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Tales from campus – Part 2

Posted by Pepper on August 11, 2012

Read the Part 1 here. We won the ‘carry and run’ race, but I didn’t feel too excited, because this wasn’t the grand finale! These were only the trial runs. In fact, now that we had been selected, I only felt more nervous by the idea of representing our section during the finals. Oh the pressure to win. I know, I had nothing to really fear, since I wasn’t the one running. But I specialize in getting nervous without a cause.

I had plenty of time to argue with Mint in the evening, and ask him why he signed me up for the events without checking with me. Like I said though, I already knew his reasons. So we agreed to let go of it. I convinced myself to participate in the fashion show. Did I have a choice? From then on, it was all about taking deep breaths and telling myself I can do it. That I won’t stumble and fall on the stage. That there won’t be any disasters and that I won’t make a fool of myself. By late evening, I learnt that unlike what I had imagined, we wouldn’t have to perform in front of a big audience. We weren’t allowed to see other sections perform. Which meant it would only be our class. And our class would be cheering from the sides of the stage. That left only the judges and some members of the cultural committee in the audience. A total of only 10-20 people? That sounded much better.

We met for our rehearsal and I was amazed to see how good some of the students were. The girls seemed like they were born to walk on the ramp. The guys walked with such oomph. I, on the other hand, was too stiff. They asked me to ‘cat walk’, and each time I did, it looked more like a ‘duck walk’. They asked me to ‘pose’ once I got to the end of the ramp. I looked like I was trying too hard. I realised this would take a lot of work.

On the other hand, our costumes were splendid! The fashion show was divided into three parts. Each part had a different theme. I was part of the ‘Recycle’ theme. So our costumes were all handmade! A fish cut gown enhanced with hand made paper flowers glued to it. A jacket and a skirt made out of black garbage bags. A skirt made out of hand made newspaper fans, etc. I was to wear a one piece outfit with balls made of aluminium foil stitched to the sleeves. We spent the entire night working on the outfits. Cutting, sticking, stitching, chatting, eating Maggi at 3 am. What fun. Finally at 4:30 am, I got up to leave. I had woken up at 4 am the previous day, and it had been a long ’24 hour’ day for me.

When I was leaving, one of the girls told me, “Wear this with black leggings. And wear black heels with it. Red lipstick will look good too” Err, I didn’t have any of that stuff. I told her I hadn’t come to campus prepared for a fashion show. I had just carried a few casual tees with me, to be worn over the same pair of jeans. She told me, in that case, I would have to buy all of that. I told her I would figure it out, and I left.

I remember waking up the next afternoon. Mint hadn’t come to the room at all. He had been busy all night and had gone to class directly the next day. Great. The first thing I did on waking up was turn to YouTube. I looked for videos that displayed and taught ramp walking techniques. One foot in front of another. Posture straight. Sway your arms gently. I practiced walking in the room for a while. And then I realised, to my horror, I’d have to be walking in heels. I wasn’t allowed to wear flats. Which meant, I had to go buy the shoes as soon as possible, so I had enough time to practice walking in them. Considering I had so many shoes back home, I didn’t fancy the idea of spending thousands and buying a new pair just for this one day, but I realised I had no other choice. Ugh.

Meanwhile, the campus seemed abuzz with activities, and being a part of it was so thrilling. I would just walk in to classrooms, to watch the dance group rehearsing. Some of the rooms were occupied with paints and other craft work. Students sat back painting posters for the competitions. The singing troupe would rehearse till the early hours of morning. We could hear live bands playing from all corners. The people participating in the skits would rehearse after class hours. Mint was in charge of the mock rock show. He had to organize it, and of course participate. Entire nights were spent carving guitars out of thermocol, gluing plastic sheets onto it. Trash cans were turned into drums. Loud rock music was a constant companion. Tea and coffee flowed through out the nights. I think for a week, nobody slept. There were rehearsals going on everywhere. We would rehearse our fashion show at 2 am on most nights. Dinner was had at 3 am one day, at a colonel’s house. It was an experience I will never forget.

I went and bought the shoes a day before the events began. I remember trying out shoes with different shapes and sizes of heels. I also remember practicing my ramp walk in the store, while wearing those heels. I am glad I realised where I was soon. People were beginning to think I was one of those ‘wannabe’ types.

The first day of the events dawned. The entire campus was celebrating. There were processions with drums and other live music. You could hear shouts and slogans in the air. Everybody was cheering for their teams. The races were the first of the events. Yes, Mint and I won the finals, in the midst of loud cheering. Everybody came up to us to congratulate us. It made me grin. People asked Mint if he has been carrying me and running since childhood, or if we ‘ran and got married’ 😀

We won the mock rock show as well. It was entirely Mint’s brain child, and we received a lot of applause. We really worked hard, selecting the music, rehearsing all night, working on the equipment, working on the costumes and make up, the actions. When people told Mint how awesome he is, I couldn’t stop beaming with pride.

And yes, the fashion show! We won that as well. There was a bit of chaos on the stage before I walked the ramp. Which made me nervous and my walk was a clumsy duck walk. I shuddered when I saw the video. Sigh. But I think our outfits, the sequence, themes and the rest of the folks more than made up for everything. Our team got a lot of appreciation.

The events were spread over 4 nights. We came 3rd overall, but what gives me a high is that we came 1st in everything we (Mint and I) participated in.

The ‘carry and run’ race. The pic was taken during the trial runs.


The girl gang. Easy to guess which one is me, I suppose.


Helping one of the students. We cut strips of cloth and made bandanas out of them


The fashion show. That’s me on the ramp.

I exit


Mint during the rock show


PS: This post has been typed in a big rush. Please excuse the poor use of English and grammar.


43 Responses to “Tales from campus – Part 2”

  1. Smita said

    3rd from right?

    And it sounds like so much fun re…I wish I cud go back to those lovely college days just to enjoy it (not for studies i.e. :D)

    And u look good in that costume 🙂

    And yes congrats for winning all the contests 🙂 must have been thrilling 🙂

    How did u guys celebrate?

    • Pepper said

      Perfect. Like I said, I think it was an easy guess 🙂
      Thank you, thank you!
      We celebrated by missing the party and curling up in the room instead.

  2. Tanishka said

    So you guys won all the events…. Yayy….
    The fashion show pics look awesome… 🙂

  3. that seems like a whole lotta fun- adrenaline filled week ! nice and best wishes

  4. Wow Awesome Awesome! I was reading it and thinking Damn! I have grown so old that I cannot go to college – just for the fun of it all!! 😀 And looking at the pics – what did you even have to worry about – it looks a winner all around!

    And Congratulations! On winning everything – your Mint truly ROCKS!!

  5. R said

    Pepper, are you going to be back in the campus city anytime soon? I will be there in a couple of weekends, one of my closest friends lives there and the campus is where we go for late night coffee and conversations. You should meet her 🙂

    • Pepper said

      We should talk and figure this out. I am going to be on campus at the end of this month, though it will be only for a few hours. When exactly will you be there? Would love to meet your friend! I am always greedy when it comes to making new friends 🙂

  6. DI said

    I was wanting to ask you about the details right from when I spotted the pics on FB! 🙂 Man, that was fun! I was actually thinking about how cool it was that you mingled so well with rest of the crowd! The dress looks lovely btw :)! Congrats!

  7. Awesome post.

    Many Congratulations for winning. 🙂

    This post gives me another reason to participate in every cultural and non-cultural event to be organized in the college in the next two years before I pass out. 🙂

  8. you rocked the dress my dear 🙂 loved the themes as well.
    some awesome fun you had.

  9. Had lot of fun reading both posts. You guys are awesome, and congratulations on the win. Mint running wit you was amazing, like others said looks like he had been practicing this for years 🙂 You look great in the fashion show as well. What a fun in the campus, feel like going back to college days 🙂

  10. R's Mom said

    But I specialize in getting nervous without a cause.

    You are my soul sister 🙂

    CONGRATS on the win (I didnt comment in the previous post!) and on finding the campus by yourself..wah too good heheeh 🙂

    OH MY GOD! that costume of yours is awesome..and you look so glamourous!!!

    Gosh! I am jealous of all the fun you had hehehe 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Thank you RM! You are the only one who congratulated me on finding the campus by myself. Like I said, that was a big achievement for me 🙂
      Jealous haan? I am glad. Your travel and food posts are always making me jealous 😛

  11. Ashwathy said

    ROFL @ Ran and got married!! 😀 😀 It’s a bit of a sad joke but I am giggling :mrgreen:
    You actually WON that race??? hahah!! I’m not surprised. You’re pretty light weight 🙂 Mint would have zoomed across to the finish line.

    Looks like a fabulous week you had 🙂

    P.S.: I m truly glad I know you… online and offline 🙂 Hugs!

    • Pepper said

      I always giggle when I hear sad jokes. Unfortunately that encourages people like my dad and Mint to come up with worse jokes each time 😐
      We won, but surprisingly. I wasn’t the most light weight person to participate on the main day. There were a few girls a lot tinier than me! I think we won because of the way in which Mint carried me. The rest were carried the piggy back way, and that doesn’t let you run too fast. 🙂
      Regarding the last line, I’ll just say likewise. Hugs!

  12. Visha said

    How good it feels to know that PepperMint got time to spend with each other, which included competitions they won and appreciation they got 🙂

    Am sure surprises like this are welcome always, hai na 😉

    Aah..this made me nostalgic about my college cultural festivals 🙂

    P.S Yes, I guessed in the second pic 😆

    • Pepper said

      The past month has been very kind to PepperMint. We’ve spent a lot of time with each other, with me being on campus almost every weekend, though I haven’t documented my visits on the blog. The coming month promises to be even better! *Fingers crossed*.
      You guessed? I knew it was easy! 😀

  13. Titaxy said

    nice! congratulations!

  14. How wonderful Pepper! I actually felt the excitement as I read through 😀

    College fests are the best..more so the rehearsals and preparations. I remmeber having major withdrawal symptoms many days after the event was over.

    Three cheers to the winning couple!! You look so cool in the ramp outfit..couldn’t believe it was paper made..wow, hats off to the efforts! 🙂

    Convey my “wooohooo!! You won the rock show man!!” to Mint, k? 😀

    • Pepper said

      Absolutely. I think I suffered some withdrawal symptoms after the fest too. Life suddenly seemed to bland.
      Will convey the ‘woohoo’ to him when I see him tonight 😀

  15. What fun!!! College days are always so much fun with all the night outs and crazy events! Congrats on winning the events 🙂

  16. Bhavani said

    Hi Pepper, So much fun..you lucky girl…you dont need to go through the stress of studying but get to enjoy all the Campus fun!!! What more can a girl ask for:)) Touch wood..enjoy these days…and leave all the studying to Mint ..haha


    • Pepper said

      You are totally right! I get the benefits of campus life without the pressure of studying. When I am on campus, I feel amazed by the liberties I have. I can walk in to their classrooms, their group study rooms, the libraries and any other place that the students have access to. Which allows me to participate in so many things. And I can walk out whenever I want to. It’s a win win situation! Lol.

  17. Kavs said

    I love how innovatively the costumes were done! Took me back to my B-school and engineering days…wonderful to know you guys won so many prizes too! 🙂 And though you have blurred the faces it’s easy to imagine how happy Mint looks carrying you! 😉

  18. techie2mom said

    Wow, you guys had so much fun!!! Festivals at campus are always memorable!!!
    Congratulations for winning the the carry and run race 🙂
    “People asked Mint if he has been carrying me and running since childhood, or if we ‘ran and got married’ ” Cute!!!!

  19. Jazz said

    OMG Pepper, that must have been so so much fun na.. I’m glad you had a great time with Mint. And you guys rocked the event.. 😉

  20. Aruna said

    That sounds like a whole lot of fun!!! BTW which campus is this? No need to share it here if you don’t want to….

  21. Aruna said

    Sure, no problem!

  22. […] a while, we relived the memory of the campus days by playing videos taken during the talent nights and fests. A good idea, […]

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