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Year 2 – Happy Anniversary, Mint

Posted by Pepper on March 24, 2012

Dear Mint,

It’s been two years. Happy Anniversary. Looks like I don’t have too much to say this year, because I said it all last year , because I don’t have the time to type out a long post this year, because, er well, this year seems to have been a replica of the last . Does that mean we did not really grow as individuals? Or does that mean we have learnt to keep the fun intact, despite some mental progress? People around us still think we’re kids. I wonder if that is a good thing.

The past year was quite crazy, wasn’t it? We had to take several crucial decisions, we had my mum visiting, we had, *gulp*, your parents visiting, we traveled, took a few holidays, we fought, we decided to go ahead with your MBA plans,  it was quite a ride. Yet when I think of it, I realise how little changed. Your obsession with sports and your erratic sleeping habits still annoy me. Your tolerance towards me and my idiosyncrasies still wins me over. By agreeing to move back to India for my sake, you let go of a lot that you held dear. Like always, you put my desires above everything else. I can’t thank you enough. I do hope we live it up here.

We’re starting the 3rd year of our married life in beloved Bombay, with friends and family, and I can’t be happier. I know we’re heading to a good place. Let’s keep rocking, the fun will go on.

– Pepper


48 Responses to “Year 2 – Happy Anniversary, Mint”

  1. hAAthi said

    Congrats and best wishes for a rocking time here on 🙂 Hope you India chapter has started off well.

  2. Tanishka said

    Wish you and Mint a very happy anniversary and many more years of togetherness… 🙂

  3. Anusha said

    Happy Anniversary Pepper Mint,Keep rocking 🙂

  4. soulmate said

    a very happy anniversary to you and Mint.. wish you many more years of fun and love…

  5. Very Very Happy Anniversary Pepper-Mint! Have a wonderful year ahead – Wishing that this year brings in loads of happiness and new-ness to everything you do! All the very best for life’s changes…

  6. aame said

    That’s really so sweet ! Happy Anniversary to both of u !

  7. KV said

    happy anniversary pepper and mint 🙂

  8. Kanthu said

    All the best wishes Pepper & Mint…:-)

  9. Deepa said

    Wish you a very happy wedding anniversary!!! You are blogging from Des… some day I hope to join you guys too, I wish you both loads of luck and happiness!

  10. Happy Anniversary Pepper and Mint, Wish you many more happy days/years ahead!!

  11. Hey, Wish you both a very Happy Anniversary!

    Want to hear more about your days in Bombay, now that you are there Pepper.. and how have you and Mint been doing?

  12. R's Mom said

    I know as usual I am the last to comment..but better late than never…wishing the bestest PepperMint in the world, a very happy 2 years of togetherness and many many more to come 🙂

  13. Reema said

    I too just completed my two years of married life. 🙂
    Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  14. Bhavani said

    Happy Anniversary Pepper and Mint!!!!! And here’s wishing you guys more to celebrate!!

    And waiting for ur des chronicles….post away soon:))


  15. garima said

    RM you are not the last one to comment…there are people far more slower than you 🙂

    Wishing Pepper Mint a happy anniversary and many more to come….god bless!

  16. Ashwathy said

    Just going to turn one year myself. Long way to go!

    Wish you and Mint more and more happiness as each year passes by! 🙂

  17. pixie said

    Happy 2nd yr anniversary !! 🙂
    Wishinng you many more years of happiness and togetherness and love! 🙂

  18. happy anniversary peppermint!! 🙂 Hows it going in India?

  19. Meenu said

    Happy Anniv Pepper and Mint!!!

  20. Lots of best wishes and warmth to you and Mint! 🙂

  21. Jazz said

    Congratulations to both of u.. Wishing you guys many more happy and fun times ahead. 🙂

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