A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint

A true blast from the past.

Posted by Pepper on June 12, 2012

Warning: A very long post. Written very, very long ago. I found it in a draft in my old blog. Wanted to put it down here. This was written at a time when I blogged privately, so it has been written without any reservations. This was long before I was married. It talks about the time when Mint was visiting me in UK. Loaded with cheese. Layered with mush. Read at your own risk.


Posted on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009.

It happened. He came. Dear God, thank you for granting him a UK visa. I know, few people are as idiotic as him. Who would submit a 2 year old photograph with your visa application, when the instructions clearly state that the photograph has to be recent one? Moreover, he submitted the same picture that is present on his US visa, which is a few years old. Obviously they would find out. Phew, thankfully it was sorted out. Or he would be so dead.

What can I say about the past few weeks? This is what they mean when they say ‘It was magical’, perhaps. Some of the happenings:

– It started with a big surprise. I better write about it in detail another day. It so needs to be put down here. For now, let me just say it involved a magical appearance in my room. Bewilderment, sudden shyness, curiosity, amazement and yes, scented candles, were all part of the package.

– Of all the things he wanted to do in the coming minutes after we met, I was particularly amused by this one. He wanted to make me wear my socks. Yes, he wanted to put them on for me. He begged me to allow him. And then I saw the joy on his face as he rolled up the socks above my ankles. Strange joys.

– We had been looking forward to this trip of his for months. Last I saw him was a year ago. I couldn’t believe he was there for real now. That I was seeing him in 3D, out of the webcam. That I could hear him in person, without relying on phones and skype connectivity. We spent the entire night cuddling and chatting with each other, cherishing every passing minute. I still count those as my ‘too good to be true’ moments.

– We were to stay in M’s house for a few days. Because I am scared of people in general, I did not want him to know Mint and I were seeing each other. So I insisted on pretending to be ‘just friends’. Which meant, letting go of each other’s hands and distancing ourselves every time M walked into the room. Mint thought I was funny.

– London is so beautiful in December. There were Christmas decorations put up everywhere. It was really cold. You could see the mist shining in the lights. We could see the cheer around us. We stayed out through out nights and went home only early in the mornings. I hadn’t had so much fun in a long time.

– I woke up on Christmas morning to see Mint wearing a red cap. A lot of cards and gifts were handed out to me. The words on the cards are soulful, and oh, cheesy.

– We spent a lot of days in search of a good winter coat for me. I had been on the look out since a long time, but I couldn’t find the perfect one. It was either too pricey, or it didn’t fit me well, or lacked something else. Mint said he would help me find one. After scouring hundreds of stores and malls, we finally found one that we liked. This winter coat will always remain special to me. A lot of combined effort has been put into it. It also contains a lot of happy memories.

– We went clubbing. And, I was accused of being too drunk and was thrown out of the club. I am still in denial. I am not ‘that type of a girl’. I can’t be drunk. I can’t be kicked out. No, no, no. I hate Mint for laughing at me when those guards held me by my arms and threw me out. This couldn’t have happened to me.

– Mint was visiting me, in a city I have been living in. It totally sucked that I got lost every time I ‘took him out’. After going around in circles, trying to find the way back home in the cold, I would begin giving up. Much to my embarrassment, Mint told me he would take me back to my own home one day when we were lost. He actually cut through campus and showed me a shorter route to get home. Talk about embarrassing.

– We took the train to New Castle one night. We had a 5 hour waiting period there, after which we would get our train for Edinburgh, Scotland. I thought we would kill time at the station, but what do you know? They decided to shut the station for those 5 hours and threw us out. It was in the middle of the night, and not a single restaurant, coffee shop or store was open. This being end of December, it was freezing! The temperature was -7 degrees Celsius. The wind was howling. We were out in the open, with no shelter for hours. I could feel my teeth chatter, my limbs turning immobile, and my body trembling. I really wasn’t sure I would make it through the night. Just then I caught sight of a tiny shop. They were selling hot water bags. The sign there said “Buy these hot water bags or you will get hypothermia and die”. Interesting and realistic way to sell their product.

– Another noteworthy point – I reached Edinburgh and decided to catch some sleep for a few hours. Since we couldn’t check in to our hostel until a particular time, I decided to sleep in an interesting place – the bar. I spent about 3 hours there, sleeping on Mint’s shoulder. He did nothing at all. Just sat there for hours with no movement, so that I could get some undisturbed sleep. Have I said I love him? I really do.

– Edinburgh is such a beautiful city. It has so much of history. It has such an old world charm. You can’t shake out the fairy tale like feel when you pass palaces and castles while walking on those roads. The place is colourful and has such a vibrant culture. One of my dreams was to walk on the streets of Edinburgh, go up cliffs, watch the castles, churches and live bands with Mint by my side. I couldn’t believe I was really living my dream.

– We visited the cafe in which Rowling wrote her first novel in the Harry Potter series. The cafe calls itself the ‘Birthplace of Harry Potter’. We sat on those tables, and pictured her writing there. We could even see the castle she overlooked. How totally awesome! In case you think I am lying, I have pictorial evidence to prove it. All you Happy Potter fans, take that!

– I realised Mint was a hotter version of Santa Claus. He would keep pulling out gifts for me, out of nowhere. At one time, he reached into his pocket and give me a neat keychain. Another time, he pulled out a pretty stole for me out of his bag pack. One time, he gave me a Linkin Park broach that he bought for me when he attended one of their concerts. I had so many little gifts being given to me at different times. I guess he loved taking me by surprise. My favourite gift is a diary he gave me, in which he has written one message for me for each day of the year. So it has 365 little messages tucked in. He even searched for a pen that would let him write with my favourite colour! How much I treasure it.

– This was probably one of the best times I’ve had in life. How we gorged on food, especially bangers and mash, those sinful, lip smacking chocolate desserts. How many long hand held strolls we took despite the cold, how I enjoyed giving him a tour of my university, how many long conversations we had. I couldn’t believe it was time for him leave. Of course, I sobbed. I remember standing at Heathrow airport with fat tears spilling out of my eyes.

And it’s been exactly a week since he left. I can’t believe how lonely I feel. One thing I look forward to everyday is waking up in the morning and turning the page to see the note for the day, left by him. I’ve promised to not turn pages ahead of time. Today, I really didn’t feel like waking up. With a lot of effort, I trudged to the table to turn the page and see the note for the day. And guess what I see?

How did he know I wanted to sleep in today? Coincidence? I am so stunned and so pleased. I went back to sleep with a big smile on my face.

Cliche as it may sound, I can’t imagine life without him. But, I live with so many fears. I know his family won’t accept me easily. He tells me to not worry. But, what if things get too messy? I don’t want him to break ties with his family. Neither can I bear to be without him. Why do people give so much importance to caste and community? Will we really get married one day? If so, when?  How much will we have to fight for it?  And where will we live? Should he move to UK? Should I move to the US? Should we both move to India right away? What does life have in store? Why am I so scared?


66 Responses to “A true blast from the past.”

  1. Varsha said

    Very nicely written Pepper….

  2. hAAthi said

    Hehe, awwww so unbelievably sweet this post!

  3. R's Mom said

    Oh My God! Is this guy for real! No seriously? I have to meet him to believe him..

    Gosh! you know sometimes you read books in which certain paragraphs make you feel so warm, fuzzy and romantic…This was exactly like that but a million times better because I know, both of you exist 🙂

    Muah and more Muah!

  4. awesomely cutely written. 🙂

  5. aame said

    OMG that is just incredible !!! A whole 365-days full of messages written beforehand !!! My gosh that diary sure is priceless !!! I had once written 10 mails in advance for my best friend now my hubby 🙂
    So sweet and thoughtful of Mint to do that !!!
    God bless you both !!!

  6. metherebel said

    Aww..:) You are truly blessed to have a very loving partner in Mint 🙂 May you both have many many many years of togetherness.

  7. Rea said

    oh..such pure love…loved it…
    please keep it safe forever..not easy to get.

  8. Goose bumpy and now I am all teary.

    i LOVE LOVE happy endings.

  9. This is so beautiful, Pepper. I went through something similar to the last paragraph you’ve written about, and things have finally worked out well, but I can relate to it exactly. I hope you have many more breathtakingly beautiful moments in the future! 🙂

  10. Abhivyakti said

    Lovely post , pepper 🙂 Had me smiling all through , I could identify with so much of that excitement and even the part about being scared. Reminded me of days when I would smile to myself, for no apparent reason. This is a wonderful keepsake for your kids to read someday 🙂 May god bless the two of you with loads of such happy memories !

  11. techie2mom said

    I can relate to the pain of being in a long distance relationship & finally be able to meet & then parting again to meet god knows when….
    Hey, so many unanswered questions you had about the relationship…It really feels good to know that finally almost all the answers brought happiness to you 🙂

  12. Am sitting in a meeting as I read and type this…gave me goosebumps !

    Such a beautiful beautiful post Pepper!!…Now, I regret not writing down my moments of pure joy when me and H were seeing each other.

    May you two live together happily ever after..just like the fairy tales 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Now, my dear girl, why are you reading blogs in the the midst of meetings? I need to have a word with your manager 😛
      Thanks so much 🙂 Why don’t you try to back track and write about those moments that you remember atleast? As we age, our memory weakens, so it would be best to record it all now. Whatever you write today will be saved and you can read it after 20 years and smile, no?

  13. pixie said

    What a beautiful post.. what beauitful memories! Touchwood!

  14. Bubblegum said

    Pepper its cheesy but I love the cheese in the post. Super touchy!!

  15. Visha said


    I second RM’s comment..does such a guy really exist??

  16. Deeps said

    Awwwwww…totally awwwww! What a beautiful post, Pepper! Theres so much of love and longing in your words! 🙂

    Psst, I have my fingers crossed in the hope that my comment doesnt get dumped in your spam this time! 😛

  17. chandni said

    Dripping with love. So sweet, so raw in emotion! You have my “happily ever after” believing heart in a mush! How many years ago is this? And still feels like you could have written in today and would still be relevant 🙂 God bless peppermint! Can’t wait to meet you in person!

    • Pepper said

      This was about 3.5 years ago. And yes, it really does seem like yesterday 🙂
      Can’t wait to meet you in person too! I thought of emailing you the last time I was in Delhi (almost 2 years ago), cos I really did want to meet you. But then, I was just a lurker on your blog. Felt stupid to ask you to meet me then. 😦

  18. ashreyamom said

    Awwww…. he certainly a dream boy whom everyone wants in their life.. can i ask ur mint to provide crash course on romance to my hubby.. 😛

  19. sugar said

    That was smthing like u wud see in films..
    The diary written with a
    msg for each day is the best gift one cud ever have..n reading that part i was totally like Awwwww!!(considering I usually don’t fall for mushy moments,but yes today i did)
    P.S i so envy u for having a person like him ..;) 😉

  20. I just love the way you express your emotions….a post dipped fully in love 🙂

  21. Ashwathy said

    Touching. I don’t like too much cheesiness, but this one totally touched my heart.
    Must be becoz of the timing as well. I have travelled to the south for some urgent reason…. we had a fight before I left, but we managed to sort it all out, yet something somewhere remained.
    The 5 days we spent apart, brought back all the memories. Particularly since it’s gonna turn a year since our marriage, in about 10 days. Being apart, we went back in time remembering the long distance, the memories and the entire rush upto the wedding when we were finally together. Sigh 🙂 Now I can’t wait to get back to him.
    So yep, I quite understand the feel of this post. Nothing like memories. 🙂

    • Ashwathy said

      You know what? Your post is an indication.
      That it all falls into place at the end. It won’t be perfect, you’ll stumble along the way. But eventually it will all work out. You learn to make it work. That’s the beauty of it. 🙂

      • Pepper said

        You know, this is what I used to think until about 4 years ago. But, if you ask me today, I will have to disagree with you. I’ve had a lot of friends for whom it hasn’t worked out, the way they’d have liked it to. For various reasons, mainly parental opposition. They’ve been miserable, until the end. Finally, they’ve had to kill a part of themselves and move on 😦

    • Pepper said

      Lol. I say I love cheese, but then you know what? I never fully understood the meaning of ‘cheesy’. For example, Mint calls me his ‘baby angel’. My friend who heard it rolled her eyes and thought it was uber cheesy. There was a story behind the name. Mint says it with a lot of affection and I feel very privileged. So what I thought was sweet was called cheesy. After that, I went on to notice. Each time I thought something was sweet and heartwarming, the world called it cheesy. So hell, I decided I love cheese, if that is what it was all about 😀

      Ouch, I fully understand what you mean. Having a fight and then being apart is the worstest 😦 I don’t mind fighting with Mint endlessly when we are together, but when we are away, even a tiny fight plays on my mind that much more. So glad your past memories brought out the best in you 🙂

  22. aww… I love love such love stories and happy endings. May you both be forever and ever in love 🙂

  23. This is beautiful Pepper. Your fears have become quite unfounded, as his family has accepted you, and you guys have come out of it stronger, bigger, and better. I’m so glad your prince charming came through for you.

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]

  24. Swaram said

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  25. poornima said

    First things first, i just love the concept of Pepper & Mint. How cute 🙂 i just happened to find your blog today and I am loving it!

    I got married to my friend of 6 years just 20 days back , so you can imagine how high on mush I am 😉 This post perfectly suits the mood .

    I promise to come back and read 🙂


  26. Santulan said

    😀 This is such a heartfelt post. Mint is such a nice guy.

    I have sent the link of this post to a friend of mine, she would appreciate this.. Any one would 🙂

  27. Here through a link that Hrishikesh Bawa shared! What an absolute treat of a read this has been! Touchwood* that what you share is just so, always! Bless you two 🙂

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