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Lost belongings and heart ache

Posted by Pepper on September 18, 2012

Hello people! I am back. After all the fun I had in Europe, returning to routine hasn’t been easy.  I just got back today, and the thought of unpacking makes me cringe. My trip was fantastic, but as of now, I am crest fallen and very heavy hearted. It was our second day in Europe and we lost our camera. I hadn’t transferred the earlier pictures and losing the camera felt like a hard slap on my face. Like the Gods telling me,  “You keep procrastinating and never do things when they should be done. Now live with the consequences!” Sigh. Fortunately though, we were in a great group with some professional cameras and talented photographers. So we managed to get good pictures taken during the trip.

I was returning home today, with all my luggage in tow. And my bag pack got flicked. In Bombay. From Borivali station. It was 5:15 am, and all I know is that I put my bag down for one lousy moment, and it was gone. It contained a lot of stuff. My laptop and iPod, amongst other things.

The moment I realised it was gone, I could feel a deep wail filling my throat. My iPod was precious to me. And we had purchased the laptop just before moving from the US. It was a good one. We had transferred a lot of data onto it. It had a million folders with all our pictures, right from 2003. I have no back up. It’s all gone. And I can’t describe the ache I feel.

We went to the police, but the cops there seemed too uninterested and uncaring. The moment I got back home, I sobbed. Loudly. The pictures were priceless. The other data it contained was irreplaceable. I don’t know what I will do. And I am not even talking about the monetary loss. Though, my camera and laptop and iPod put together, equals to *a lot* of money.

Anyway.  I have been telling myself there are more grave issues in the world. There is hunger and poverty, and agony and death. People are suffering. My lost belongings are not worth crying over. I will start afresh. I will buy new stuff, slowly. I will click more pictures and build a new collection. It is not the end of the world.

Let me now focus on the rollicking trip and highlight it’s awesomeness in the form of a post. I shall put it up soon. Just after I settle down a little. How you guys been?


PS  – If any of you are travelling to Bombay from the US, and are willing to carry a laptop for me, please do get in touch with me. Thanks so much!

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