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With that, we come to an end..

Posted by Pepper on March 18, 2012

to our stay in this beautiful country. This is the last post I am typing out from USA. Even saying that feels so weird. There were so many things I wanted to write about before we left, but our current state has been a little crazy. We don’t find time to eat and sleep. Writing is a luxury I cannot afford.

Both Mint and I have been so sleep deprived. Our nights are spent moving around the house, bubble wrapping the delicate knick knacks we want to carry back, measuring , sealing and taping boxes that need to be shipped, sorting out our stuff, throwing out junk, and doing other things I am too tired to write about. We’ve both been exhausted and thoroughly stressed out. Obviously, we jump at the chance of blaming each other for anything that goes wrong.

Mint had ordered a new TV that we planned to ship and we had a whole load of things kept for the last minute. We had absolutely no margin for error. But how could we forget the wise words, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. So, everything went wrong, starting from the word ‘Go’. We spent our day running around like headless chickens. And when I say running, I mean it quite literally. We were actually running from one place to another all day, tired due to no sleep, hungry and utterly exhausted. For certain reasons, we had to drag the packers with us. The fact that nothing seemed to work out despite our desperate attempts, and that we were paying the packers by the hour and wasting all that money in the process kept both of us on the edge.  Oh, obviously, we snapped at each other a lot.

The cherry on the cake was that we locked ourselves out last night, with the key inside the car, and both of us stranded outside, late at night. Murphy has to add his bit of course. It was pouring heavily. Our insurance company took a long time to respond. They had to verify certain details, since we were using a rented car. Also, there was a general delay because they had to cater to a lot of accidents that occurred due to weather conditions at that time. Which meant, we had no choice but to suck up and go through the entire ordeal on that cold, rainy, distressing night. After all that had happened during the day, the night seemed like a perfect ending. I was ready to smack Mint, and I know he was equally ready to smack me back. Had we not been so short of time, I might have actually laughed at our predicament.

We leave in a day, and we still have infinite amount of work to do. I know there’s going to be no sleep at all. I really wanted to dedicate a post to this wonderful country, but I guess that will have to wait until I get to the homeland. The US is very special to me. I wanted to do a part 2 of the list of things I will miss about this place, but I decided not to. How many things can I mention in one post? Let me just say, I will miss every little aspect of life here. Also, I was a little taken aback after seeing the comments on my previous post. In response to my list of things I will miss, almost every comment said “But that is available in India”. I wondered if anybody even understood my sentiments. Yes, things are available, but certain things are special to us because of our own personal associations and they can never be replaced, no matter how good the substitute is.

Let me talk with a reverse example. While living here, I always missed India and considered it to be so special. There were certain things I missed more than the others. The Indian street food and chaat for example. Does that mean there is no chaat available in the US? Heck! It is available! In the Bay Area especially, Indian food is found in abundance. But is the chaat as easily available? Do we have stalls on the streets? Does it taste the same? Is the price the same? No! So despite it all being available here, I miss the chaat and the street food I found in India. The entire experience is so different. India will always be special, and nothing can compare with it. So yes, in the same vein, I know global food is available in India, but it has a lot of limitations. I will always miss the variety and the ease with which it was found in the US. It is special to me and no, it is just not the same in India.

I can go on with my examples. I can talk about how much I missed Marine Drive while living here, despite California being full of beautiful beaches and water fronts. Marine Drive has always held an irreplaceable place in my heart. So I hope people understand my sentiments when I say I will miss certain things about the US.  Because they too are very special and hold irreplaceable positions in my heart. I don’t care if those things are available in India. I know they won’t be as easily accessible to me there, and they won’t feel the same. And just because I say I will miss certain things about the US, does not in any way mean I am not excited about exploring everything that India has to offer. My current nostalgia about the US and my excitement about India are independent of each other. Trying to equalize the two is pointless.

It’s time to say good bye to this place I love.  Adios USA. You’ve been very good to me. I love you and always will. I know we will meet again. Hello India, here we come. I can’t wait to embrace you with open arms.

Tada folks. See you on the other side.


26 Responses to “With that, we come to an end..”

  1. KB said

    Wishing you & Mint best wishes for your new life! Take care & hope u can sleep well in the flight 🙂

  2. pixie said

    Safe journey! 🙂
    Take care and come back to writing soon!

  3. hAAthi said

    Bon Voyage Pepper! Im sure the other side will be exciting and stupendous 🙂

  4. Preethi said

    Good luck with your move Pepper ! Take care..

  5. Welcome back!

    And yes, though I was one of those you gave you options in India, I know exactly how that feels – been there… And Im still missing a lot of things in the US! 😀 It will always be fond memories until the next time…

  6. Pavitra said

    Welcome to India!! :):)

  7. Smita said

    I guess it is the sentiments that are associated with a place that matter the most. You get attached to a place for the things it offers & for the memories you made there. And all that tension that you are facing was bound to happen. When we are shifting nothing happens the way we plan and if we believe that things won’t chaotic ha! we are in denial.
    Am sure once you get into the plane you will feel a l’ll relaxed 🙂

    P.S Yesterday when i was pulling out freshly washed clothes from my washing M/c I was telling my hubby about the freshly dried clothes that you had talked about! We surely don’t get it here, ah! uless I buy that WM worth 1L 😉

  8. Smitha said

    All the best Pepper and Mint:) I am sure you both will have the greatest time in India. Any place we live in, will have fond memories of all kinds. Here’s to a great time in India.

  9. Bikram said

    All the best pepper and mint…

    Take care and cheers to a new start back home..

  10. The best is yet to come !

  11. Good luck to you guys. I hope the move goes well, and most importantly that you don’t have any regrets later!

    Do write when you’re settled in in Mumbai.

  12. Deboshree said

    All the best for everything that is to come Pepper! 🙂 And when things settle down a bit, do take a good rest. You really need it.

  13. Titaxy said

    Best wishes to you and Mint as you start another new chapter of life !

  14. Awww..hang in there peppy! You will be in India in no time! This post really put a smile on my face..not because you were locked out (I swear I dont take pleasure in others’ troubles!!! 😛 ) but because I can totally understand the mixed feelings of missing the US while in India and missing India while here.
    Wish you a happy journey and an awesome time in India!! Hugs

  15. Adios dear girl. It was short, but loved being acquainted with you and the Mint.

    I wish with all my heart that your lives unfurl beautifully back in the homeland.

    While we stay in touch through emails, FB and your ‘pepperedthoughts’ , I also hope that we cross paths again and spend more quality time together.

    Take care. Stay happy.

  16. Good Luck Pepper and Mint, I wish you a pleasant flight, you will forget all the mess you went through as soon as you meet your family. Most of my trips as like this where we have a lot of things to do/shop and we fight with each other. Once we get inside the flight we forget everything and will be waiting to reach India.

  17. Ramya said

    Welcome back to India Pepper… Pray God your trip be good and your stay be pleasant 🙂

  18. Sig said

    All the best Pepper for the move!! See u on the other side *mwah*

  19. P said

    Long time Reader, Delurking for the first time. Good luck with the move and Best wishes. Hope all went well.

  20. Jack Point said

    Good luck.

    On appliances, just make sure that the power is compatible, the US uses a different voltage.

  21. soulmate said

    Welcome back to India.. and did you say Marine Drive??Does that mean, you are coming back to Mumbai… Well, I travel to Mumbai as often as possible… Hope our paths cross each other someday and we meet… Till then.. Take a breath.. Step back.. Take it easy and settle down… Good luck… 🙂

  22. Pri.. said

    Welcome back to India & Mumbai..Pepper and Mint…Great Luck for a new life…

  23. Reema said

    All the best for moving back here!! It will be a challenge after experiencing so many differences.

  24. Ashwathy said

    Gah! I don’t know where my comment went 😛

    Anyway… I was typing … Welcome to India…
    But a little too late I think 🙄

  25. Ameena said

    I hope your move went well! The Bay Area is beautiful but I can imagine how great it is to be home.

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