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Shoe many problems!

Posted by Pepper on June 11, 2012

I still remember the heartache I felt when I was forced to give away half of the stuff I owned. While moving back from USA to India, I was left with no option but to sort through my clothes, shoes, handbags and only take back what I really liked. I remember filling bags after bags with stuff that was to be given away to Goodwill. All my stuff was in pristine condition, and it was really hard to choose what I wanted to carry back. But what could I do? I had a limited luggage allowance and even the boxes we were shipping separately were almost full.

After giving away more than half of my belongings, I went on to pack the remaining stuff so that it could be shipped. We were told, the shipment would take about 2 months to arrive to our home in Mumbai. I couldn’t wait. We had our TV, our PS3, the newly purchased kinect, our home theatre system, clothes, bags, shoes, household items, books, DVDs, all waiting to be delivered.

The only problem was, we had more than 10 big cartons in our shipment. We were already struggling with space shortage at home. How would we accommodate all that stuff? We decided to deal with it at a later time. And then forgot about it.

A few days ago, my stuff arrived. I couldn’t have been more excited! Today, I decided to unpack some of the boxes. I started with the shoes. I spread them out on the floor, and was beginning to put them away. Suddenly, I heard a gasp, followed by an ‘Oh my God!’. I turned around, to look at my mom, and her worried expression. “So many shoes! Where are we going to keep them?”

I looked at the shoes and counted them. There were 20 pairs here. This, after I had given away most of my shoes. How did this happen? I don’t even use most of these. I hate wearing heels. What was I thinking when I bought them? Why did I buy them in the first place? Oh right, I remember. It is all Mint’s fault.

Now what do I do? 😦 Does anybody want to borrow some shoes from me?

I think it would be wise to not open the remaining boxes.


39 Responses to “Shoe many problems!”

  1. vethal said

    lovely collection

  2. They wont fit me Pepper 🙂 he he he he I am size 10 and those heels will simply give way if i put my foot in them .. they will become slippers rather then heels …

    First lady I am hearing who has a problem with these many shoes … I thought girls loves to have so many of them … well wear them out now

  3. R's Mom said

    hai bhagwan! open a shoe shop!!!

    and your Amma didnt shout at you *Makes note to self to fall at aunty’s feet when we meet up*

    • Pepper said

      Ofcourse she did! Not because I own so many shoes (she loves shoes herself :P), but because the lack of space at home is making her panic.

  4. eep said

    If you’re thinking of selling a few, how about giving this place a go?

  5. Visha said

    You have an enviable collection over there 🙂

    For the time being, use the ones which you like the most, keep the rest of them in the cardboard and let it rest in the loft. After a few months, you could use the ‘loft’ shoes and stow away the current ones. Keep rotating the stuff and stay worry free 😉

    • Pepper said

      Sweetheart, you are assuming we have a loft that can hold these shoes? Lol. Our lofts are so full, I don’t think even a pin will fit.

  6. Jack Point said

    How about a sale?

  7. Bubblegum said

    Loved the collection!! You have a kinect???? I (heart) Kinect!! Someday I will have my own!!! 🙂

  8. Shweta said

    R u sure its Mint’s Fault… hihihih.. 😀

  9. Ok, I could help I get to pick first? That’s kool. So, the white strappy sandals are so calling out to me righ’ now. I don’t like heels either, doesn’t work with my flat feet 😦 So, the grey flats and running shoes would be okay. Sorry that’s not too much help, but its about all I can grab for now ! LoL !

  10. Tanishka said

    So many footwear… 😀 😀 It happens… Even I have some pair of shoes which I bought but never happened to wear them and I still don’t know why did I buy them or why don’t I wear them… 😛

  11. anisnest said

    absolutely shoe many problems.. an apt title that is..
    I will take all those flat ones if you can ship them back to USA 😀

  12. Hi Pepper,

    I need some info from you. Like I mentioned in my previous comment, even we are moving to Mumbai from Bay Area by the end of this year. I am checking out the shipping services here and have spoken to 2 of them. If you don’t mind, can you please let us know the name of your shipping company, if you liked their service, how many boxes you shipped and also the cost? I’ll pass on my email ID if you prefer. Let me know 🙂

    • Pepper said

      We used Air 7 Seas Transport Logistics, Inc. They had a tie up with Aakanksha Shipping services in Mumbai. I think we paid about $1000 for a 52 inch palate in the ship (I think it included custom fees). We had about 12 boxes, one of them being a 50 inch TV. We could have actually added a few more boxes, but realised it too late.
      Email me if you need any specific information. 🙂

  13. chandni said

    What’s your size? I’d be happy to have them if they fit 🙂 I love shoes!

  14. You gave away your shoes…Horror horror horror!!! I would never ever have the courage because what if “one day” i want to wear the stilettos !!!

  15. Lovely collection! 🙂 I can so relate to the heartbreak of having to dispose of things of yours that are in pristine condition.

    On a serious note, why don’t you think of donating some pairs of shoes to an orphanage or some poor little girls? I am sure they will be thrilled. I don’t know how you will take this idea, but I just felt like stating it here. I am sure those girls will cherish them like anything! And you will be blessed tons of times over!

    • Pepper said

      Of course, that is the ideal thing to do. We keep doing that :). Not the orphanage, but we keep giving away shoes (and clothes and other things) to our maid who then distributes it in her locality. In fact, just before I opened this box, we cleared our shoe rack and gave away so many shoes! Which is why my mom was shocked and dismayed when she saw this new loot. Even now, in all probability, I will end up giving away most of these shoes too.

      But, that isn’t the point here. The point is that we aren’t too financially stable at the moment. Then when I buy such expensive shoes and give them away without using them even once, it really does pinch. I know the poor people I give it, do not even care about the brands and the labels. It makes me feel like money has really been wasted. When I asked ‘what do I do?’, I didn’t mean what I should do with the shoes. I wondered what I should do about my own self, how I can prevent myself from being so indulgent and wasteful 🙂

  16. those white sandals! oooh!

  17. Dhivya said

    Your shoe collection makes me want to go out and buy myself some more shoes 🙂 ( I got my latest shoe just last month). I love wearing flats especially in the summer. I like all of your shoes.

  18. pixie said


    Sorry sweetie but I can’t help but laugh!!
    I went thru the same heart ache before coming here.. throwing away shoes almost made me NOT move! 😛
    But, you do have a great collection!! hugs!

    • Pepper said

      Oh. Really? You had so many shoes in India too? I never did. I owned only about 3-4 pairs at that time, and I was quite content. It was only after living with Mint and having a spacious house that I got a little spoilt.

  19. You are a size 6 too? I feel like whacking myself for not checking out this one valuable fact before you left here 😥 Pepper I have nightmares thinking what will happen to all my shoes if we decide to move? I keep telling the husband that i will not come along with him, if he won’t ship my entire shoes and bags. I guess he is all ok with that idea and eagerly waiting for that day when he can get rid of me 😯

    I think it was a bit easy for me to dispose shoes in India coz I never used to buy very expensive stuffs…but here it’s an entire different thing no? 🙄

    • Pepper said

      Oh damnnn.. I could have given all my shoes to you! Why the hell didn’t I think of it?
      Yes, totally right. I didn’t buy a lot of expensive stuff in India, but US was a different thing altogether. My shoe collection grew by leaps and bounds..

  20. super collection pepper…I am too a footwear freak and have a decent collection….although I am still to encounter my mom’s reaction when i go back home from hostel…. 😛 🙂

  21. A-kay said

    You should have had a sale before you left the bay area. With you 5 and 6 shoe size, I would grabbed a few 🙂

  22. Pepper my sweetness. They always say shoes are a girl’s best friend. This is true here, no? A wave, a hello, and I’m off to read the rest of your posts 🙂

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]

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