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And a happy birthday it was

Posted by Pepper on August 21, 2012

A few days ago, when India celebrated her Independence, we had some special celebrations going on at home. It was my mum’s birthday, and like a little kid, she had been awaiting the event excitedly. She wanted gifts (of her choice, nevertheless!) and wanted to eat good cake.

Getting her the gifts was not a big deal, but the cake? That was a problem. You see, a few months ago, my mom was diagnosed with high cholesterol and diabetes. The reports shook us. My petite, skinny momma having high cholesterol? And diabetes? How was that possible? People laughed at us when we told them. Some went to the extent of asking her where the extra cholesterol was hidden. Her body was too tiny to carry it. And where did the diabetes come from? Nobody in her family has it.

The discovery of her ailments called for a diet change. A ‘no sugar’ rule was implemented. But do we follow rules? No sir! We don’t. I think the older we grow, the more childlike we get. The mother would be found sulking and brooding each time she was denied chocolate. Sometimes I would take pity and hand her a piece while issuing an “Only one!” warning.

A few weeks ago, we experienced a tantrum. She said she wanted a particular dessert. We told her she could not have it. So there was a meltdown. She insisted on having it and was not willing to be distracted. She kept pointing at it and asking for it, saying  “I want it, means I want it, means I want it!”. What was this? I half expected her to start stomping her feet too. I then had to pull her in a corner and tell her, “Mama, you are not 5 years old. A tantrum won’t work.” I feel liker mom!

The other day, the three of us were sitting in a newly opened cafe close to our home.  That included, the mother, the father and I. Dad and I were talking about something animatedly. The mother started complaining, saying we were ignoring her. We laughed, and carried on with our conversation, not taking her seriously. I guess we really got too involved, and forgot about mom. That made her stand up, tell us she is not talking to us anymore, and walk away. Huh? Dad and I continued laughing, at what we thought was extremely childish behaviour. I wanted to run after her and say “Sorry babyyy, I won’t do that again”

While she is a little child at times, she is definitely my momma other times. I am so used to hearing the “Clean your room” dialogue every few hours, that I start imagining it now, even when she doesn’t actually say it. Was that her strategy? I wonder. Most times, I don’t have to clean my room, because it has already been done by her. A clean bedsheet replaces the old one. My clothes get washed, ironed and folded. They are put into my closet. Other miscellaneous belongings of mine are put into their place. It annoys the hell out of me. Ofcourse, I love the clean room, but I hate her working hard for it. I have told her several times to not do it. To let go. To leave it to me. I will do all of it on on my own. Later. It’s just that, she knows I procrastinate forever, doesn’t have the patience to wait for me. I don’t see an end to our quarrels.

We did get her a good cake for her birthday, albeit a tiny one. Dad has been a diabetic since years. I guess mom couldn’t bear to not be by his side, so she decided to jump onto the wagon too. Sigh. Fortunately though, her next reports said her sugar levels were normal. So I hope the previous reports just showed some momentary fluctuations, and that all her counts are okay.

Since her birthday is on a national holiday, we are all at home, without the hassle of taking an off. Mint got here on the eve of her birthday, and that is when the celebrations began. Mama wore her new clothes in the morning. We had a sumptuous lunch at home, that included all our favourite food. We cut the cake. We went for a movie (Ek tha Tiger – no, I don’t really recommend it), and then we went out for dinner. Throughout the day, the five of us got quality time to spend with each other. I do remember the sister and Mint ganging up against me during dinner. They made some allegations against me that were totally false. Hmph. Anyway, all in all, it was a wonderful day. I was planning on putting up a few pics taken during the day, but I feel too lazy.  Hope you had a fun day, mama. Here’s to many more..

47 Responses to “And a happy birthday it was”

  1. That is such a coincidence My mum also 15th aug born 🙂 .. many many happy returns of the day to your mum, a few days late I know 🙂 please do extend my regards to her.

    well allegations are allegations until proven so chillax 🙂 he he he

  2. May good times prevail 🙂 a belated happy birthday to your Mom and wishing her happiness and health always 🙂

  3. R's Mom said

    Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom

    Errr…even my Amma has been diagonized with sugar etc…but again she is nice and roly poly like me 🙂 though she has her diabetes under control now…and she is pretty addictive to sweets…infact if nothing she has a spoon of sugar when she gets up from her afternoon sleep…so what she does is avoid sweets in all the other stuff like chai/coffee..and has her quota of sweet a week 🙂 can aunty do that as well?

    • Pepper said

      Glad your Amma’s diabetes is under control. Her having a spoon of sugar sounds adorable!
      Yes, ma can do that as well. It’s just that we disagree on what a fair quota for the week is 😐

  4. Kartikay said

    “she knows I procrastinate forever” – hahahaa! Been there, done that!

  5. My Era said

    A very Happy Belated Birthday to your mum 😀
    If I were to write a post on my mum’s behavior ever since she has been (recently) diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol, it would be a carbon copy of your post. Though no one in my family has ever been diagnosed with diabetes except her.
    Her birthday is in three days and she has already been pushing me to bake a BIG birthday cake for her 😦 😦
    Glad you all had a fantastic day full of fun, food and celebration 😀

    • Pepper said

      Ouch.. Your mom was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol too? When it isn’t hereditary ? Sigh. We live in such an unhealthy environment, no wonder such ailments are coming to us. 😦 Hope your mom recovers soon. I hear walking regularly does wonders. Advance birthday wishes to her. Do give her a little piece of the cake. I am so envious of you. You can bake!

      • My Era said

        Walking is great for diabetics and my mum did go for walks in the start, but now she has stopped. The blood sugar is in control with medications but not otherwise.
        I’d love it if she’d be content with a piece of her birthday cake. It’s tough not to bake a cake on her birthday 😦 So I have given up baking cakes without an occasion just to keep her from eating them all in the name of tasting.
        Thank you for the wishes, will pass them on to her 🙂

        • Pepper said

          My mom started going for walks and then stopped too! We’d go for long strolls after dinner. I’d accompany her just to keep her enthusiasm high. But then the rains began and she had a legitimate reason to not go. I am going to urge her to get back soon. I think you should keep pushing your mum too. They do get enough exercise during the day, but still..
          Being content with a single piece of cake is HARD. I don’t blame her. 🙂

  6. metherebel said

    Belated happy birthday to your mom 🙂 Looks like you had a great day.

    Thanks for the one line review of Ek Tha Tiger 🙂

  7. Pal said

    Hey Pepper, Belated Birthday wishes to your Mom! Being diabetic sucks so here’s hoping that the reports stay normal for good! And how lovely to have your birthday on the Independence day….my hubby does too and I used to be sooo jealous on the whole of India being off on his big day. Of course now that we are out of the country, it’s just like any other day and he hates it as his fondest memories are of a childhood in Delhi where he got a free Hot Chocolote fudge sundae at Nirulas for his birthday as it happened to be on such a special day! 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Oh wow. Please wish your hubby a belated Happy Birthday. It’s awesome to have your birthday on Independence day. 🙂 Free hot chocolate fudge sundae sounds great! 🙂

  8. Ashwathy said

    Looks you had a lovely birthday celebration…. that extended through the day 🙂

    Haha it’s freaky but cute as well when they become the kids and you have to become their mommy. It’s like they are done with their responsibilities so they are enjoying now. I m mostly like 🙄

  9. Smita said

    wow! that looked like a full day!

    And your Mom soudns so cute! But seriously I can understand where u are coming frfom. My father had liked sweets but not very much from the day he was diagonsed with High BP and high cholestrol he started yearning for sweets after each meal and it is so difficult to control him.
    You didn’t like ETT? 😦

  10. Many More Happy returns of Aug 15th to Mama dear. Good to know the numbers are normalizing. How are the sugarless options out there ? Its interesting to find some awesome tasting low sugar stuff from India costs almost double the standard variety. Unfair!

    • Pepper said

      Those prices are crazy. It’s unfair, but honestly, I don’t trust the sugar free stuff too much. That is so full of artificial sweetners, they do more damage than good. I’d rather let her have the real thing once in a while.

  11. Best wishes to your mum 🙂
    Are you sure she’s growing older? 😀

    She must be so much fun!

  12. Titaxy said

    A very happy birthday to your super sweet mom, Pepper!

  13. Bhavani said

    Happy Birthday to your Mom Pepper….movie and dinner with close ones is my fav combo for clebrating a Bday anyday…now I now where you got all your cuteness (looks and behaviour:)) from rt??
    And we want to see some pics ok?? Hope her next Bday is Diabetes free……


  14. Happy b’day wishes ( belated ) to your mom from me too!

    I am glad to see she throws tantrums and walks away when ignored and all that…You inspire us aunty, we’ll follow your ways when we have daughters/sons of Peppers age too 😀

    Hope her sugar levels always remain normal..and she gets to eat all her favorite desserts. Cheers!

    • Pepper said

      Now I didn’t think of that. Maybe we can do this to our future kids. That’s what they call the circle of life 😀
      Thanks AHK. Will pass on your wishes to her.

  15. Elle said

    Loved this particular post! I am usually a silent lurker on blogs, but this post compelled me to comment on it! I think it left me with a warm and happy feeling 🙂
    That’s a wonderful relationship you share with your parents – it must be a true blessing for them and for you to be with them at this time! And aren’t Moms wonderful? I don’t know what I would have done without my Mom’s support when I had my baby. But there are times when the roles do reverse!
    Wish you and your lovely family years and years of happiness and many more birthdays to celebrate together 🙂

  16. I completely can understand the point you made about how sometimes you feel like the parent in the relationship with your mum. I’ve had that happen to me so many times, and it is such a wake up call to realise that your parents are really no the all-knowing super humans that we’ve always thought them to be. Wishing your mother a very happy belated birthday, and she’s a lucky lady to have spent it with her loved ones.

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]

  17. A very happy birthday to your mom peppy!! Your mom is so much similar to my mom when it comes to throwing tantrums!! After my skydiving adventure, my mom is after me that I have to promise her to take her skydiving when she gets here! And she is just recovering from a fracture!

    • Pepper said

      Your mom is one terrific woman. I have no words. My mum is not at all adventurous. I’d have to convince her for a decade to even ride a roller coaster 😦 The idea of sky diving would make her faint.

  18. techie2mom said

    Hey, you have very sweet mom 🙂 Good that her counts are normal again, she can have that chocolate now :)…
    Great to know that you guys enjoyed a lot…May all of you keep enjoying life like this 🙂

  19. pixie said

    aww! 🙂
    My belated birthday wishes to your mom! I think she is way too cute for words!! 😀

  20. Tanishka said

    Belated happy b’day to your mom, peppy… 🙂
    Good to know that her count is normal now… Hope she can start eating sweets carefree again very soon…. 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I don’t think I’d want her to eat sweets in a carefree way. Moderation is the key, that is what I keep telling her. I’d rather she be careful, instead of carefree now 🙂

  21. Jack Point said

    Is Splenda / sucralose available in India?

    It is a variant of sugar so it is safe and can be used in some forms of cooking unlike artificial sweeteners, so you can try making a few puddings at home.


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