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When you are tired

Posted by Pepper on September 28, 2012

and cranky and grumpy after working on your assignments and projects for what seems like 30 hours straight, you decide to brighten your night.

Step 1. Ignore your pending workload and get out of your desk.

Step 2. Brush some slices of bread with spicy olive oil. Layer it with minced garlic. Add sliced cheese onto it. Then grate pesto cheese onto it. Toast it, till the cheese melts. Finally, sprinkle some chili flakes.

Step 3. Bring out the newly acquired DVD of Tom and Jerry. This one comes with a box of crayons!

Step 4. Sink into your couch, bite into one of the yummiest creations there ever was, as you watch one of your favourite shows.

Ah, happiness.

Pesto cheese that gives you a taste of heaven


My path to happiness 🙂


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