annoyed because I stop following his conversation along with that 😐

    • Pepper said

      I have the same tendency. I think its quite common. That’s how human memory works. With triggers. We get reminded and we space out. The world gets annoyed. Happens to a lot of us 😀

  14. shaktii said

    hey hi pepper,

    you are a very good writer dear!!
    i just loved the post..now iam going to read your archived posts which i never read before.. its a friday afternoon at office lol!!

  15. Preethi said

    Lovely post Pepper .

  16. Bikram said

    Nostalgic. You have given me a idea.. I use to wonder how to writw a post on memories but the way you have written wow..

    Those were the days but you know I think I am still the same I use to be as a child I still do silly stupid things…

    Lovely memories

  17. Very beautifully written,took me down the memory lain of my childhood….

  18. Yasmeen said

    Aww Pepper, aren’t those childhood memories the best treasures we have.. sigh! loved it.. 🙂

  19. swapna said


    This is so beautiful and weird ,but in a very out of this world way.
    I get such blasts from my own past too, bits of my own life passing by as if I am watching a movie ,with all the sounds, colors ,people still the same, the memories are crystal clear. This usually happens when I am homesick to the worst level, where I feel like leaving everything and taking the first flight back home , when tears aren’t enough anymore.
    I have written down some of my own memories too, but like on paper with a pen, maybe it’s time to put them somewhere where I can read them often.

    Thanks Pepper , i still find it so overwhelming when strangers connect over such deep intense thoughts , maybe that’s why I am blabbering.

    • Pepper said

      Hey Swapna, I totally know the feeling you are describing. It is like watching a movie.
      I think you really should write it down somewhere. One more reason to start blogging?

  20. lovely. so damn lovely.

  21. Nitya said

    This post is one of th reasons why I keep coming back. There is good writing and then there is this…

    You strike a chord in me each and every time.

    LOVE this one Pep.

  22. Tanishka said

    Loved it… 🙂

  23. soulmate said

    Playing stapoo drawn either on the colony road or on the ground behind our house… Keeping that perfect flat stone safely to help me win the game… 🙂

  24. Beautiful, beautiful post. Loved it. 🙂
    It is strange how our mind sometimes remembers the smallest of things like the shape of a stain or the face of some random person.
    This post brought back many memories from my own childhood.

  25. Shruti said

    I wanted to “like” the post but couldn’t cos I am not a wordpress user 😦
    But please consider it “virtually” virtually liked 😉

    I’m amazed you remember everything so vividly!

  26. Nisha said

    Such a delightful post. I’ll try to come up with a similar one too 🙂

  27. Bubblegum said

    Nostalgia!!! Beautiful post!!!Touchy!

  28. Chhavi said

    Beautiful post, Pepper…. 🙂 🙂 It happens to me too… Some insignificant little memory from the past surfaces in my mind and leaves me happy and smiling 🙂

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  30. Deeps said

    Beautiful! Your post brought back some lovely memories of my own childhood.

  31. Sona said

    This is so so damn lovely. Enough said.
    Hope you’ve been doing okay…

  32. Deboshree said

    Beautiful post! Very well put together…

    PS: A happy 2012 Pepper. 🙂

  33. Sarah said

    WoW! That’s so nice that you remember ’em still. Ofcourse they must be and are special 🙂

  34. Seema said

    Awww… You write so well Pepper!

    This is a lovely post. I don’t remember my childhood in such trifle details, sigh!

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