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Do you get laughing fits?

Posted by Pepper on May 31, 2012

I do. At the most inappropriate times. For the weirdest of reasons.

A few days ago, my dad had to travel out of town for work. The three of us, which includes the mother, the sister and I, sulked, whined and did some amount of brooding. We didn’t want him to go. I know. We’re a clingy bunch. Anyway, after some bit of cajoling from him and promises to be back real soon, we agreed to behave like adults and let him get on with his business.

Since it was going to be just the three of us, we decided to have a girls’ day out. The plan was to indulge and shop for things we otherwise wouldn’t, gorge on street side food, walk around the place till we pleased and head back home at night.

The evening was going on well. We seemed to be having a lot of fun. A few interesting things were purchased. And then it happened. As we were entering one of the stores, I caught sight of something that tickled every cell in my body. Well, nobody else seemed to find it funny. The laughter started. And it went on. And on. And on. Until people started staring at me. The sister asked me to get a grip. I could no longer stand. I leaned on one of the walls because it was so hard to hold myself and the unrestrained laughter. Embarrassed, the mother asked me to behave myself or she would walk away. I tried. God knows, I tried. Who knew it would be so hard to put an end to the laughter that was gushing out, making me seem like a maniac in the middle of the road.

After a lot labour and persisitent effort, I managed to pause the laughter and take a deep breath. I shut my eyes, lest I start laughing again. We entered the store. The mother started talking to the men behind the counters. I don’t know what exactly made my control break all over again, but there I was, laughing out aloud in the middle of the store, for no apparent reason. I think I almost toppled over. I remember my mom telling the store owner, “She has gone mad”. I could see the rest of the folks eyeing me, trying to hold back their laughter. Since I couldn’t stand there, letting people believe I was a lunatic on the prowl, I walked out of the store, amidst choking laughter and giggles.

It took me a long time to regain all the lost control. Alas, my dignity is not something I could regain. The damage was already done. I had managed to establish myself as a delirious and unbalanced individual. The sad part is that this isn’t the first time it has happened. The sadder part is that I know it isn’t the last either. I tried to walk out of that place as fast as I could. But not before taking a pic of the source of my amusement, or rather, embarrassment. And yes, you are not permitted to ask me why I found it that funny. But seriously, why on earth would anybody want their mannequin to look like this?


64 Responses to “Do you get laughing fits?”

  1. Rob said

    I’m with you: best to let it out. More joy in the world is not a problem.

  2. scorpria said


    i have laughing fits too…all the time 😀 i can even think of an old joke and just burst out laughing at times!

    • Pepper said

      ROFLOLOCOPTER? LOL!! Now what is that? Could you expand it?
      I have a feeling I am going to think of this word and laugh for a long time now.

  3. R's Mom said

    okay..this happened to me only once…okay okay twice 😉 I started laughing at something and it was so contagious that Appa started laughing with me (I think I was in class 10 or something) and then Amma threatened to disown us but we kept laughing and laughing at the store that Amma finally walked out..and RMB…well, he just pretended he didnt know any of us :):)

    The other time, oh well, I am not telling you about it in public 🙂

    That is so so funny..that manequin is damn funny..did you guys buy that top? hehehehe

    • Pepper said

      Oh you’ve got to tell me about the other time now. Mail? 😀
      No we didn’t buy that top or anything else from that store. All I wanted to do was run out. Lol.

  4. hAAthi said

    OMG this totally happens to me and my sister and mom ALL the time. And while theyre quick to regain themselves compose themsleved again, im the one collapsing in peels of laughter for the next 6 hours. And trust me, when I saw the end of your post, I thought to myself BWAHAHAHA if i saw this with my mom and sister around, I’d have probably not stopped till I peed my pants or something. OMG why would they want to have THAT in their store front?!

    • Pepper said

      Bingo! My mom and sis are quick to compose themselves, whereas I just can’t stop laughing for the next few days.
      HAHAH! Yes, I have no idea why anybody would want THAT in their store front. LOL again..

  5. Shweta said

    Haahahhahahahah… It is funny.. though I was so engrossed in reading so my laughing bone was not that tickled but am sure… I would have had into a laughing fit had I seen it myself in a shop… 😀

    Why would u feel sad and sadder about laughing.. come on.. go ahead and laugh again… whenever u feel like… and trust me I would b by your side laughing harder.. 😀

  6. Deboshree said

    We could be sisters! I get these fits more often than I would like to admit and it is almost a physical pain to stop. Moreover, than mannequin is hilarious. You are not to be blamed at all. 😛

  7. Swetha said

    It happens to me too The weirdest of the things make me laugh crazily and i cant stop even if tears flow through my eyes My mom gets irritated sometimes and that makes me laugh even more There are times when she yelled me to stop laughing like an insane person I can totally understand what you mean 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Haha… it is really hard to stop at such times, isn’t it? I remember I had one such laughing fit at home, when my dad was busy doing something important in the living room. My ongoing laughter was disturbing him. He told me to go to the other room, lock myself inside and continue laughing if I had to. I remember I did exactly that. Laughed in a room behind closed doors, all by myself for hours. I sound hysterical even to myself. LoL.

  8. Deeps said

    😆 😆 ! You sure you weren’t drunk at that time?
    The laughing-mannequin does look funny but it’s the way you recounted it made me roll off laughing! 😀

    • Pepper said

      My family says I get drunk without any alcohol. I know the mannequin was funny, but it didn’t call for the kind of reaction I had 😀 What to do? I am crazy, and so are a few others present here 😛

  9. Nachu said

    😀 Sometimes I just can’t stop giggling for weird stuff. I still remember giggling in exam hall because I caught a fellow class mate busy copying. Needless to say, he kept glaring at me until the end of exam.

  10. binpin said

    hahahahhah..It looks like the joker from the BATMAN movie!

  11. That mannequin is laugh worthy , ofcourse! I know a few who could have given you company in the laughing marathon. They are so bad, that they warn beforehand not to tickle them or crack a joke that’s too funny. ( which of course makes us want to do it to them even more 😉

    • Pepper said

      They sound like my mom. She tells people she will beat them if they dare to tickle her, which makes everybody want to do exactly that 😛

  12. Arch said

    I do it too. Sadly, at some people. I know, very rude.But be really happy you can do such stuff. There are so many in this world, who have no idea on how to laugh loud. Seriously, are they selling for aliens?

  13. pixie said

    its funny!! I love when I get laughing fits!
    Dont control it! Let all out! Laugh to your hearts content!! 😛

  14. And reading this I started laughing!! hehehehehehehehehe 😀

  15. metherebel said

    I get this laughing fits! But thankfully I will always have company. So It is not just me alone looking like a lunatic. I think when you have company you will look less lunatic (at least I would like to believe so) 😉

    The mannequin looks really really funny. You are not to be blamed for it 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I agree, having company definitely makes you seem less lunatic. People around you will most likely think you are sharing a joke. Laughing all alone, that’s another store ..

  16. Kanthu said

    Now you turned this thing into contagious, didn’t you..?? 😀

  17. Jazz said

    Hahaaha.. Even I have them sometimes, though I can’t remember the last time I had one. And it always is something silly that no one else finds funny, or something that is not too funny, and almost everytime, I laugh again in sometime after I’ve composed myself. 🙂

    I think I’m controlling it nowadays, If I were at home, my sister guddu would immediately join me and we’d be unstoppable. We would not even be able to speak. We could laugh till tears filled our eyes or we almost peed. LOL !! Mummy would join occasionally but would leave us to control herself.

  18. hahahaha..I saw the manenquin pic before I read the post and was laughing so hard! 😀
    I get these laughing fist many times! The latest was at work, when someone made a joke, and I had water in my mouth. The whole mouthful of water just spurted out, and what followed was an uncontrollable laughing fit! I love these bursts!! Laughing keeps one young 😛

  19. Seema said

    I hardly get laughing fits! Reading the post and the comments, I’m wondering if I’m abnormal.

    I do ROFL, but then I can control based on situation and environment I’m in!

  20. Tanishka said

    I also get laughing fits… And then even my mom n bro start pretending that they aren’t with me… 😀

  21. Jack Point said

    Well that IS very funny.

    Giggling fits are very difficult to stop once they start and they are quite infectious. Happens to everyone once in a way. You seem unusually ticklish, so best to get away from the scene of the crime fast, and stuff a handkerchief in your mouth.

  22. Jack Point said

    See also, a few people who have had it a bit worse than you…;)



  23. Deepa said

    Pepper Dear,

    I found the mannequin very phunny too and yeh lo. I began my horrible giggle fit too. I should’ve been there with you, than both of us would’ve been run out of the store.

    Okay…now my hubby and sister want to know why I find your post so funny.

    Am loving all of your blogs from des, so keep ’em coming. Wish we’d met up when you were here in good ole’ bay area.

    • Pepper said

      Thank you! I feel relieved to know that the sight of the mannequin brought on a horrible giggle fit for you too.
      I know. Never mind. Perhaps we can meet sometime when you are in des..

  24. Scribby said

    me and my elder niece are famous [or in-famous? :P] for this kind of laughter-anywhere / anytime..we call it as ‘break fail’ 🙂

    and it is infectious…had I been there with you I would have joined you 🙂

  25. Pepper, you cutie. I was laughing with you while you had your little giggle fit, and then when I saw the source of your amusement, I burst into laughter as well. You make me giggle, Pepper. This is why I love reading your words.

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]

  26. Jo said

    OMG.. ROFL.. Reading your post I was giggling n giggling. And the last pic made me laugh out dear.. So fuunyy.. 🙂 No wonder u coundnt control..

  27. Shashi said

    ROFTL !! If I would have laughed it was not because of the mannequin per se. I would have associated it with someone funny and then LOL !! 😀

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