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It’s a mixed bag

Posted by Pepper on February 6, 2012

* For a change, I am glad the weekend is over. I never thought I would say this. Ever.

* This weekend, I learnt the real meaning of the term ‘anxiety attack’.  At that point, my legs were shaking. I could feel my knees shiver. My hands were trembling. My breath was caught in my lungs. I couldn’t stand. My head hurt. I felt dizzy. I felt nauseous. I was made to lie down and I thought I would pass out. In fact, I wished I would pass out. My body couldn’t handle that level of anxiety and I really wished somebody would sedate me and knock me out.

* Things are okay now. I realise my condition was such not so much because of the issue at hand, but more because of the lack of information available to me in that period. It made me imagine the worst. Those 40 minutes of suspense and zero connectivity were pure hell. I don’t know what I would have done had Mint not been around. Once I realised things were okay, I could breathe again and I realised how much I take that feeling of normalcy for granted. Really, if all our loved ones are healthy and alive and we have food on our plate, we have nothing to fret over.

* I have been getting increasingly annoyed with people who abandon their shopping carts in the parking lot. This happens everywhere, but from my own experience, I can say it happens a lot more in the parking lot near the Indian store we frequent. How much effort does it take to push back the cart to its rightful place? Why can’t we be more considerate towards others? Most of the times I am all alone  when I pull into the parking lot of the grocery store. And I see there is a shopping cart right in the midst of every vacant spot. Which means I have to get out of the car, push back their carts and only then can I park. It annoys me every single time.

* Speaking about the things that annoy me, our internet connection has been topping the list. Comcast is going to face my wrath if it doesn’t repair itself.

* I have been experiencing severe pain at the back of neck and shoulder area for more than a year. Mint’s steady fingers and tubes of Bengay have come to my rescue so far. Again, I don’t know what I am going to do without him. One of my favourite feelings is when he has just massaged and straightened my strained, hurting muscles with comforting ointment and tucked me in bed.

* I hate taking a hair bath. I attribute it to my laziness. To step into the shower, lather your body, rinse your body, lather your hair, rinse it, condition it, rinse it again is too much work. And with the kind of hair I have, I am forced to give it a fix even after I step out. I have to dry it using a hair dryer, unless I am willing to live with the frizz. Which I am not. And then also use a hair serum. Did I already say I hate taking a hair bath? How I wish I could escape it or atleast find a way to shorten the process.

* I had accepted the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ and done the tag a while ago. In recent times,  Smitha, R’s Mom, Double Inverted Commas and 2-3 other people whose names I don’t remember passed it on to me again. Let me just link back to that old post. I am guessing everybody has already read about my hidden insanity. If not, head there. And yes, thank you kind folks, for considering me worthy of that award.


42 Responses to “It’s a mixed bag”

  1. hAAthi said

    Im with you on the hair wash point. Its such a bloody pain. Maybe you should just go really short. I dont even have that option because my hair grows at the speed of light. I know, its not something one should complain about, but when you spend a good amount of money to get your wild unruly hair to sit straight in a low-maintenance wash-and-wear look, and then in precisely 3 days it begins to grow out, it does get a bit annoying :S

    Hope youre less stressed and things are moving smoothly again. The pain in the neck/shoulders could be aggravated by latent stress? The body has a strange way of internalising these things, making you feel you’re not as stressed as you actually are. Get a lot of massages and take care!

    • Pepper said

      My hair takes its own sweet time to grow, which is why I think a million times before cutting it short. Cos it’s not like I can undo the result if I dislike it. I have to live like that for months. Hmph. I still think you are in a better position.

      Thanks babe. The neck pain probably has something to do with stress. Massages help, infinitely.

  2. Preethi said

    Hugs Pepper….I hope the problem is resolved now.

    On the neck and shoulder pain, this is a problem which I face as well. I was told that it occurs due to 2 main reasons: wrong posture in front of the system, and having too many tensions 🙂

    I try to put the hot water bag, it really works wonders and some simple neck exercises are a must. Yoga also helps a lot. Take care 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I was told the same. It’s related to posture and stress. I know I have a bad posture when I sit. Trying to work on that. Hot water bag sounds like something I should buy right away. I have been told the only real way I can get rid of it is by exercising. I wish I took it more seriously. Thank you! Hope you are relieved from your neck/shoulder pain soon too. 🙂

  3. R's Mom said

    Did you teach R to hate a hair bath..bolo bolo bolo..I am sure you did Gah!

    Take care about the attacks..and the back pain okie 🙂

    when I started reading about the shopping carts I was going to tell you that it happens so often in India and then I read that its in the Indian store only 😦

    • Pepper said

      Haha! I probably did. Why would anybody like taking a hair bath? 😛 I like it only when I am seated in a salon, reclining my head back comfortably while others wash, condition, massage my scalp. Why would anybody like to do it for their own selves? It’s so much work!

      Well, to be honest, I have seen the carts left abandoned in a lot of parking lots, not just the ones near the Indian store. But it’s definitely more visible next to the Indian store. Wonder if it says something about our country men 😦

  4. vethal said

    what happened Pepper. was some one in India ill ?? and you couldnt contact them,?

  5. Bikram said

    That remark on Comcast office oh boy you sure probably got the FBI’s super computers whizzing they probably are keeping a tab on you now….

  6. Anusha said

    How are you now ? Reading about the “anxiety attack” scares me….That neck and shoulder pain can be subsided by some exercises,I had the same problem,my doctor suggested some light neck exercise and it got better.

    Take care Pepper !!!

  7. The easiest way to shorten the hair wash time is to shorten the hair 😀

  8. Ashwathy said

    Have emailed about the first two paras. I’d rather speak to you directly on that, than here.

    I have been experiencing severe pain at the back of neck and shoulder area for more than a year. Mint’s steady fingers and tubes of Bengay have come to my rescue so far.
    Sounds somewhere along the lines of spondilosis tendency. Do you tend to sit in front of the computer a lot?
    Get yourself checked babe. Apart from the fact Mint need not be around always ….it’s also a matter of your health. Why suffer unnecessarily?

    Shopping cart in the vacant spot?? Well…considering it’s an Indian store….see the bright side 😀 If that cart wasn’t there, that spot would have been taken already. Other Indians were too lazy to do what you did, hence you got that spot :mrgreen:

    Don’t forget …in India you can actually store water in buckets and take a bath….the shower is actually easing your problem. Shampooing and conditionining adds only a few minutes to your bath routine, but if you insist on blowdrying it each time and with serum…well….better start taking a shower one hour in advance 😛

    • Pepper said

      Replied to your mail.

      I know, I know. I have been meaning to get it checked for a very long time. I did speak to a few medical professionals about this rather casually and they all said the same thing. Either posture or/and stress. I thought I would try fixing myself with some exercise first, and if it doesn’t get cured, then I could check with a specialist. But I never get around to it 😐

      Lol! Shampooing and conditioning is what takes majority of my time. Maybe cos I am not fast. I procrastinate and I am sluggish, even in the shower. I don’t blowdry or style my hair as such. I just run the hair dryer roughly until it’s no longer wet. It takes less than a few minutes. Using serum takes less than 10 seconds :P. Even if I eliminate those 2 things, I will still complain about the body lathering/shampooing/conditioning rinsing process.

  9. About the neck & back pain, it might just be caused by incorrect posture. When you work on your laptop, do you sit at a proper table? Are you comfortable? 🙂 Try to take breaks when you’re in front of the computer & make sure that the table is not too high for you. Hot water bag or massage helps, even if it is just the handshower! Most of all, rest and don’t strain your shoulders and neck.

    You might have heard this already, but thought I’ll give you my two paise.

    • Pepper said

      Hey thanks CC. I don’t sit in a great position while using the laptop. That probably says a lot about the causes. Going to work on it and take on all your suggestions 🙂

  10. “if all our loved ones are healthy and alive and we have food on our plate, we have nothing to fret over.” – I cannot agree with you more. The most freaked/nervous/frustrated I am when my parents/sister’s health suffers back in india. The inability to be by their side adds to the worry. Add to the fact that mom almost always keeps her cell phone lying around somewhere and it takes 2-3 attempts to connect to her! This worry is the *sole* reason I am ready to move back to india. No other reason other than being close to parents comes to my mind!
    And ditto on the hair! Also, I get a runny nose when I wash my hair :D. Though, using a dryer makes my hair frizzy, so I leave it open to dry on its own. My groupmates are now used to seeing me with a nest of hair on the days when I am letting it dry naturally 😀

    • Pepper said

      That is the *sole* reason I am moving back to India too. There is really nothing else there that pulls me back. Just the parents.
      Oh. Runny nose? Lol! I wish I could air dry my hair. But not only does it become unimaginably frizzy and limp, those few hours with wet/damp hair also give me a bad headache. I find it much simpler to run the dryer briefly.

  11. Oh, that anxiety attack sounded scary…I know the feeling Pepper, have been through a few.
    I really wish to pass out too..in that unbearable moment. Am so glad the bad time passed and it’s all okay now. {{Hugs}}

    The hair washing part – through trial and error, I have my own short cut method to lessen the time in the shower, relatively. Here-
    -Step into shower and wet your hair
    -Apply shampoo and rinse namesake, not thoroughly
    -Apply conditioner and let it stay
    -Now get to the body and lather with soap
    -Finally wash hair to toe in one go

    Note:Never thought I did put down my showering method step-wise on the blog world. Hehe.

  12. RK said

    ahhhh….the neck and shoulder pain! sounds familiar! I have been suffering from past 3 years. Recently visited a chiropracter, really helped me a lot. But I am fully not recovered though. Good luck with that!

    I am one of those who hate taking hair bath.

    Our internet is acting up too…so same pinch.

    We live very far from Indian stores! so lesser the visit, lesser the pain:-)

    Hope all is well Pepper! your first point made me worried too….

    • Pepper said

      I have been dying to visit a chiropractor. Your comment has motivated me enough. Let me fix an appointment soon.
      I don’t think anybody can live really far away from the Indian store if you live in the Bay Area. We have 3 Indian stores on the road we live. 😐

  13. Dhivya said

    Take care of the neck and the back. I used to have that trouble for almost 2.5 years along with shooting pains on my wrists. It was attributed to wrong postures and sitting in front of the computer for a long time….. and of course STRESS which used to compound it. Regular massages , ice packs, hot packs, bengay, etc only helped for a short time and then it would return again. Then I started walking and its better , the stress mainly.

    Do try and take up walking. I usually walk for like 1/2 hr when I watch TV inside my living room itself since I dont always get the motivation to go to the gym.

  14. Tell me about the hair !! I loathe the days I have to wash my hair….it’s an hour long job that ends up with me being super tired and then the next part of it starts – drying, straightening, serum, etc. I sometimes wish I had an in-house Shampoo Girl 🙂

    If I leave my hair to air dry, it ends up looking frizzy! Frizzy, springy and outside of head 😀
    Now, I am learning to let THAT become a hair style in itself 😀 Who wants to spend extra time on straightening and all that?

    Take care of your health. It’s a busy time but don’t forget to rest in between. Sending positive vibes your way 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Oh yeah. I can live without straightening my hair too. I hardly have the patience to do it. But I cannot be without running the dryer through my hair, however roughly it is done. Even those 2 minutes of drying make a big difference. Such terrible hair I have 😦 I will take a while before I get to the stage you are in, in which I consider the frizz to be a new style 😀

      Thank you!

  15. Archana said

    Pepper, I took a day off from work because of neck ache. It is a terrible thing to live with, especially when life is filled with laptop typing moments. Also, the same anxiety story 😦 weekend was so so stressful. I took monday off to have my weekend extended – futile hopes!

    I agree, hair baths are so much more fun when someone does it for you. India, I used to crib crib for paying 600 rupees for a hair massage; here is it so expensive that I feel indian salons are run by angels.

    I should probably get a good pedicure done, you try it too – works wonders! Take care 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Neck ache is a terrible thing to live with indeed. On some days, my ache isn’t that severe. On some other days, I can’t move 😦
      Yes, Indian salons are indeed run by angels. I can’t tell you pleased I am to go there and hand them back my head. Okay, that doesn’t sound right 😛
      Pedicure? I should. I’ve done it only once, when I got married.

  16. popbiscuit said

    Hear you on the healthy loved ones. That’s the only thing we all really need. Also “how we take the normalcy for granted” .V true! Hope you are in a better frame of mind now after your brief weekend scare.

    Ohh and shopping carts out of place are a pet peeve here too 🙂

    And take care of the neck!

  17. ajay said

    Thank god you rephrased that Comcast line. I recently read about a man who had tweeted ‘going to bomb America’ to mean going to have a blast and before he could know it, he was detained at the airport, interrogated and then deported. And with new censorship laws on the anvil, we should be more careful with writing in public.

  18. Oh Pepper, I hear you on the neck/shoulder pain- hurts so badly!
    Have you tried some core strengthening exercises? They should help- but ensure you don’t try something by yourself ( as in without proper guidance,as these things tend to be a little dicey) .
    And, reading about the anxiety attack made me feel all the more happy for you, that you are returning to a place wherein all these people you love will be only a few hours away!
    Take care , don’t stress out too much! That is sure shot way of getting those shoulder/neck muscles strained ..

    • Pepper said

      I haven’t tried any exercise. I keep saying I will. Now I think I will do this stuff only after I get back to India. No time for it now 😦 Thanks Enthu!

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