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They say pictures speak more than words

Posted by Pepper on January 5, 2012

In no particular order, group or category.

Great wall of China

Leaning tower of Pisa


Great Pyramid of Giza

Taj Mahal

Mint watching a Shahrukh Khan movie. DDLJ at that.

Wonders of the world. Some new, some old.

Disclaimer: All images other than the last one have been taken from Google.



56 Responses to “They say pictures speak more than words”

  1. R's Mom said

    Errr..and you have been the all the places…?? though I loved the last picture the best..

    Is that YOUR HOUSE…for all the writings that you do on the blog for NOT keeping your house neat..babes..this is super neat….not neat is what you will see at my place 🙂

    • Pepper said

      No, no. I haven’t been to those places. I only said they’re all wonders of the world.
      My home is supremely messy. Trust me. You can’t see it from that angle, that’s all.

  2. binpin said

    You crack me up!

  3. Meira said

    That too with sub titles? 😀

  4. Ashwathy said

    I was like wondering where this is gonna lead to in the end. Why wonders of the world n all that….
    The ending was the besht!!! 😀 😀 😆

  5. RS said

    Thheeehehehehehe…. And it took me a few seconds to actually realise what that last picture was – went back and saw all that again 🙂

  6. Teehee 😀 😀

    Those are books or DVD’s or both on that shelf? I like it!

  7. lol! he looks spaced out though 😛

  8. ajay said

    Mint watching DDLJ with an English subtitle!? 😀

    • Pepper said

      Subtitles are just there. He definitely doesn’t need them. His Hindi grammar might be funny, but his vocab like I told you, is very powerful. He understands everything better than me 😀

  9. Lovely pics! I thought you had been to all these places – but came to know from the comments that that is not the case. 🙂

    Why is Mint watching DDLJ a wonder?! :O

    • Pepper said

      Yes I added a disclaimer after I noticed the confusion in the comments. I should have done it right in the beginning.
      Mint watching DDLJ is really one of the biggest wonders. He hates Shahrukh Khan with such a passion. And a sentimental movie like DDLJ? He has no patience for it. He thinks its all just cheesy crap. And it’s one of my favourite movies 😦

  10. bikram said

    Wow.. Hmm indeed a picture says it all.. Sitting in own house watching a hit movie.. On that tele.. Neat and clean space.. Blisssssss….

    No disturbance.. No people eating talking foning.. Blisssss again….:-)

  11. Deboshree said

    Ha ha… nicely compiled.
    Been a while since I watched DDLJ. I remember how they used to air it once a month at a time.

  12. Paavam Mint 🙂

    Now this one odd time SRK movie watching has been etched in history to haunt him! 😀

  13. LOL!!! good one 😀

  14. Sam said

    The house looks really clean though.. and how many times has Mint watched this movie like this?
    One my fav ones:)

    • Pepper said

      House looks clean? You haven’t seen what lies behind Mint and the couch/sofa area and our bedroom 😛 How many times has he watched this movie? Once, when I tied him up in shackles and forced him to watch it after we got married. This was the second time yesterday. He only saw some parts, but the moment was worth capturing.

  15. Kartikay said

    I don’t get it: when you say all your images are taken from Google, you mean you just searched for them on Google search, right? Technically, they’re hosted on some destination360.com or wikitravel.com – you should attribute those websites!

    • Pepper said

      Err.. really? I have to do that? From what I have seen, everybody just credits Google and leaves it at that. I don’t even remember what site I took what image from. Anyway, I’ll try doing that. Phew.

  16. shail said

    Out of all the places shown, I have seen only Taj Mahal 😉

  17. swapna said

    hahaha ,this was so funny !
    lightened up my day at work ,thanks Pepper !

  18. vethal said

    kajol was v v pretty in that movie wasn’t she ??? I have been reading ur posts …all late night when my baby is asleep. keep a watch ..some bollywood director may steal ur romantic scenes 🙂

  19. The disclaimer was very helpful. Saved me a heart attack 😛

    The last pic is priceless. You can use it for your hearty laughs and also for the smug wins over arguments involving romantic hindi movies. Bwahahha!

    Good one Pepper 😀

  20. 9 and half points from my side to him….I like every guy who can watch DDLJ 🙂

  21. SwB said

    I spent quite some time going through your pages. It was endearing in a schoolgirlish kind of way. It’s nice to see that people still have fairytale endings. Even nicer to know that you met through the blogs. Know how lucky you are and enjoy every moment of it. Cheers and all the very best to the both of you!


  22. Tanishka said

    LOL…. You can always use this pic in future to blackmail him and make him watch more SRK movies… 😀

    • Pepper said

      No way. If I know him, he will use the pic as proof to show all that he did for me. How he even watched an SRK flick, how he underwent 3rd degree torture and how I should atleast watch some movies of his choice with him. 😐

  23. Roxy said

    You mean Mint spoke such good Hindi previously without having even watched DDLJ before? NOW, you must give it to him! 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Oh yes! I always give it to him when it comes to his vocab. Beats me, how he knows all those big words, when I don’t. And of course, he never stops rubbing it in.
      Happy 2012 Rox! Hope you have a lovely year 🙂

  24. DDLJ indeed a good,breezy movie to watch….wonders of the world…I wish I could visit all before I start getting grey hairs 😉

  25. DI said

    Supah funny! When I started, I thought you were showing off your vacation spots :o!
    But this was hilarious!

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