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Another year passed by.. how?

Posted by Pepper on April 14, 2012

I turned a year older yesterday. *Gasp*. Didn’t my birthday just go by? No really, it couldn’t have been a year already. I feel like I just wrote this post. I don’t care about the number attached to my age. I care about the social pressure that comes with it.  The pressure to be responsible, pressure to show maturity, pressure to sound wise. A 16 year old sounding stupid is acceptable, expected almost. A 26 year old, not so much.

So I am back in Bombay, and the thought of not having Mint around on my birthday was making me sulk. I expected him to be the first one to call me. Instead, he called me 22 minutes late. I had some of my friends racing each other, just because they wanted to be the first to call. And there I was, disappointed each time I saw a different name flashing on my mobile screen. To add salt to my wounds, every friend of mine assumed I was already talking to Mint, so they hung up in a minute, saying they didn’t want to eat into my time with him. I didn’t have the heart to tell anybody that he hadn’t called me yet, so I played along.  By 12:15 am, almost everybody had finished wishing me. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard from Mint yet. So guess what I did? I burst into tears.

He called me at 12:22 and wished me. I was so upset by then, I didn’t even want to talk to him. He said he had been really caught up with stuff and he lost track of time. That made him 22 minutes late. Of course I couldn’t forgive him that easily. So I cried and sulked some more, and felt incredibly stupid after that. I know I was justified in being upset, but why would I break down and weep like the world had fallen apart? I guess I really felt let down by him. How could he be the last one to call me? If you want to sympathize with me, go ahead and do it. If you want to tell me I over reacted, then shhh..

Other than that, I had a fun day. My parents and sis handed me my gift a little after midnight the previous day. Along with a very appropriate card and a long hand written note, that I am too embarrassed to display. I met friends for lunch,  we cut the cake in the evening and I went out for dinner with the family. And through out the day, I jumped a little in excitement, telling everybody around me, “It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday”.

Now if only they could come up with a self cleaning room, my life would be perfect.


73 Responses to “Another year passed by.. how?”

  1. Anusha said

    Belated Happy Birth Day Pepper !! Wishing you happiness always 🙂

  2. snehasankar said

    Belated Birthday wishes! =) No 3 day celebration this time around? =)

    • Pepper said

      Nope. Sigh. That happens only when Mint is around. Nobody else takes me seriously when I tell them it’s my birthday the next day as well.

  3. aame said

    Happy BIrthday !!! I believe wishes are never belated 😉

  4. Happy Birthday Pepper! 🙂 Wish you a Happy Year Ahead! 🙂

  5. Shweta said

    Wish You a Very Happy Birthday Pepper.. 🙂 Hope you had great fun.. !!

    I understand what you went through last night.. Life is tough than we know on that campus, sply the first tri-sem.. I have been at the receiving end for one long year just like you .. (I guess it appeared longer).. Pray for Patience, else getting through would get tougher.. I hope you have the option of flying to him whenever you can.. at least that would make the period sustainable.. All The Best and I wish the TAPASYA you both are putting in is fruitful that you imagine.. 😀

  6. Reema said

    Belated wishes!!

  7. R's Mom said

    Oh belated Happy Birthday…Gah! I even messaged you and didnt wish you..sorry!!!

    LOL on the 22 minutes late..waise let me tell you something..its my Amma’s birthday today..I forgot my phone at RD’s cousin’s place yesterday and we had told her about it..today morning RD had gone out for a run and then we didnt call her because I didnt remember the number (I am so so horrible na!) anyways so at about 8.30 she calls me on the landline and sulks..its my birthday today…Yes amma, happy birthday I tell her, you didnt call me..she says…everyone else did!!!

    So there..and just for the records she turned 58!!! So there you go…you have company darling

    • Pepper said

      Thanks RM. You didn’t message me on my birthday, and anyway, how would you have known? 🙂

      Your Amma is adorable! I don’t blame her fur sulking at all. Mine would be mighty upset and even throw tantrums if I didn’t wish her at midnight. Hope your mum had a fun birthday!

  8. Deboshree said

    (Belated) Happy birthday Pepper.
    I love that card. But I also love cleaning my room…About Mint calling up late, you have my complete sympathy. I would have been equally mad. It is a birthday after all! 😀
    Glad to know you had a good one. Have a great year ahead. 😀

  9. Anu said

    Hi Pepper:

    Glad to know you had a birthday surrounded by your family.
    Self-cleaning room…lol..did you remember to wish for them while blowing up your candles?



  10. Anu said

    oops… meant to say.. “while blowing your candles” ….

    • Pepper said

      Actually, I just realised something. For a year now, I do live in a self cleaning room. When else will I get to use my sis like that. *Evil laugh*

  11. DI said

    Totally justified, your sulking was! I would have also bawled and made a scene I swear! These guys, they need to have reminders set :S
    Belated Birthday wishes 🙂 Perhaps forgiving him could be your first mature step in this new year!

    • Pepper said

      I did make enough of a scene, trust me. I did try very hard to forgive him, but honestly, I don’t think I’ve been able to get over it 😐 I can forgive, I find it very hard to forget.

  12. happy happy birthday pepper!

  13. Shamim said

    Happy Birthday Pepper! Sounds like you had a good one!:-)

  14. pixie said

    Happy Happy Birthday!! 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you filled with everything you want and wish and more! 🙂

  15. Preethi said

    Hi Pepper…belated birthday wishes. Hope you had a fun filled day.

  16. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Pepper! Have a wonderful year ahead – and wishing that most of it is spent with Mint living upto all your expectations! :-)Muuuaaahhh.

    And hmmm…I’ll just says shh…..

  17. garima said

    Belated birthday wishes to you Pepper…may this year pass by soon and next birthday you get to celebrate it with Mint..till then stay happy and healthy 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I want to celebrate my next birthday with both – my family and Mint. Each year I have to choose between one of them. Hopefully, the next year I won’t have to. Thanks a lot Garima!

  18. metherebel said

    Belated happy bday pepper!

    You hit the bull’s eye with the pressures of being responsible with age and worse if you are married 😉

  19. Ashwathy said

    Fabulous! Belated bday wishes, babe 🙂

    Hahah something similar happened to me last to last bday. In my case, hubby (then-fiance) had been on the fone with me and I was also online and my sis-in-law was chatting with me. The clock struck midnight and I was going on chanting wish me wish me wish me before someone else did. He was waiting teasing me saying oh big deal , wait just a bit more, wait just a bit more. And then in a split second, my SIL who was anyway online (from the US) realized its midnight in India and wished me right away. I was so mad and upset …it’s not even funny. He was like 😐

    Today however I can smile about it though 🙂 Good old memories….

    Good to have a bday with your family this time, ain’t it? 🙂

    And…in case this helps…you don’t look 26 from any angle 😀

    • Pepper said

      Lol.. I would’ve thrown a fit had I been in your place. Especially cos he was like 😐 Mint has acquired some smartness over time. He knew it was wise to apologise profusely and accept the fact that it was a grave blunder.. 😀

      Hey, I would actually like looking my age!

      • Ashwathy said

        Yeah he eventually went on to apologize realising he screwed up. But by then I was already mad 😡 😛
        Then he sounded like he felt so bad that eventually i was like, leave it. Coz remembering it would make me feel even worse.

        BTW about WANTING to look your age…remind me to ask you this 10 years from now 😛

  20. vethal said

    May be he called earlier and ur friends calls made the line busy 🙂 happy belated b day pepper.

    • Pepper said

      I would’ve felt a lot better had that been the case. But no, he did tell me he lost track of time cos of being involved with some other important stuff 😦

  21. Pri.. said

    Happy Birthday Pepper!!! You look like 16 (and not 26) in the picture:). Your petite size and cute haircut make me say so…

  22. Smita said

    Belated B’day wishes 🙂
    I don’t think u over reacted (ok u cud have saved the tears) but then I guess u were missing Mint that is why this happened 🙂
    Psst what was the gift???
    And seriously u look like a kid in that pic!!! What’s the secret? 😀

    • Pepper said

      I know I could have saved the tears.. but never mind.
      The gift, it was a large collage of my pics. Right from the day I was born to now, made quite artistically. We’ve framed it in my room 🙂
      Secret eh? I don’t think there is any.. Lol.

  23. Bhavani said

    Belated Wishes Pepper…..I agree with you..22 minutes is not acceptable ok..not at all :))

    Anyways seems like you had a great day with Friends and Family…Here’s to more…


  24. Tanishka said

    Belated happy birthday Peppy… 🙂 And yeah your sulking is fully justified… You are not alone there… 😀

  25. I am really late here. Sorry is lame…but I am really bad at remembering dates 😦
    Forgive, will ya pleas?

    Hearties of wishes for a beautiful year ahead. may it turn out much better than you ever imagined! 🙂


    • Pepper said

      Hey.. don’t be sorry. I usually don’t expect anybody to remember my bday. Other than the family and the BFFs. Everybody else is a bonus. How would you remember? I didn’t even have any notification on FB on. And without that, it’s hard to keep track of dates na? Already there is so much going on in all our lives. Don’t worry about it 🙂 Hugs!

  26. Belated Happy Birthday Pepper, wish you a wonderful year ahead. We all do expect that call from that someone special and I can totally see myself there. I am sure Mint learn that as you both travel long with each other 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Ah I am sure he knows all of that already. It’s only about being able to keep track of time as it nears midnight. This time I know he was genuinely caught up so I will try and overlook it 🙂 Thank you!

  27. Jazz said

    Belated birthday wishes Pepper.. 🙂

  28. Taa's mom said

    Happy Birthday Pepper !! Here’s to more happiness with family and friends

  29. Childwoman said

    Belated birthday wishes Pepper! hope you had fun 🙂

  30. Ria said

    Aww…happy b’lated b’day btw! I don’t think u over reacted….even I wud be mad at my hubby if he wasnt the 1st to wish me.

    • Pepper said

      I didn’t think I over reacted cos I was mad. Of course I was justified in being mad. I said I over reacted cos I wept like a maniac.
      Thanks Ria! 🙂

  31. KB said

    Belated Happy Birthday Pepper! Celebrating amidst family is the best thing ever 🙂

  32. vishalbheeroo said

    Hey Pepper
    belated happyyy birthday..u still in Mumbai? wow! I envy u!!!!!! been out of the circuit 4 long. cheers

  33. Dearest Pepper, wishing you a very happy birthday(belated) and that this year is filled with all things good, joyful, and lots and lots of love. I’m sorry that incident with Mint happened; that’s what happens when we love someone too much, even the slightest of actions on their part has the effect of rocking our world. I’m glad you had a good day with your family and that days hereon are filled with better things 🙂 x

  34. Ram Pyaari said

    Belated birthday wishes 🙂

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