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No problem. Except that it is a problem!

Posted by Pepper on October 6, 2012

My parents left for a little holiday yesterday, along with my uncle and aunt. They would be gone for about 4 days. Before they left, they kept asking me to pay attention to the million instructions they had chalked down for us. “Lock the door at night, don’t forget to water the plants, leave the trash can outside at night, don’t leave the house until the maids come, don’t make a mess, make sure you clean the kitchen after dinner..” It went on. Irritated, I snapped, “I’ve lived alone for quite a few years, you know? And we survived it. So please, don’t bother. I’ll figure all this out.”

The parents left. The sister has her exams going on, and told me in clear terms to not expect any help from her. No problem, I thought. I could manage alone. I pushed these thoughts aside and went back to working on my assignment. Hours went by, and before I knew it, the sister was back home after her exam, ringing the door bell impatiently. I sighed, as I got up to let her in. The first thing she said on seeing me was “I’m hungry. Give me something to eat”. Hmm. Okay. I peeped into the fridge and realised the mother had anticipated this situation and left behind some pasta for us. Great. So pasta was heated and eaten. I went back to doing what I was.

Soon, it was night. “What’s for dinner?”, was the the question thrown at me. Hmm. “How about eating pasta again? Wasn’t it so good?”. She made a face. I knew force feeding the same pasta multiple times wasn’t a reliable plan anyway. I had to cook. No problem. I hadn’t cooked a full meal in a long time. Today was the day. I decided to make stuffed mushrooms, along with a veg casserole. It was all good. Except that, there were no mushrooms at home. Hmm. No problem. I decided to run down and bring a packet of mushrooms. Oh, the joys of living in India.

Except that, I realised it was pouring heavily when I reached down. No problem. I decided to go back home, pick up an umbrella and then leave to buy the mushrooms. So I did that. I battled the rain and the muck, picked up the mushroom and reached home drenched.  I then ran into the shower. By the time I was out, I realised it was late. I hadn’t even started cooking. No problem. I would rush.

Once in the kitchen, I washed the mushrooms and proceeded to pluck out the stems.  I then chopped the stems finely, with the intent of using them in the stuffing. It took me forever. I decided against making stuffed mushrooms. Simply sauteing them in olive oil with garlic and chillies would be good enough. I couldn’t find the chili flakes. No problem. I called mom to ask her the whereabouts. By the time I found them and finished cooking the mushrooms, I was tired. So I took the bowl of mushrooms to the sister.  “I was thinking, we should eat Maggi along with this. Instead of eating anything else. Don’t you think it is a good idea?” I smiled at her. She could see my intentions of course. She laughed and agreed. I went back into the kitchen and made Maggi.

We got back to work after dinner. I was tired and sleepy. When I thought I would call it a day, I realised I had forgotten to clean the kitchen counters. Why didn’t I do it right away? Why don’t these things come naturally to me? No problem. I picked my tired self and went to the kitchen to clean the counters.

By now, it was already late at night. I went and lay on my bed, only to realise that I had forgotten to leave the trash can outside. This wasn’t a ‘no problem’ anymore. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I knew the sister was in the other room, and I didn’t want to expend any energy calling out to her, asking her to do it and then ensuring she does it. Okay, fine. I decided to just get done with it. So I woefully got out of bed.

As I was walking back, I happened to notice the state of the house. Everything seemed to be a mess. There were books lying around. There were papers flying about, courtesy the sister’s exams. There was a pile of clothes lying on the bedroom floor. I sighed. And then shrugged. I would clear it tomorrow. As I walked by the parent’s bedroom, I could see the order and tidiness even in the dark. How is it that their bedroom is always so well maintained?

On certain days, I feel like an inefficient loser. Today is one of them. I feel disturbed by the fact that I am undisturbed by general chaos and disorderliness. They say the clutter and mess in your home reflects your mental state. If your home is messy, your mind is probably messy too. Is my mind really that chaotic? I can dwell comfortably in a room that has clothes lying in a pile on the floor. I do get urges to pick them up and tidy the room, but they come after a few days of living in the mess. And once I clean the room, I maintain it for a week or two, but then I fall slack again. I can’t seem to do what is required to be done everyday, to have a neat room and a neat home.

Perhaps it boils down to me being unbelievably lazy.  I go to the extent of depriving or troubling myself in order to escape a few chores. I might skip having my evening coffee on days I have to make it myself.  I dislike taking hair baths because I think they mean a lot of work. I remember during school, I would always lug around a very heavy school bag, just because I was too lazy to make my timetable the previous day and put only the required books in. Carrying all the books and doubling over with the weight was easier than spending 5 minutes every night.

I wish I wasn’t so abnormal. I wish I wasn’t this lazy. I wish I had it in me to work professionally, as well as cook fresh meals everyday, maintain a shining spotless home, make sure every pin is in its rightful place, have a bunch of fresh lilies in pretty vases sitting in the living room, have rolls of clean napkins arranged near the washbasin, have well maintained and green balconies. How I wish. But if I can’t really have all that, I should atleast work towards having a no frills, clean, neat and sane home.


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