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Life in bullets

Posted by Pepper on April 29, 2012

– It’s been a little over a month since we got back to India. We spent the first few weeks getting things in order, opening bank accounts, getting ourselves a cell phone and a connection, transferring funds, etc. And if you are familiar with India and the way things work here, you would know how demanding and time consuming these seemingly simple tasks were. All this was accompanied by hectic travel, which did not allow me to really ‘sett’e down’. It’s been a little while since I am back in Bombay, but it still feels like pieces of my life are scattered in different directions. I hope I gain a foothold soon.

– The hardest part of this change is being away from Mint. Physical distance is something I can cope with, especially because I have my family around. What has been hard to deal with is his non availability. His course is tremendously hectic. At all times, he is either in class, or busy in a group meeting, or chasing a deadline, trying to complete a submission, or working on an assignment, or battling a quiz, or catching up on sleep if he has a few spare hours. On an average, I talk to him for about 10 minutes in a day and a hour or two during the weekend. The old me would be whining away to glory. The new me is thankful for this experience. I probably needed to learn how to live life without being too dependent on him. I know I leaned on him a little too much. He was my emotional anchor, and now I am able to actually wade through comfortably without his presence.

– A lot of people around me are unable to digest the fact that I have actually chosen to live away from Mint for this one year. They don’t understand why I can’t live with him on campus. They are inquisitive, and view me with a lot of suspicion. The fact that I am living with my parents  and not my inlaws adds to their curiosity. I can imagine the kind of thoughts that hover in their heads. Ha!

– It feels so good to be back ‘home’. Sharing the room with my sis, hearing her abuse me when I stay up late talking to Mint and disturb her sleep, is a lot of fun. I usually refuse to step out to the hall cos I am too lazy. Oh well, serves her right for hogging away all the wardrobe space and taking over the entire room in my absence. She probably never anticipated my return. Now that I am back with all my belongings, we are insanely short of space. We keep claiming every inch of space and I fear we will soon start throwing each other’s stuff out of the window.

– The watchmen and the security guys do not recognise me, understandably, considering they change every year. I have tried telling them a few times that I live here now, but each time I enter our lobby, the security guard views me with suspicion, asks me to sign the register and intercoms my parents, asking them if he can let me in. He asks me to stand in front of the security camera so that my family can take a good look and make sure it is me indeed. Eh? He did that a few times and I tolerated it. How can he do it every single time though? What rubs salt into my wounds is that he lets other random folks like delivery guys, come up to our home without checking with us. I am highly offended. My family is highly amused.  My dad keeps telling me I resemble thieves, burglars and goons and I am probably on the police suspect list.

– Another big change in life right now is that I have switched from coffee to tea, much to my dad’s dismay. He took great pride in telling the whole world that I enjoyed only his coffee. That nobody else was allowed to make coffee for me. Now, I have turned to tea, which is my mum’s forte. I usually find my dad’s tea too strong for my liking. He keeps trying to alter his ways so that his tea suits my taste, and so that he can beat my mom to it. Today morning, I was given two cups of tea, one made by mom, one made by dad. They asked me to taste both and give them my verdict, so that the winner could be declared. Oh such competition between them to win me over. Did I already say I love being home?


52 Responses to “Life in bullets”

  1. yeah a litte HA from me too for all those who are too inquisitive and want to know all, I mean why do we have this habit of wanting ot know it all …

    errrrrrr excuse me staying up late to talk to mint, you said its only 10 minutes a day ahmm ahmm ahmm 🙂

    he he he he on the security, LAI he is doing hiw work and you are saying this, you should be happy he is doing the work properly 🙂

    All the best Pepper and take care …

    • Pepper said

      Lol.. I don’t talk to Mint for more than 10-15 minutes in a day, and that too happens only in the middle of the night. My sis has low tolerance to sound when she is sleeping.

  2. Nachu said

    Hey stumbled upon your blog recently. Read some of your archives and ditto on some of your experiences in life.

    – A lot of people around me are unable to digest the fact that I have actually chosen to live away from Mint for this one year. They don’t understand why I can’t live with him on campus. They are inquisitive, and view me with a lot of suspicion. The fact that I am living with my parents and not my inlaws adds to their curiosity. I can imagine the kind of thoughts that hover in their heads. Ha!

    :D.. No matter what you are up to, people find reasons to be suspicious and speculate once you are in twenties.
    And depending upon where you lie in the 20-29 band, more outrageous the speculations tend to be 😀

  3. Tanishka said

    Its the same when I go home… Bro has occupied all the space in my wardrobes and even when I go home for three days we fight like crazies for space… 😀

  4. You are like a celebrity in your own house with all that attention 😀
    Loved the tea anecdote 😀

  5. Roxana said

    I like happy updates. Was awww-ing at the last point – sounds so cute! I am sure its not easy being away from Mint, but you have the best possible solution to that – I hope the year ahead is a fabulous one! And sisters and sharing the room? That tale sounds only too familiar 🙂

  6. Anu said

    Hi Pepper:

    Following are the comments in bullets 😉

    -1. Yes pepper, returning back does take finding one’s ground. Hope you do get your foothold soon. 🙂

    -2. Like your +ve attitude about life with some distance from hubby.

    -3. People’s opinion about where you choose to live. Well there are people, and they come with their penny bits of opinion. Needless to say, am sure you would soon listen to it from one ear, and let it escape from another.

    -4. your sister and you: too cute for words.

    -5. The security guards- your family sure does find it funny. Oh girl… this is one of life’s grinn and bear moments

    -6. Parents fighting over serving u tea: you sure are a princess who had returned to her kingdom..ENJOY!!!

    warm wishes


    • Pepper said

      Oh I love such detailed comments 😀 And I totally love your last line. Princess returning to her kingdom? Now that does sound like a very good deal! Thanks Anu!

  7. R's Mom said

    you lucky lucky lucky girl!! what else to say? Oh wait, I have something to add ‘ I AM JEALOUS’ okie?


    Have fun Pepper, and forget the people questioning you staying where…you stay where YOU want to…

    All the best to Mint though! I am sure life in a campus can be really hectic…

    • Pepper said

      Hehe.. thanks RM. I am not sure I can stay where I want to stay really. What I want is to be with my family and Mint BOTH. That doesn’t seem to be possible right now. So we’re working around the next best alternative. I don’t really care too much about what people think, it is a funny more than anythign else.

  8. DI said

    🙂 It must be fun, in a way! I cannot imagine how it would be to actually relive my childhood at my childhood home with my sister and parents for one whole year. I just cant! So enjoy it 🙂

    About living with Mint on campus, while I would hate staying away from The Dude, I think I would have chosen to do the same. Mainly because I know how life is on campus. Not exactly a place where family can be given much time, because, lets be fair, it’s an avalanche of classes and meetings and assignments and quizzes and committees and what not. And not only would it get boring for you, Mint himself would be under tremendous pressure and guilt to make time for you when there is obviously a crazy lot going on. So, yes, wise decision.

    That being said, it is SO frigging obvious that you’re staying with your parents! Unless you were already living with the in-laws AND working, making it more practical to stay on, this is SUCH an obvious call. In short, I would taken this as an awesome chance to spend time with my parents too! 🙂

    You know what, in no time this year will get over. It’s already a month. Mint will anyway not even realise how his year will pass, and frankly, by the time you settle down in a routine here, it will be time to ‘re-settle’ with Mint. And I say this in a good way 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Finally! Finally somebody who understands living with my parents and not in laws was an obvious choice! So glad!
      I know, this year will be over soon and then I will miss living in the same house as my parents. Either way, I seem to be yearning for somebody or the other. Atleast having all of us in the same city should settle it. Phew!

  9. Ashwathy said

    I sense so much in this post 🙂 The bliss of being at home…. the joy of living with your family….the changes of being away from Mint and learning to live with it. Enjoy it.
    Your life will again change once Mint is back…. enjoy this as the temporary phase.

    Hmm Mint’s routine will be mine provided all goes well (you know what I’m talking about). I better brace myself 😛

    BTW what happened to your sister’s room? She’s hogging both your room and hers kya? Or were you sharing the room with her earlier?

    LOL @ watchmen not recognizing you. Well yea it can get annoying. In my case I visit delhi every few months so everyone remembers me well * rubs it in * :mrgreen:

    Today morning, I was given two cups of tea, one made by mom, one made by dad. They asked me to taste both and give them my verdict, so that the winner could be declared.
    Stay blessed. And remember this. Always. 😛

    • Pepper said

      Good luck for that insane routine.. you’ll need it 😀
      My sister and I always shared a room. The 4 of us live in a 2 bhk, i don’t think we can afford a bigger house. Beside, I don’t think my parents really require it.

  10. Taa's mom said

    It is absolutely wonderful to have a home like yours. I have a lot to learn from your parents. please keep these gudia stories coming, especially from your childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

  11. Oh that last para made me so very happy pepper! Cannot stop grinning 😀 😀

    Enjoy the fun times ( and just give two hoots to those who dare to question your choice to live with your parents) !

    Wishing the best to Mint on his new endeavor..may he succeed with bright colors. 🙂

  12. haha!I am sure the suspicious people must be having a field day speculating about why you are with your parents. Just laugh off and enjoy your time with your family! The last para made me smile 🙂 Are you getting to eat mangoes?

  13. shital said

    Very sweet post.

  14. binpin said

    Come back soon..:(.I will make tea for you:)

  15. Deboshree said

    It’s always great to be home, isn’t it? I am sure the feeling will be yet to sink in and it will be time for Mint’s course to wrap up. 🙂

  16. Nefertiti said

    First time visitor… found it really cute 🙂 and I can’t tell you how lucky you are to be home in Mumbai with family. For most of us, struggling in rented shared acco in the suburbs, it is THE dream… have fun at home

  17. metherebel said

    That was a cute post!!!

    My sis and I fight over everything else apart from wardrobe space because our room is a mess and things are always on the bed/ floor 😉

    LOL at the watchman not recognizing you 🙂

    And about the tea, I can only say you are lucky!!! My dad wakes up every morning and says in a commanding voice “Can I get a cup of Tea”.

    • Pepper said

      Mwahaha! You think our room isn’t a mess?! I should put up pics sometime 😀 We have clothes on the bed and floor at all times. We fight for space, not just wardrobe space, but any space. Lol!

  18. Oh my! what a wonderful way of expressing your life at your parents’! I envy you 😉
    Firstly, I have a sister and I can totally picture your situation. It’s a true blessing to have a sister for all the reasons you ve mentioned!
    Secondly, people and curiosity in India! All they do is Judge with no insight. As long as mint n you agree on the same things, nothing should matter!
    And lastly, your dad and mom are super cute! what more can you ask for? I can truly see all that love for you behind their tea making process. Enjoy your stay at home Pepper 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Oh yes, people judging us never mattered to us. It’s just amusing and at times, entertaining.
      I am enjoying my stay at home to the utmost 🙂

  19. pixie said

    hugs!! 🙂
    Im sure you will get your footing back soon!

    Its awesome living with parents and fighting over stuff with your sis! my sis and I always fight when we are home! It’s like a tradition!! :mrgreen:
    And ofcourse its the obvious choice! you cant live on campus because then, you would be bored and Mint would feel guilty about not spending time with you or simply being there with you because of his hectic schedule.

    Nosy aunties speculated about why I was at home for 2 months when my MIL lives 3 blocks away! You ignore them and have a blast at home! 😀

    • Pepper said

      Fighting with sisters is like a tradition, so true!
      They speculated when you were staying at home for 2 months? Gosh, people are really jobless 😀

  20. This post transported me straight back home – especially the “who’s tea is better” and the room sharing bits !! Hang in there regarding the away time from Mint and non accessibility..1 year will fly by!

  21. Jack POint said

    Ha ha, good to hear that you have setled down. As a confirmed tea drinker I can congratulate you on finding the One True Path….

    Sampled some Assam tea recently (albeit in tea bags) – very nice.

  22. Phatichar said

    Been a while here…had lost the link somehow. All the best for this new phase of life..take care. 🙂

  23. Awwwww such a sweet post. Somehow missed it till today! There is such a lot in this post – hope, joy, loneliness, a bit of frustration and what not. 🙂

    Glad you are turning a deaf ear to those ‘want-to-know-all’ people.

    May you soon be able to work out a solution. 🙂

  24. Kappu said

    //What rubs salt into my wounds is that he lets other random folks like delivery guys, come up to our home without checking with us. I am highly offended. My family is highly amused. //

    Talk of family! 😉 First time visitor and I love your blog totally! 🙂 Fun to read

    Cheers! Do stop by my blog – Kappu!

  25. why would anyone want to choose inlaws, elves, aliens or eskimos when you can live with your OWN parents?! weird. i also get a lot of “are you STILL with your parents???” question. the last time i was asked this question, i said “hmm, yes, but you neednt look so worried. im not moving in with *your* parents.” as if dealing with life’s changes isn’t good enough, people come with their quiz questions.

    i had such a big smile when i read the tea/coffee episode. while i can relate to how difficult it must be for you and mint to be living apart(knowing you two), living with your parents and sis is such a blessing too! am very glad for you – what could beat sharing your room with your sis all over again? *hugs*

    • Pepper said

      Haha… Why would anyone choose inlaws when you can live with your own parents? A lot of good girls, apparently 😀 They make people like us seem like devils, but then who cares?

      I love the way you deal with idiotic people. Hugs!

  26. Reema said

    Ahh there is no place on earth like parents’ home 🙂

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